Detroit Three Gain Market Share At Home In 2013

TTAC Staff
by TTAC Staff

Detroit’s triumvirate of General Motors, Chrysler and Ford are on pace to gain market share at home against their European and Asian competitors when the final numbers for 2013 are released later today, thanks to American consumers finding the Detroit Three’s offerings more attractive than what the competition has to offer.

Based on an average of nine estimates from auto industry analysts, December’s U.S. car and light truck sales will top out at 1.41 million units. After adjusting for seasonal trends, the final annual total for 2013 will stand at 15.8 million units, up .6 million from 2012.

Leading the charge into Detroit Three showrooms was Ford, whose new Fusion outpaced offerings from Toyota and Honda in deliveries through November, climbing 22 percent over the 1.3 percent claimed by the Camry, and the 11 percent for the Accord. Ford overall sold 2.4 million in the outgoing year, leading Toyota by 388,825 units.

While the Detroit Three are set to make their first sweep of market gains since 1988, Asian and European automakers are planning to fight back through increasing building capacity in North America; 2.1 million units overall will roll off the assembly line after 2013, the majority coming from automakers such as Hyundai and BMW. In turn, pricing maintenance throughout the entire industry as inventory climbs in anticipation of the increased capacity; 16 million units are expected to be sold in 2014.

TTAC Staff
TTAC Staff

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  • Threeer Threeer on Jan 05, 2014

    So I guess that my new Wrangler (when I buy one in about two years after my assignment overseas) will come with an Italian language conversion program?? I still see Jeep (at least the Wrangler...not so sure about the new Cherokee...even my wife doesn't like it) as "American" and given the parts content and assembly point, it's fairly close to being as American-made as it gets. Yeah, I know that cars like the Accord and Camry have a higher US-parts content, but I somehow still haven't wrapped my head around that enough to consider Honda and Toyota "domestic" brands. Shades of gray, to be sure. Either way, I am glad to see GM, Ford and Chrysler (whomever the ownership may be) doing better.

  • Wsn Wsn on Jan 06, 2014

    Interesting news article. Interesting in that, while the title reads "... Gain Market Share ... In 2013", there is zero information about: 1) What's the D3 market share in 2013? 2) What's the D3 market share in 2012? It's like, if you want to claim the president gained support (in poll) after the medicare reform, you might as well include figures before and after.

  • V8fairy Absolutely no, for the same reasons I would not have bought a German car in the late 1930's, and I am glad to see a number of other posters here share my moral scruples. Like EBFlex I try to avoid Chinese made goods as much as possible. The quality may also be iffy, but that is not my primary concern
  • Tsarcasm No, Japan only. Life costs by Rank:#1 - House (150k+)#2 - Education (30k+)#3 - Automobile (30k+) why waste hard earned money in inferior crap => Korean, Chinese, and American cars are trash. a toyota or honda will last twice as long.
  • Tassos In the 90s we hired a former PhD student and friend of mine, who 'worked' at GM "Research" labs, to come work for us as a 'temp' lecturer and get paid extra. He had no objection from GM, came during the day (around 2 PM), two hours drive round trip, plus the 1.5 hour lecture, twice weekly. (basically he goofed off two entire afternoons out of the five) He told me they gave him a different model new car every month, everything (even gas) paid. Instead of him paying parking, I told him to give me the cars and I drove them for those 90 mins, did my shopping etc. Almost ALL sucked, except the Eldo coupe with the Northstar. That was a nice engine with plenty of power (by 90s standards). One time they gave him the accursed Caddy Catera, which was as fun driving as having sex with a fish, AND to make it worse, the driver's door handle broke and my friend told me GM had to pay an arm and a leg to fix it, needed to replace almost the whole damned door!
  • 3-On-The-Tree I only buy Toyota cars. But if the Chinese cars are cheap people will buy them. They don’t care about the above issues that were stated in this forum.
  • Tassos Ford models are like dumb Hollywood movies. The original is far better than their god damned sequels. This was true of the Mustang vs the II, AND the Capri vs its second gen, and their BEV PORKER atrocities many decades later