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For Europeans who enjoy self-cleaning ovens and cats, and would prefer not to wash and wax their Nissan Note, Nissan in Europe has unveiled a Note for them that is resistant to dirt and oil by way of its new coating.

Autoblog reports the Note wears an experimental super-hydrophobic/oleophobic coating which casts off water, dirt, oil and grime in the same manner as a duck’s back, leaving the paint underneath free and clear.

Dubbed Ultra-Ever Dry by its maker, Ultra-Tech International Inc., the coating will undergo a number of tests over the coming months at the Nissan Technical Centre Europe in Switzerland before making the the coating available for the Note as a potential aftermarket option.

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24 Comments on “Nissan Debuts Self-Cleaning Note For European Market...”

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    If it is still in the ‘experimental’ stage, how is this a “debut”? Doesn’t that imply it’s actually going to market? The technology is not currently durable enough for production, and being research, it may never be.

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    These are the first black-paint cars I’ve owned.

    #1 They soak up insolation like a sponge and I like to ride with the windows up because the cars are tinted.

    #2 No matter how much I wash them, you always see a thin layer of dirt less than 3 hours layer and you always see soap scum marks or smudges.

    If this technology works well, I’m sold, but I’m not buying any Nissans.

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      Our black MKT even gets dirty in the garage. Damn dust.

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      Why no Nissans? My 10 year old Titan has never had any issues and its got almost 150,000 construction use miles on it. The only things Ive done to it are upgrade the front brakes to 14″ and replaced the junk Rancho shocks with Bilsteins. AC is still ice cold, the engine uses less than half a quart between 10K oil changes, trans is still perfect, body is still tight with no squeaks or rattles, tires last 65K, and everything electrical is still perfect. I don’t know anyone with a 04 GM, Ford, or Chrysler half ton truck who can truthfully say that. As soon as the Titan is available with the Cummins diesel I’ll sell the 04 and get one.

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    The linked article’s head shot of the car shows the real down side to this option.

    The nano-paint is near immaculate. the glass, headlight, fog light, chin spoiler, however…..

    However, if I can wash the bits without having to screw with the paint, it might be worth the effort.

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    Oh my god that is awesome.

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    What’s not to like? Anything that would help keep salt and bugs off the paint is a great idea. I read where the only issue might be longevity, but even if you had to reapply it once a year like some super-wax it would still be worth it.

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    Why is Nissan being credited with the debut of someone else’s product which hasn’t yet been tested or released?

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    This could be applied to any vehicle, Nissan is just testing it to offer as a dealer addition.

    Soon it will be at every gas station car wash as an optional rinse.

    See never wet:

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    I want both. (the self cleaning cat and car, already have the oven).

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    You still have to hose off the dirt. That makes it more like teflon than “self-cleaning. For the latter, I’d expect everything to fall off when I slam the door. Even teflon has to be wiped clean. The major benefit seems to be that dirt and oil don’t penetrate the paint so it (maybe) lasts longer. With the VOC-free water based paints currently in use, I’m not too sure about that.

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    It would be nice if Nissan (and everyone else)would first focus on making paint that is more chip resistant.

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    My motorcycle needs this paint coating. It needs this SOOOO badly.

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    Neat, a self-polishing turd.

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    I see what you did there. Nice work.

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    Jeff Weimer

    I can’t wait until this stuff hits Autozone.

    I saw a video a few weeks back about this stuff and it can be sprayed on nearly anything – shoes, cardboard boxes (instant cooler!), you name it.

    I don’t see it being a once-only application, but it could be occasionally applied like wax.

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    For you guys that want something similar right now, google Carpro Hydr02. I think it’s $20-30 and lasts approximately 3 months. I haven’t used it, but if you google it, has good reviews and you can see it in action on YouTube.

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    If it withstands the caustic liquids contained in love bugs, count me in. Can’t tell you how many perfectly fine cars have to end up with paintwork because of lovebug damage.

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    I’m going to wait for the next generation of this.

    Screw self-cleaning…I want a car like the self-repairing Plymouth Fury featured in the movie Christine.

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    So long as it adheres better than the Frontier’s optional spray in bedliner.

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    “Nano” anything should be viewed with the most skepticism – it could be this century’s version of the “miracle mineral”; asbestos.
    Of course, millions of unsuspecting citizens will be the “beta testers” for this wondrous new tech.

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    Big Al from Oz

    Several years ago I remember reading about Nissan designing a surface finish in a clear that will ‘flow’ and fill in scratches on it’s own.

    This would be very useful for off roaders.

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