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Mitsubishi has taken the wraps of the sedan version of the new Mirage, dubbed the Attrage. Just-Auto reports that the Thai-based sedan will launch in July, and will be exported shortly thereafter. Powertrains will carry over from the Mirage, but hopefully the name will change when it comes to our shores.

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30 Comments on “This Is Not The Lancer You Are Looking For...”

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    I like the name. Sounds like a particularly painful medical procedure from the 19th Century.

    I hope to hell they fix the suspension for the sedan variant.

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    mulled whine

    In keeping with the named of other Mitsubishi products on these shores, it should therefore be named the ‘Outrage’.

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    30-mile fetch

    I feel bad for any Mitsubishi employee devoting part of their career to bringing this thing over to the states. It really sucks to put hours in on a task you know is destined to flop, crash, & burn the moment you complete it.

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      It looks like a thinly disguised Fiesta. If Ford can’t sell them to retail customers with a dealer at every intersection, why would Mitsubishi waste the shipping cost bringing one here? One must wonder how long Mitsubishi keeps the lights on in the US. I just saw the JD Power vehicle dependability study rankings. They’re down in VW and Jag-Rover land. It’s unseemly for a Japanese manufacturer.

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      +1 to 30-mile fetch and CJinSD. Another Mitsubishi dud.

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    You know this wouldn’t look so bad if it were a hatchback, and called a “Colt”.

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    Looks like Mits outsources its design to Nissan. The thing reeks of the Versa sedan.

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    The name is the least of this pathetic effort’s worries.

    The hatch is only slightly less dire. At Geneva in March, half the display on the Mitsubishi stand was ten or twelve of the awful things on a cheap carpet, with – for no obvious reason – a mid-’70s Celeste (Plymouth Arrow) at the back. In Britain it’s called the Mirage, in mainland Europe it’s the Space Star, although it’s neither spacious, nor stellar.

    I don’t hold out any hope for Mitsubishi if they believe they can succeed by foisting a third world car on the world’s most sophisticated markets.

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    I think that many people forget about the stringent CAFE rules coming up. I’m not very happy about it, but we’re going to be seeing a lot more cars like this that are lightweight and get good gas mileage. Other than going over to battery power or hybrids, this is about the only way you’ll hit the high mpg requirements without expensive diesels that a lot of people don’t want and the Japanese don’t really like to manufacture.

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    And Mitsubishi takes yet another step towards irrelevance.

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    Looks like a great car for the sub-prime finance crowd. If a car makes a statement this one says “My owner has a really low credit score”.

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    I see a $49/mo lease coming up.

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    I can’t stand these new cars where the top of the hood/quarter panel is higher than the beltline of the car. It looks awful. The CR-Z is like that too.

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    All this thing needs is a bigger dealership network than Mitsu currently has and a decent model name. This is not the car everybody wants, but it is the car many working Americans need. Model T, VW Bug, Geo/Chevy Metro, Ford Escort, comprise a very short list of such examples.

    When such cars are produced in high numbers and flood dealership lots in every minor and major city in America, vast majority of us overqualified and underpaid workers will opt for one much of the time over a used Camccord.

    Metros, Aspires, Eccos, Mirages, Aveos, Fits, and the like can all be driven HARD for 15 years and only politely require about $.25 / mile–counting depreciation, insurance…everything.

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    I still cant understand how an industry giant can make so many mistakes in their auto division..
    oops,I forgot about G.M.
    Hell,Suzuki`s were a lot better looking and they failed.
    Who is minding the Mitsu store???
    Someones moron cousin???

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    Poor people in America tend to be fat…really fat…for men, 300+lbs fat. This car is clearly intended for them and their families who are also really fat. It has a 1.2 liter 3-pot engine.

    Hells Bells, if this thing sells in America I might actually have to pass someone on the highway.

    I wonder what that’ll be like….

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    Compaq Deskpro

    Why not the Colt? Now that is a sharp little car, this looks like a Versa with a photocopied Hyundai face.

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    Is it me or does this car REALLY look odd, I mean really disproportionate?

    Maybe it’s the overly small tires that look like they’re sunk in, nothing looks right on this car…..

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