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Alright, take a close look. There’s something not quite right about this picture of a brand-new Nissan GT-R luxuriating in a rather fancy garage. Any ideas?

The answer is simple: it’s not real. It’s a still shot from the upcoming Forza 5, for the XBox One gaming platform. TTAC isn’t the right place to get your Forza news; our friends at Jalopnik have typically had some sort of sponsored-content deal with them. Your humble E-I-C’s newest videogame console is a PS2 and it’s been in a box, in the basement, since 2008. I was playing “Guitar Hero” one day and I realized, “Hey, I could be spending this time playing my actual guitar.” That was the end of my gaming career.

While it’s certainly more rewarding to play John Mayer tunes for an audience of inebriated single mothers at some local bar than it is to play Guitar Hero in one’s living room, the dividing line between fantasy and reality in the racing world is slightly fuzzier. Even those of us who can afford a new GT-R, which is one thing, and afford to run it on a track, which is another, can’t afford to wreck a dozen of them in a day trying to find a faster line around a track in Japan. Even if the money’s no object, the risk is nontrivial.

For that reason, a lot of gearheads spend more time on the virtual racetrack than the real one, as do Formula One pilots and many well-funded “gentleman drivers” in prototype classes. Practice and visualization are critical when test time is limited. Will Forza 5 be useful to those of us who only get out to a track a few times a year? I don’t know, but I do know this: it looks good.

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31 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Some Of The Pixels Edition...”

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    I heard that Guitar Hero – Inebriated Single Mothers Edition competely wrapped up development, but then the ESRB got in the way.

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    That does look good…
    However, if you want to get virtual seat time, you should look into iracing. The graphics are far less impressive, but I would not expect any console game to match the realism of the cars, tracks, physics and feedback possible with a decent setup.

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      Apparently you’ve never played GT5 with a playseat and a Logitech G27. I have that setup, and I can tell you that it’s about as good as it gets for now.

      If Forza is going to be better, and it looks that it will be, I’ll be changing my setup come this winter.

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        GT5 is very good, but you should try iracing with the same seat and wheel :)
        If you want to have fun, then GT5 (or the new forza) may well be the way to go, but I don’t think they can match the reality of iracing.

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          The only problem with Iracing is that you can’t buy it, it uses some subscription based nonsense so you have to continually fork over money that you could use to buy gas for your own car.

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            iracing is more expensive for sure, but considering that 1 weekend (2 days) of HPDE (driving on track, but not racing) costs ~1k by the time you figure accommodation, track fees, fuel, tires, brakes and maintenance puts it somewhat into perspective.

            There is no 6, 7, 8 with iracing either. As long as you are subscribed, you will have the latest version.

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            Yea but that’s like saying that watching porn is cheaper than dating. It’s somewhat satisfying to a point, but it ain’t the real thing.

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    LBJs Love Child

    Unlike vampires, Japanese monsters have reflections.

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    I was playing Flight Simulator one day when I realized “Hey, I could be spending this time flying my actual plane.”


    Went right on back to playing Flight Simulator.


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      Yeah and don’t get me started about Battlefield 3…..

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      Flying a fun little airplane may actually be cheaper than driving a GT-R around tracks. Acquisition costs are certainly less.

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        Sorry, but no. As a private pilot, it’s logical for me to try and convince my dad to sell me (or hand down to me) the family Cessna when he retires from flying. So I went and did the math. Just to keep the plane in a hanger, insured and airworthy (annual inspection, etc.) it worked out to a ballpark of $8000 per year. That’s before any $$ spent on flying the thing!

        FIXED COSTS – things you will pay for even while the plane sits:
        1. Tie-down/hangar
        2. Insurance
        3. Annual inspections
        4. IFR inspections
        5. Data subscriptions
        6. Property taxes (yes, most states tax boats, airplanes, etc). This tax is usually value-based, so the more expensive the airplane…

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          A GT-R will have fixed costs of insurance, tax, maintenance and depreciation as well.

          Add those up, along with the costs of actually driving the thing on track, and it might not be that far off.

          However, we are talking about a new, high end car, compared to a used, low end plane. Get the aircraft equivalent to a GT-R and there will obviously be a big difference in costs.

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          This is exactly why legacy GA is dead, dead, dead. But a fun little airplane does not need any of the costs that Mooney and Bonanza owners have to endure.

          – Tie down, lulwhut – it’s trailerable. Keep it in a storage unit for $50/mo.
          – Insurance? With hull value of 10k, hah. $700/year.
          – Annual inspection? It is called “condition inspection” and I can fix any squacks with parts that are 100 times cheaper
          – IFR, wazzdat;
          etc. etc.

          I am not even touching upon possibilities of a legal ultralight. Those can be either made with expensive materials and offer near-LSA performance (like Gull), or be bought for $16k new (for e.g. Firefly, Aerolite, BYF).

          As for property taxes, gosh, move out to a decent state.

          P.S. I would agree that a $8k to $12k annually is about in ballpark of a legacy light single actually. That’s still within the range of care and feeding of Godzilla unless you keep it as a pure collectible, never driven.

