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Today is a sad day for TTAC’s French car fans – the last Citroen C6 rolled off the assembly line, ending a proud tradition of French luxury cars that fought a losing battle with the Germans for segment supremacy.

Despite outlasting the dull Peugeot 607 and the quirky Renault Vel Satis, the C6 sold a mere 922 units last year and only 530 year-to-date. According to France’s La Tribune, The BMW 5-Series has outsold the C6 by a nearly 10:1 ratio in its home country, proving that even in France, these cars are a tough sell.

The next big Citroen will be based on the absolutely gorgeous DS concept car – but it won’t be all French. Instead, the new DS will be designed with the all-important Chinese market in mind. It will likely use some kind of hybrid system, akin to the DS5 Hybrid. Rather than being a ponderous, floaty sedan with a serene ride, ample power and bizarrely charming aesthetics, the DS appears to visually ape cars like the Porsche Panamera. Hopefully Citroen won’t try and pull a Cadillac and try and chase German driving dynamics either.


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23 Comments on “TTAC Salutes The Citroen C6 – RIP...”

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    Not sure why, but I absolutely love this car. It’s not exactly beautiful, but it has a certain…ahem…je ne sais quoi. If I won the lottery tomorrow, one of my first acts would be to federalize one of these puppies and build a glass garage just so I could stare at it all day. Maybe a rotating turntable too…

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    Rod Panhard

    The interior styling doesn’t live up to the promise of the exterior.

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      Gawd, ain’t that the truth.
      I would almost consider one if it wasn’t for the terrible French translation of German luxury inside and the questionable reliability of all those electronic gadgets.

      The UK Autotrader site has less than 30 for sale, new or used, in the whole of Britain. Very good value compared to, say a C Class Benz or a 3 Series BMW but awful compared to an E Class or a 5 Series.

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    It has a very graceful flow to the lines, specially when in motion. This summer, I was almost guaranteed to see a couple of these every day because I stayed a couple of blocks from the Élysée Palace so you couldn’t swing a cat without hitting a senior french bureaucrat. Sadly, in spite of that, the number of 5-series BMWs I saw in Paris far outnumbered these native Citroens.

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      I did two weeks in Europe last month – in one hour in Paris, I saw more C6s than in a week in Germany and two days in Prague.

      A minor shame too – although I can’t speak to it being any good, it absolutely has presence. Then again, I’m looking forward to the DS9 too (in an entirely theoretical manner).

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    To my eyes, this may be the best-looking mass-market-ish midsized sedans of the modern era. Sure it didn’t offer the technical brilliance of Citroens past, but that sophisticated-yet-unconventional styling was the perfect modern interpretation of Citroen’s classic appeal. By contrast, the new DS line is already wearing on my eyes, erring too far on the side of gaudy pastiche.

    RIP C6… before long we may remember you as one of the last true Citroens.

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      The C6 is fine and all, but it has nothing on the XM, angular 80s style weirdness and all. I think that the DS 5 is a worthy successor. Its funky and French, and the interior, from the pics I have seen, looks intriguing and awesome, especially the seats. No, it doesnt look as restrained or unblingy as the C6, but frankly none of them do anymore — bling is in, and nobody has dared fight it, perhaps with the exception of Volvo. I just hope that the actual successor to the c6 comes in soon, and I hope that it will be a great product and that it will sell. Citroen needs to go upscale fast in order to survive, and I hope that PSA has the tools to make really great cars that could attract such premiums.

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        The XM is probably more common on the roads in the UK than the C6.
        There are a couple still in regular service by members of a couple of old car forums. Popular amonge caravan owners, I sort of expected them to have been flogged to death but they seem to last better than most French cars.

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    “Hopefully Citroen won’t try and pull a Cadillac and try and chase German driving dynamics either.” Sadly they already do. Both DS4 and DS5 don’t offer a cushy ride. “Sportier” than BMW, Audi.

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    It looks so … unmistakably German…

    Links being forbidden, please youtube dot com / and add

    Definitely in the running for best car commercial.. it’s for the C5, though.

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    I wish they would’ve sold this in the US! I’d of bought one, simply for the exterior design. I remember on the Top Gear review, I didn’t care for the dash layout. It was sort of like a 90s Cadillac in that respect.

    Nor were the engines large enough for American premium car tastes. Nothing over a 3.2L IIRC.

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    It’s a sad, sad day.

    Silky ride quality just suffered another body blow.

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    France traditionally has the highest tax on benzene in europe.
    so they like to keep engine small, except for the haves they go crazy.

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    “Citroen Announces End of C6 Production, Nobody Cares.”

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    Nick 2012

    I’ll miss single purpose cars when they’re gone for good. These cars are not focus-grouped to death and have great appeal to an extremely small subset of the market (e.g. Panthers, W-bodies with the 3.8L Buick or 3.6L LFX engine, Volvo RWD ‘brick’ wagons, LT1-powered B-bodies, etc.) but, to their respective fan base, represent all that is right with the world.

    Its too bad that everything now must meet ‘class competitive’ benchmarks in every single area. Continued ‘class competitiveness’ from car manufacturers results in more Camrys. I don’t want to buy a car forced to meet Harrison Bergeron-esque targets.

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    I admire the insane courage of people pronouncing with absolute certainty on things about which they know 10% of 3/8ths of the square root of fuck all. Design is subjective, and is immaterial once you are at either at the wheel or a passenger. All that matters is how the car does the job that is required of it. In this, the C6 wins hands down.

    It is one of the marvels of modern automotive engineering. The C6 was made at Chirac’s insistence, for reasons of Gallic prestige, and I expect that (rather like Aston Martins in the David Brown days) Citroen lost money on every one they made. That doesn’t stop them, as with Astons, from being exquisite things.

    I am thrilled to own one. It is a delight to drive, and its technological intricacies are a daily revelation. The ill-informed comments of knuckle-draggers and mouth-breathers, who quite possibly have never seen one, are immaterial to me and to those who are privileged to have driven (and, better, to own) one of these rare beasts.

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      I hope you bought yours in white, as it’s the only color which will match your ivory tower.

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        Nice comeback ;-)

        No. Mine’s in black, so I’m clearly going for the ivory tower contrast. I was really take a swipe at the people who waste electrons by voicing an opinion on the basis of nothing more than a single photograph, and then grumble that it isn’t the same as something which was on the market a generation ago!

        Because it’s unfashionable, it depreciates like a stone through a wet paper bag. I have therefore got twice as much car for my money than if I’d made the easy choice and gone for an Audi, BMW or Mercedes.

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    I’m on my second C6, the first having been written off, though no fault of my own, and I love my C6, this is a car that turns heads where ever it goes, it isn’t BOGOFF Merc,Beemer or Audi. It has something that none of those cars have, it has character……

    That is something you don’t get driving most cars these day’s, I have driven most types of car though my motoring life, and if you want to slate the C6, fine, go ahead, it’s up to you……

    It just means that the people out there, like get to enjoy them even more, whilst those ill informed ‘rattle round’ in their Skoda’s with a Audi badge.

    Oh, and for the record, mine’s Blue but it does have Cream leather, and I’ll quite happily sit in my ‘ivory tower’ all day long, because it’s comfy and a nice place to be………

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