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BMW Spartanburg

BMW’s Spartanburg, S.C. plant, home of the X Series, will soon have a new member joining the family, in the form of the X7 fullsize SUV.

Automotive News reports BMW will announce the X7’s arrival later this week, and will spend heavily to prepare the plant for production of the three-row, seven-seat vehicle in a bid to chase a global sales record for themselves, with output expected to increase to 400,000 units annually from the current increase of 350,000 per year.

Though BMW remains mum, the majority of X7s are expected to remain in the United States, with production starting as soon as 2017. Meanwhile, the new X4 will go into production this year.

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36 Comments on “BMW To Bring X7 SUV To Spartanburg...”

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    E30 M3s around the world are crying.

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    To jump start the sales the first 25K of the new X7s will come with third row filled with tampons, maxi pads, diapers and, for the safety of its passengers, a Steering For Blond Mommies app from Iphone.

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    Hans will still design the Beamers.

    But even corporate knows… nobody- and I mean NOBODY- builds a German ute like Bobby Joe.

    Whoooooooooooo boy!

    Just ask MB.

    ‘Dem fellers down in Alabama are doin’ a fine job. Jussa’ fiiiine job.

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    I will wait for the X8. I need it to have a sporty looking, sloping roofline rendering the back seats useless, so I can have a 6,000 lb. 2-seater with room for my ego.

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    ‘fullsize SUV’
    A very charitable adjective vs. the word I would use.

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    Kyree S. Williams

    For all of BMW’s models and half-models and spinoff-models, this is one piece of market share that the company hadn’t yet taken advantage of, because the X5 is *not* a true 7-seater crossover—and I know that from personal experience. So I’m okay with an X7, honestly. I’m just curious as to how they’ll be able to graft that Bimmer styling onto a truly-large crossover. And are they going to stretch the X5/upcoming-X6 platform, or will it ride on a different structure? Mercedes-Benz’ M-Class and its larger GL-Class are on the same structure, and the X5-sized Touareg and Cayenne use the same platform as the large Q7. So I guess I’d expect BMW to do the same.

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    I’m about to save BMW millions right now:

    Just raise this unlovely Pontiac Aztec knock off back to said Aztec height, add some sweet rear-facing seats, and bada bing! You’ve gotta 7 passenger, $90k ride ready to roll. Just add spinners.

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    The new X5 there sort of looks like it’s squinting. With puffy cheeks around the fog lamps.

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    As long as it has a proper liftgate, I approve.

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    I’ve come to accept the crazy model proliferation. What difference does it make to us if they want to fill every possible niche? If they can make a business case for these cars, why not? Isn’t more choices better?

    What I do object to is how bad so many of their cars look now (1 Series hatches, X1, X3, 5GT, 3GT, 4 Gran Coupe, new X5) AND, most importantly, how ordinary most of them now drive. I’ve driven the new 3 and current 5s on several occasions, and they just don’t compare with what they once were. I just bought the last 2013 X5 diesel I could find, because the new one doesn’t look as good, and more importantly, doesn’t drive as well (IMO).

    The last X5 IMO is the best driving of all 3 row SUVs, and although the 3rd row is small, it’s fine for my family. However, there’s no question that Mercedes is making a shitload of dough on the GL. They’re everywhere in my neighborhood, and they are not cheap. BMW can’t NOT enter this market.

    I wish I could have the old BMW back, but that’s never going to happen. Second choice is take them as they are (all the models, all the tech), but wish that the cars drove like used to. But that’s not going to happen. I’ll hang onto my 10 year old E46, and maybe the X5 if it stays reliable.

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    BMW, I give up. The 1 and 2 series appear to be RWD, FWD and probably AWD. I think.

    But I no longer care. Not interested in sorting it all out in my mind. Even Lincoln isn’t so confusing.

    BMW should make an X43, paint it yellow and enter the school bus market with a twin-turbo 8.8 liter V16. Now there’s a niche market they haven’t addressed yet.

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    They will sell a billion of them. I can’t believe they were so stupid as to not have an X7 all this time. They lost so much money in the interim. The lost a ton of money not selling an X7 or an M7, all the while selling redundant models of the same car.

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    Another Bimmer to be made in USA…
    Never the same…

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      But it makes sense. Go to Europe, and you can drive from one end of a major city to the other, and you might see two X5 trucks, and one Q7. Drive across any tony suburb or hot urban district in North America and they are common mama status symbols.

      Think of the energy saved not importing them to the US, and for the few that go to Europe, that is what the empty 3/5/7 series carrying boat is for.

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        It’s a different market structure. European governments gouge people for buying the things. I knew a fellow from Germany who came to the US and wanted to buy a Q7. He thought $55k here was cheap, because with every devisable tax they were $85k in Germany.

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    Back in 2010, I was invited to a BMW //M Power Tour demo. All of the //M cars were available for a 25 minute spin. I took out the M3 and am still scarred by the event. I drove the MX – 5. The head of M Power US was there, and gave an intro to the cars.

    When he got to the MX 5, he was quite clear that “our owners tend to have several cars. We noted many of them had another brand sport truck, and decided that there was no reason we should lose the sale”.

    He also noted the MX 5 had to hit all the numbers the M3 hit, which explained the ram air v8 and garbage can lid sized brake discs.

    I still dream of that eggplant purple M3, stick, with the nannies turned off.

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    This looks ok. They needed something bigger in the lineup.
    Not a big fan of the gt/x6 esque sloped back though. I wish they had gone with the x5 flat back.

    My parents would be really into this car.

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