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Volkswagen Group’s goal of selling 10 million units annually may come as soon as the end of 2014, with Porsche leading the way in operating profitability.

Automotive News reports the target, originally set for 2018, is on-track to come this year, according to CEO Martin Winterkorn. The group sold 9.72 million units last year, beating General Motors to become the world’s second-largest automaker.

Fueling the growth are rising volumes in Europe and China, and introductions of over 100 models between now and the end of 2015, including new and updated SUVs for Volkswagen and Porsche.

Speaking of Porsche, the premium sports car brand’s profit earnings tripled to 2.58 billion euro last year, while those of VW and Audi fell to 2.89 billion and 5.03 billion, respectively. Overall revenue for Porsche totaled 14.3 billion euro on sales of 155,000 units worldwide.

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9 Comments on “VW Group, Led By Porsche, Aiming For 10 Million In Sales By Year’s End...”

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    At their current prices they only need to sell a handful of cars to hit that number.

    Sadly, these cars are out of reach for us working stiffs, both in acquisition and ongoing costs.

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    Ahh, nothing lightens a wallet of legal tender like optioning up a Porsche.

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    Now they have articles about VW do it in 2014, nobody said so far about GM, but i predicted already last year that in 2014 all 3 Toyota, VW and GM will sell more than 10m – and it won´t be even close they shoud all 3 end up somewhere between 10.2-10-3m

    Last year Toyota sold 9.98m VWG 9.73, GM 9.72 this year Europe is rebounding, China will be again big growth in total numbers for all 3 of them mostly VW and GM – which are far bigger than Toyota in China.

    So far Brazil is still big question – especially for VW, GM even last was doing fine in Brazil – volume speaking

    Then there is US – after 2 months everbody is down – but it was tough winter, US market should still growth and be obviously bigger than last year, both GM and Toyota will sell more, question is VWG with their mainstream VW marque – really suffering in US market right now

    but unless something huge happens – like that Tsunami in 2011 in Japan, all 3 will easily surpass that 10 million milestone

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      I tried to calculate their total numbers for 2014 last year, but right now after 2 months alredy few changes – China is looking again good, US market will be fine after those 2 tough winter months, but probably increase will be more modest, becuase of this 2 touhg months.

      Europe is so far looking better than expected.

      India still struggling, Russia in tough times, Thailand – tough times – which will hurt Toyota

      Japan so far 2 months are huge just like they predicted, who knows how big decline will come after that tax increase in April

      Brazil so far good – but VW still struggling there, loosing market share.

      Hard to predict who will end up No.1, No.2, No.3 in the end, but they should be close – never acutally top 3 were so close like this year the y will be

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    Master Baiter

    I’ve started dropping hints to the wifey that I deserve a new Boxster S.

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      Kyree S. Williams

      Fortunately for you, women aren’t as oblivious as we are. Now whether or not she’d let you have it is another story. Maybe she’ll suggest “His and Hers” Porsches…lol

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    I would help VW get there by one sale, if only, they would sell me the manual, awd, diesel Tiguan I want so badly.

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    Subaru seems to be at one side of the auto spectrum (lifestyle/value/support), Porsche’s at the other (performance/expense/cachet).

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