New GM Trucks Will Beat EcoBoost At Towing – But Only With A Special Package

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
new gm trucks will beat ecoboost at towing 8211 but only with a special package

Remember GM’s boast about how their new trucks could tow a segment best 11,5000 pounds? Turns out there’s a big ol’ asterisk that wasn’t expanded upon. reports that the 11,500 pound tow rating will only happen when a special package is ordered.

The maximum towing capacity for the Silverado and Sierra is 11,500 pounds, but that will be only with trucks outfitted with the max-trailering package (special note: the gross combined weight rating is said to be 17,500 pounds). The highest tow ratings without the max-tow package for regular cabs is 10,200 pounds; for crew cabs it’s 9,700 pounds. And all max-tow package-equipped trucks will be running 3.73:1 ring and pinion gears; 4.10:1 gears will not be offered for 2014.

Despite the slightly misleading claims from GM, Ford’s own site is a convoluted mess of different wheelbase lengths, engines, axle ratios and different towing packages that doesn’t tell nearly the full story either. For now we can say GM has the win in towing capacity, but nobody has the moral high ground in making things clear.

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  • Sketch447 Sketch447 on Apr 04, 2013

    Here's a nasty little secret about Ford's Ecoboost trucks that you don't hear much: Ecoboost trucks cannot be used with plows. The plow attachment mechanisms interfere with turbo breathing. This has severely hampered its appeal in the Northeast. And heck yes, a small truck's turbo is a $4000 repair waiting to happen. They inevitably burn out after 120k miles. If the turbo doesn't fry, then the injectors burn out. Ecoboost is a scam, IMO. The Ecoboost engines in the new Fusion have been discredited. Its use in trucks is a bad idea.

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    • Raph Raph on Apr 05, 2013

      Are you saying turbo-charged engines with direct injection or just direct injected engines in general?

  • DGA DGA on Apr 04, 2013

    Fords need a special towing package as well to get to 11,300 even with the 6.2L. Regardless, no on manufacturer follows the standard towing rating procedure, so they can technically say what ever they want.

    • 86SN2001 86SN2001 on Apr 04, 2013

      Fords need a special towing package as well to get to 11,300 even with the 6.2L. " Facts? Who needs facts?

  • 86SN2001 86SN2001 on Apr 04, 2013

    And the extreme GM bias continues. Why is it when GM makes claims, TTAC says they are misleading. But when Ford makes equally questionable claims, TTAC says nothing? Why does TTAC not call out Ford for that fact that while Ford claims the Egoboost will get 22 on the highway and tow 11,300 pounds, REALITY is that to get the (fairy tale) mileage of 22 MPG, you need 3.15 gears, which then DROPS your maximum tow rating to 8600 pounds. AND TTAC, not that I want to point out any further bias you deny that you have, but at Ford, YOU NEED A SPECIAL TOW PACKAGE TO TOW THE MAX 11,300 POUNDS. IT HAPPENS TO BE CALLED..."THE MAX TRAILER TOW PACKAGE". Research, what a concept.

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    • 86SN2001 86SN2001 on Apr 05, 2013

      @sunridge place "Agree…this one is pretty bad. It either represents a fundamental lack of understanding on how fuel economy and towing are promoted and advertised (for trucks especially) or an intentional jab. I’m guessing its the former. But, the research isn’t that hard." Based on the headline alone, it's, yet again, a very clear attempt to trash GM. Just the headline alone rips GM while the Ford their comparing it to needs the very thing their ripping GM for.

  • Sketch447 Sketch447 on Apr 05, 2013

    When I claim the EcoBoost truck can't be used with a plow, I'm not trying to knock FoMoCo trucks. My family uses a Ford truck. I grew up with them. But here in MA, dealers have been promoting EcoBoost trucks with special outreach campaigns. They've been visiting houses, allowing extended test drives, etc. The PR guy told my brother that EcoBoost can't be used with a plow for engine breathing reasons. He did not bring up the electric power steering issue. However, I have heard that. If it is true, that is outrageous. It is certainly true that 99 percent of plow-users will automatically step up the the 8-cylinder anyway. However, they should be given the option to use the EcoBoost with no restraints. Look, I've always been a Ford guy, in cars and trucks. I think a Ford truck with the base 3.7L is a great deal. But Ford's move to turbos is unsettling. Turbos are not fulfilling their promise. The Fusion turbo is a guzzler. And now GM is discovering that its ATS turbo is sucking down the fuel. But at least GM had the wisdom to not use turbos in its new trucks.