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    Compaq Deskpro

    I love Forza. I like that it gives some consideration to the less loved performance models, so I can beat a bunch of Chevy Sparks and Yarises in my Mustang II.

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    Dan R

    You know it looks like a modern sports car, i.e., a dog’s dinner.

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    That GTRs way too shiny much like the cars in Forza 4, the graphics were great in 4 (save for the low poly Forza 2 ports) but its pretty apparent that some compromises were made in the driving physics to appeal to the casual crowd, nevermind the shady DLC and online community (get ready to be rammed around to no end).

    Though the biggest issue I have with Forza 5 is the gaming console required to play it, if one can call it a gaming console at this point.

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      I played F4 online like twice, and every other driver was such a douche I gave up. I think I completed 3 races. If you race properly, some kid rams you and you lose. Race a little more dirty and you’re cussed out on mic for taking it too far. Have an improper race line that someone else doesn’t fancy and you’ll hear about it all race long.

      Just not worth it.

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    I tried to like video game racing, I really did. But I suck at it. I suck way worse at racing in a video game than I suck really racing my car. Which is saying a lot because I am pretty slow on the track. But still, I have way more fun on an autocross track than I have ever had crashing repeatedly in GT5. So GT5 has never been more than a couple of hours of time killing or racing with my kids. And I would rather drive a real car poorly than a fake car poorly.

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    for me a simulator has to ‘click’

    Forza ‘clicks’ for me… i can work out the brake points and how to power
    slide and all the tricks of pushing a car fast on their tracks

    GT5 hasnt ‘clicked’ for me

    look, simulations is like what blow up dolls or masturbation is to sex with a real woman… it aint real but dropping kids off at school is ‘real’ and no one wants that

    i’d go as far as to say that i find bashing the Nurburgring on Forza 4 with a ZR1 and a scotch and coke is a relaxing activity… pass on the wheel and stick and clutch, i get enough of that in real life

    i’m certainly no fan of Microsoft and Turn 10’s awesome mercenary exploits in getting you to pay more than the $39,95 you paid originally for the game but these are the number one simulators on these consoles and its big business

    put it this way, i can spend less on a console and Forza than i do at a VERY BAD weekend at the local racetrack once i factored in high octane costs servicing and followup after many happy laps

    also the console does great for entertaining the kids when i’m not on it

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    Hey! This guy’s PS2 is still in regular use. A short streak of unemployment last summer had me dust off GT3 and start over again. When I was done, I went out and bought GT4 at GameStop, for a steal at $1.99! I figure I have at least three years before I can buy one of those fancy PS3’s people keep talking about. I hear they can play Blu-ray!

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    SCE to AUX

    I don’t remember the name of the racing game my kids (rarely) play on xBox, but I prefer the Ford GT. Just don’t let my Leaf hear that.

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    Years ago I went out and bought Porsche Unlimited for my PC…got the steering wheel, pedals…all of that good stuff. Spent hours…hours, running all sorts of vehicles across the virtual world (914 rocks, yo!). Finding the right lines, braking, accelerating, trying to best each previous lap time. Hard work. Then my 14-year old son steps in and takes the wheel. After he nearly completely destroyed a 911 SC and STILL had better times than me and all of my “effort” I put the wheel and game away. For ever.

    Still when he got a PS3 I found myself oogling GT3, bought it and proceeded to spend waaaay too much time working to upgrade a Mazda Miata. Fun times…

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      The side effect of having less experience is that you learn more quickly :)

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      I had the exact same thing happen with my daughter when she was 14. I spent days practicing on GT5, she never ever ever plays racing games, only shooters. She comes in the den, says “can I try it?” and proceeds to blow away my best time… oh and not crash even once. Never played the game before, never practiced.

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    Thank you so much for writing so eloquently what I’ve always thought!
    Playing guitar for single mothers, obviously, but also why we gear haeds spend more time in the couch than on the track.
    I make a decent living but have 2 daughters, soon a mortgage, etc
    As much as I would love to take laps, even in an old beat-up miata, the cost is simply too high for that to be a hobby in my case. Maybe when the girls are out of college and the mortgage is paid off.
    In the meantime, Forza is a great fun vs. price equation. If the fun is far lower than lapping is, cost is EVEN lower, and time consumption is better too, as getting to the track can be a serious hassle.

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    Silent Ricochet

    I don’t have one of the new consoles, so Forza was always out of the question. But I do have a kickass PC, so I spent countless hours playing Need for Speed Shift 2 with it hooked up to the TV in my living room and a Logitech G27 Racing Wheel, Pedals and Stick Shift tossing my cars around tracks I could only dream of driving on. Lap after lap I’d tune my car just to make it a little better. To get that gear shift just right. My friends and I would come home from class or work and set a time on a track, post it to Facebook and see if they could beat it with a similar car. Would I rather drive a real Cobalt SS around Spa-Francorchamps? Sure, but it’s not gonna happen.

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    Well what I thought was wrong with this picture is that there’s a Ford ad on top of it!

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    This is an old post now, but I just found a couple of nice videos to compare.

    Forza 5:

    Looks like a lot of fun, but nowhere near as real as iracing:

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