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As the 1-Series prepares to move to a front-drive platform, BMW is also working on something to keep rear-drive fans happy.


The 2-Series will replace what we all know as the 1-Series, and the model you see here is the M235i, which will use the familiar twin-turbo 3.0L Inline six.

According to Car and Driver, there will also be a four-cylinder 228i and an M2, to compete with the upcoming Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG and the Audi RS3. All-wheel drive has been confirmed by a BMW source as well, while a 6-speed stick will be standard equipment (what a novelty these days).

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30 Comments on “BMW Readies The Zweier...”

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    Now if they can bring one over that has the six speed, cloth interior and lower “tech” count…I’d be so there. But knowing BMW, finding a low(er) cost rear driver in the spirit of my much-loved and missed 2002 isn’t likely to happen..

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      Volt 230

      What about picking it up at the factory in Germany, not even then? I have to think that in some other markets, they have a lower level model?

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        Volt…unfortunately, most Americans who are considering a BMW aren’t looking for a base model variant. They’d be appalled to find one with cloth seats nowadays. I’d love a lighter, leaner and stripped version…but as you have alluded to, would most likely have to move out of the US to find one!

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      Building a base 1 series or 3 series sedan for 32-34k doesn’t get you what you want? On the website build your own I added in leather and sport seats on the 1 and it MSRP’d at under 34k. The 3 at under 35k with sport package. If you want to relive the actual 02 dream I have one for sale…

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    So no RWD 2er hatch, like we had with the 1er in Europe?

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    MSRP $60,000 for the 235i with basic option upgrades right?

    Autoblog tested a Z4 sdrive35is the other day that MSRP’ed for $85k.

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    BMW and Mercedes (and I guess Jaguar) are the only luxury lines that don’t have a standard line counterpart. This car makes as much sense as the Acura ILX. Wouldn’t it make more sense to start a new badge, targeted at VW and Ford, with all the BMW engineering at a lower cost?

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    235, but 440

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    The tires look too small for the car.

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    I sure hope the “pot-bellied pig” styling is not carried over from the current 1 series. And hopefully a serious diet to shed some weight.

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    Love the idea of an M2 as a banzai commuter car.

    Too bad I don’t have a commute anymore, and there are lots of other interesting choices for the $60k or so it’ll probably cost.

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    If this thing can keep its weight down to, say, 3200 lbs, have at least some semblance of a usable back seat, drop the cow-belly design, and come with the 6-speed Manual plus the 335is engine (315 HP/315 lbs-ft), then it could be a hit. But, unfortunately, NOT at $60K.

    According to the link, below, the Manual versions are currently for EU only, not US:


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    4 cyl and turbo 6. No dedicated M model,no awd for usa, but 235 gets optional m package. 4 cyl starts low 30s and you can pimp out a 35 to 60k. Transmission choice(s) murky at this point for usa.

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    Is this just a temporary model until the FWD Mini Cooper-based 1-Series saloon (aka the Penultimate Driving Machine) is ready to spawn a FWD 2-Series coupé? I assume it’s just so that the grand renaming is consistent (i.e. 3-Series coupé = 4-Series, so now 1-Series coupé = 2-Series).

    Also, will there be a 2-Series Gran Coupe? There have already been spy photos of a 1-Series GT, IIRC.

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    I may not be on the center of the market, but I like i128 with 3.0L NA straight-six. An anachronism, surely. A Bimmer salesman showed me a 3-something with I-4 turbo already, so it was a matter of time only.

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    So, after realizing they’ve porked up the 3-series beyond the ability to make a proper M3 out of it, they do this.

    Good. I applaud this effort, and I would definitely buy one.

    By the way, am I the only one who sees a modern E30 in this car?

    It definitely has the smallish, stubby shape.

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    “The 2-Series will… use the familiar twin-turbo 3.0L Inline six.”

    Not to pick nits, but the M235i will use the single, twin vane turbo inline six known as the N55 to BMW engineers and nerds alike. The twin-turbo I-6, known as the N54, is a totally different engine.

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    Bimmers have been pricey for quite a while now…
    So whats the surprise?
    I have seen a couple of 1 series around Memphis and they definitely don’t look like ‘cheap entry vehicles’ and that’s the way it should be.
    If you want a BMW there is a price to gain entry and whats wrong with that?
    Whether a person purchases a 1,2,3,5,6,7 that person wants it to be something special and BMW has rarely failed in providing this experience.
    Be happy that such a mainstream manufacturer can continue to provide owners with these qualities.
    I am

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    BMW is great brand in automotive sector which launched great cars which running with latest updates.

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    I’m still dreaming of a 128 5-door hatchback with a NA 6 and stick.

    But I’ve sought counseling, and moved on (I think).

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    i still dream about 135 awd hatch w/ dsg
    or an s3 hatch
    or amg a45

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