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What’s happening here? Is Toyota finally getting some style all of a sudden? The 2014 Highlander, shown here in Sanjeev Brown (my new name for Brown, in honor of all the misspellings of our dear Sajeev’s name that come across TTAC’s inbox) actually looks macho and handsome. The 2.7L 4-cylinder and 3.5L V6 are standard Toyota fare, though a new 6-speed automatic is a welcome update. All the usual active safety features, from lane departure warning to cross traffic alert to a blind spot monitoring system, are standards.

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39 Comments on “2014 Toyota Highlander, BCAS Edition...”

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    The exterior is just okay, but the interior has some cool design ideas for dash shape.

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    The grille is much too big, but it’s far more attractive than the Lexus spindle. The backside is too square and dull, just like the 4Runner.

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    The interiors Toyota has been designing lately in cars like the Lexus GS and IS or Toyota Avalon, RAV4, this Highlander and even the Yaris are really interesting and distinctive.

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    The front of this looks like a Subaru Tribeca that got an update. I don’t see this as masculine. I don’t see this as an improvement. I think the Lexus lines have become more masculine, but this… not so much.

    I also don’t think the interior is very good. The dash layout looks dated.

    Hopefully this looks better in person.

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      Now that i look at it again, it does have a front that looks very similar to last iteration of Tribeca. And i can definitely make out a CR-V in the rear end profile.

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      that was exactly what I thought when I saw it this morning. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I liked the last version much better. we had a first gen highlander and it truly was a good car. I can’t say this has the same appeal. the size is so overwhelming. the Venza kind of became what the highlander was.

      also why tundra grillz

      just when I thought Toyota was finding a cohesive design theme this happens.

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    I still don’t like how Toyota (and to a lesser extent Honda) always has bulging head/tail lights now. I’m sure they have their reasons (probably aerodynamics), but I want my glass flush with the lines of the car.

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      I hate lenses that bulge and jut out. The 4Runner really suffers from this, along with the Gen8 Accord headlights/taillights. Seems like a lazy solution to air management.

      If, on the other hand, this detail is considered a styling enhancement, I have one thing to say:


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    Hey yall look.. A MDX and Tribica had a baby..
    Seriously it does look better however why has Yoda started using first gen Ford Focus interiors as is inspiration. (take a look at the Avalons interior to see)

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    Nice. As a vehicle, the Highlander does a very good job, and I would prefer it over a minivan.

    The grille reminds me of Chevy’s new grille on the Traverse, just not as attractive. Why do I say that? Because of the trend of the bottom corners spreading out. To me, that design feature says “stretching”, not coherence.

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    Still looks like a station wagon mated with an SUV. I’m sure it’ll sell in Peoria, but it’s no revolution.

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    That’s exactly what I was thinking. Tribeca front grafted to a CR-V rear. Macho and handsom it is not. Just ok in my opinion. Neither ugly nor stylish.

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    Dave M.

    Interior’s pretty cool. Not impressed with the exterior…the current HL looks better to me. The bulging lights are idiotic. And the silver trimmed tail lights are so…Fusion/’99 Lexus IS….

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    Only time this thing is stylish is when it’s parked next to the 2014 Cherokee.

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    From the A-pillars back in the side view, I was reminded of the current Dodge Durango. The dash appearance seemed nice.

    One nit to pick that I have with many new vehicles is the stylists’ desire to make the lighting pods bulge beyond the normal curves of the vehicle. The front 3/4 view really illustrates this with regard to the taillights.

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    Sanjeve may be a new favorite color.

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    Wasn´t it Mr. Toyoda himself who promised edgier and more emotional designs for his brand´s future models?

    Good to see he stands by his word.

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        “Evidently” is right.

        If this is what’s passing for masculine now, I shudder to think what the next ten years will bring.

        Conferring “gender” in vehicle design has gone completely off the rails the past ~10 years. You either have blah-mobile sedans, crossovers clearly intended to be purchased by suburban mothers with modest but ultimately ineffective protest from their co-nesters, or way over-steroidal pickups requiring the owner to chest bump someone at least twice a day to maintain ownership.


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      I’m interpreting the emotion captured by the new Highlander design as ambivalence coupled with mild nausea.

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    Unusual IMO for a grille to be 3/5s of the face. Definitely different.

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    Sanjeev Brown almost sounds vaguely offensive.

    As for the car, it looks almost like a larger CR-V with a slightly less weird rear cargo-area window. The back looks a little bit Sienna.

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    Is it just me or are the Toyota press pics trying to make the paint look matte-finished? What happened to making the paint look as shiny as possible in order to better show off the curves, planes, and contours? The HL looks dull and lifeless.

    Not flattering at all.

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    Ew, looks like a mix between a Subaru and some ugly Kia. Very disappointing. Why does Toyota feel they can’t make tail lights flush with the body again? At least the interior looks good in the picture…..

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    Stylists can ruin anything.

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    I thought I was looking at an MCE Sorento or in other words another unoriginal Toyota product.

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    We bought a 2008 Highlander Limited back in Sept of 08, with 80K miles on it now, I have to say it’s been the best vehichle my wife and I have ever owned. And we’ve had a few:
    2 Nissan minivans, 2 Honda minivans, 2 Toyota minivans, 2 Accords, 2 Maxima’s, a Jetta, a GTI, a Ford Taurus, a Pontiac GP, a 300ZX, an Integra, a full size Blazer, a Silverado 4×2, a Dodge Ram 4×4 etc

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    Well the back looks sorta MKX, the side profile is straight up CX-9, and they put a minivan front on it. It also looks much longer, and lower to the ground than the outgoing model.

    Also the color looks purple to me, I don’t see any brown in it – but maybe that’s just me.

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    Big Al from Oz

    We have them here, but we call them Kluegers.

    Work has one and the fuel economy is very poor.

    A one way 350km drive and they use nearly a tank of fuel.

    It has more than enough power with the V6.

    They are uncomfortable and noiser than my old 2004 Kia Sorento.

    Actually, talking of Sorento’s, just change the grill and it would look nearly like a Sorento.

    I hope this one is an improvement as I consider this is a poor offering by Toyota.

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    I’d haul the family in it. It doesn’t offend which these days makes it OK I guess.

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