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Hyundai’s HCD-14 Concept is said to preview certain elements of the next-generation Genesis (which should be named Exodus, no?). A Hyundai PR rep noted that this is strictly a concept – unlike Honda, which previews basically production-ready vehicles as “concepts”, this will remain a showcar, though some details will make their way into production. Specific details remain unknown, naturally.


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27 Comments on “NAIAS 2013: Hyundai HCD-14 Genesis Concept...”

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    If they’d just drop that ridiculous Wing logo, they might have something.

    This is what happens if a Chrysler 300 has sex with a Sonata.

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      A bit over-the-top with regard to the front fascia (the grill/grill treatment and the headlights) and the interior but the side and rear look good.

      The 2G Genesis doesn’t really look anything like this (esp. the greenhouse).

      I wonder if this portends Hyundai doing a 4-door coupe version of the Genesis sedan sometime down the road?

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    stunning. ok, not exactly my taste, but clearly not only should the makers of econo cars be worried about Kia/Hyundai — this kind of forward thinking design could easily make Acura and Lincoln dead (or at least irrelevant) brands in just a few years.

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    Does the driver’s periscope come standard or is that an optional accessory?

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    I think it looks really nice, but it appears that they jumped on the Ford Fusion Aston grille bandwagon.

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      No, the grille is awesome. While, with cars like the GT Bentley has abandoned the traditionly upright, perpendicular to the ground grille that made cars like the Continental R so amazing, Hyundai has gone ahead and made a cantilevered grille. A grille that sticks out the furthest at its top. The closest grille I can think of is the Studebaker Champ, and pickup trucks are what classic proportion rear wheel drive luxury sedans should steal their grilles from.

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    Not sure if this is the new Hyundai or the new USS Enterprise.

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    Oh no, that is super ugly from every angle. I see some Veloster in the front end, which I also think is ugly. I’m a Hyundai fanboy, but I think this is the wrong direction.

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      They’re slowly becoming more and more over-styled. The Sonata wasn’t terrible but was slightly over-styled, the Elantra sedan was a bit scruntched and over-styled, the new Santa Fe has things toned down a bit, as has the new Azera, but this is just them teeter-tottering.

      This reminds me of the Kia…. small SUV? I forget the name. The darn thing looks like a friggin’ SPACE SHIP it’s so over-done. I hate seeing it on the road, it’s laughable.

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    This will be a very nice executive car for the people that make our cell phones and flatscreens. However, without a separate dealership and brand the Genesis Sedan and Equus are going to continue to have a rough time in the US. Especially since Chrysler sells a very good looking RWD yacht with a historic brand name for under $30,000. I doubt Hyundai cares though, Korea, China and other Asian countries likely much more than justify development costs. For the US market Hyundai gets two halo cars that only need to cover crash and emissions certification.

    If you wonder how close the production version will be to this concept look at the Kia GT concept:–_2012_NYIAS.JPG

    And the actual Kia K9 that followed:

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      There are a few other factors. For one, there are people that would like a Genesis or Equus, but can’t get over the fact that they’re Hyundai products. If they were from another car brand, like Honda, Toyota or Nissan, they could get over it. For another, the Genesis is actually quite dated, already looking like a mid-aughts German sedan when it debuted, and certainly out-of-date now, even with LED DRLs. Meanwhile the Equus just looks plain chintzy, especially the center stack. It almost reminds me of those Rolls-Royce wannabes that some company in China was making. Either of these cars might sway someone upgrading from a Toyota Avalon or Buick LaCrosse, but the buyer who wants an actual luxury car won’t look twice at them.

      And that’s why I feel bad for Hyundai. I know that when they released these models, it wasn’t so that they could be the stepping stones between plebeian brands and the big-luxury players. It was more to show the buyers of those luxury brands that “hey, there’s an alternative; it’s for less money and just as good, if not better.”

      That’s why I’m hoping that this 2014 Genesis will come into its own and be a real game-changer…

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      The Genesis sedan, despite being in its last year of production and not having AWD (which can be as much as 50% of sales) still outsells the Audi A6 and Infiniti M (new GS sales have surpassed Genesis sales, but they are pretty close and when the new Genesis hits dealer lots, it should outsell the GS once again).

      As for the Equus, it’s not far off sales of the Audi A8 and that’s also w/o AWD.

      As for the GT and K9 – they are 2 DIFFERENT models.

      The K9 is based on the Genesis platform and slots between the Genesis and Equus in size and price.

      The GT concept (which Kia is likely to greenlight) is about the size of the current CTS or Infiniti G and will slot beneath the K9 – giving Kia a 2 sedan luxury lineup (Hyundai will have a 3 sedan luxury lineup as they are developing a compact RWD sedan to partner with the nexr gen Genesis coupe).

      As for the HCD-14 is just a design concept/exercise which just hints at the design language going forward for Hyundai’s luxury lineup.

      Much of the design elements are a bit over the top (as design concepts usually go); based on the spy shots of the next gen Genesis sedan, many elements of the design are toned down (and the greenhouse is quite different).

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    In my mind I picture the new Lincoln design center descending into bedlam at the sight of this– boss spitting coffee out through his nose, one designer on his knees wailing, the other laying into whatever anonymous lump of clay is on the floor with his fists like Rocky into a side of beef.

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    I like Hyundai/Kia, but they know better. This looks like they’ve just thrown something together…

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    Way too much Audi in this, especially the grill shape, glasshouse, character line, and body sculpting under the character line. Peter Schreyer seems to be getting his employers confused

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    I’ll disclaimer my comment first by saying I don’t like Hyundai/Kia. I can’t stand their new designs, I think they look like a 14 year old who can’t draw designed them.

    From the side, this thing looks great, but holy hell, what happened up front? Looks like someone came and bashed it in. The whole thing looks unfinished and rushed to me. I can’t believe this is what their path towards luxury looks like. And the interior looks nice, but it’s all autoshow gimmick.

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      I agree, to an extent. As others have pointed out, this looks somewhat Chrysler 300-ified, which is a good thing, but overall it’s…. I’m undecided.

      This from the same company that made the somewhat cramped but EXCELLENT new Azera. Seriously, SIT in a new Azera. Amazing materials and build quality. It’s stylish yet classy.

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    Volt 230

    Short drivers need not bother to even go see it. might as well not even bother with the side windows.

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    The Koreans love their big specialized logos on a per-model basis.

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    I think it’s gorgeous. A big, in-your-face statement design that says ‘FU’ if you don’t like it. If only Ford had the balls to do a Lincoln like this.

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    I don’t want my elbow resting on a windowsill to be same level as my ear! And I’m 6’4″! I want a proper window not a gun slit!

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    The proportions are off, the interior is a melted Ikea-ish mess, and that front end is brutal. But this IS a concept and they are definately moving in the right direction with the general design elements. So overall I kinda dig it!

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