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Infiniti Q50 - Skyline

While Nissan plans to resurrect Datsun to battle Toyota’s scions in North America, the automaker is bringing Infiniti back home to Japan by delicately mounting its badge just so upon the grill of what will be the Skyline sedan. Just the badge, though.

Not only will the new Skyline — based off the Q50 — not be dubbed an Infiniti, it also won’t be dubbed a Nissan, instead going by the full name of Skyline, by Nissan Motor Co. The new identity is an attempt to tie the new Skyline back into the Japanese imperial family, whose Emperor Akihito lent his then-title to Prince Motor Co. in 1952; the first Skyline debuted three years later.

With this strategy, Nissan is entering into a (very) soft launch of the Infiniti brand in its native Japan by doing more to separate the two lines; as a further example, Infiniti’s headquarters were recently relocated to Hong Kong, with their C-suite focused solely upon the luxury brand.

Expectations for the Skyline include 200 sedans sold to local customers per month, increasing to 500 sales/month a year after its launch. Nissan will also price the Skyline accordingly to match their German competitors in BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi.

Should the experiment prove fruitful, Infiniti could make its debut in Japan sooner than later to aid in the capture of 10 percent of the global premium car market by 2020 as part of CEO Carlos Ghosn’s Power 88 plan.

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7 Comments on “Skyline Sedan to Wear Infiniti Badge, Not Much Else...”

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    So basically instead of selling a Q500 GT they’ll change the brand and charge more. Sounds like a great idea to launch a luxury brand.

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    You people continue to refuse all memory of the Q45 sold in Japan as an Infiniti. Stop calling it a brand launch!

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      I’ve given up on it.

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      Nothing to see here.

      I couldn’t agree more, this is not even a “soft” brand launch. What website do you go to look this up in Japan, Nissan. What dealer do you go to buy this, Nissan. What does every article in the Japanese press refer to this car as, Nissan!

      So it has a different badge. Do you know how many Toyotas here don’t have Toyota badges, like half of them.

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    Datsun is coming to the US to battle Scion? I find it hard to believe since Scion is withering away.

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    I just find it funny that Nissan is heavily advertising this car to have been developed with the assistance of their F1 driver. So the Q50 executive luxury sedan is supposely a track car now? Senna doing the NSX I can understand…

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    Why is every maker going after the premium market? people just default on their loans.

    I’m a cheap bastard, even if I win the lotto, I’d like to see Datsun/Nissan reboot:

    240sx (a light RWD platform to compliment the world’s BRZ/FTS/86’s, not everyone’s a drifter ya know. )

    pulsar GTI but make it a 4 seater hatch vs all the Mini’s and GTI;s and other hot hatches that we don’t get in the states.

    an SE-R version of something that’s actually competitive. (versa se-r? as the sentra is concentrating on people movers )
    Or just make a lower stance version of the juke…

    Maxima’s lost identity. bring it back with a nutty Bluebird edition. Shove a hybrid and a V8 in there, cuz no one else is doing anything this stupid. oh, and make a Wagon version.

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