BMW 3-Series GT The Latest In A Series Of Pointless Variants

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler

Despite the failure of the BMW 5-Series GT, BMW is determined to capture the economies of scale of its rear-drive platform and shoot for unprecedented volume by cranking out even more ugly variants of its core models. Case in point, the 3-Series GT.

The undisguised 3GT was shown over at F30Post, a popular BMW messageboard, and ostensibly caught while filming a commercial. Even though there will be a 3-Series wagon, the 3GT will be produced to occupy some kind of white space in the BMW lineup, perhaps the “sporty hatchback for people too embarassed to drive a wagon or an X3” niche.

Derek Kreindler
Derek Kreindler

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  • Vega Vega on Dec 04, 2012

    Why is this so hard to understand? In Europe, the Audi A5 Sportback is a huge success, so BMW is offering a competitor. Also: "even more ugly variants of its core models"? Unnecessarily controversial generalisation, probably trying to sound edgy? I understand not everybody likes the F30 sedan and touring, but calling it ugly is childish in my view.

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    • CRConrad CRConrad on Jan 08, 2013

      Sedan and wagon are more like core models. The ugly variants he meant are probably things like the X6 (the four-door "coupé" variant of an SUV) and 6-series "Grand Coupé" or whatever they call the sedan variant of the 6-series coupé (which is essentially the coupé version of the 7-series, so, uh... Didn't they already have a 7-series sedan?) Those are the really, truly bizzare niches the BMW marketeers are seeing... I'm still leaning more towards the opinion that there aren't any such niches to see, but they see them anyway. Hmm, maybe I should try some of what they're smoking...

  • Roberto Esponja Roberto Esponja on Dec 04, 2012

    Reminds me of my grandma's car of the early 1980's: Maybe BMW is on to something...

  • CorLex300 CorLex300 on Dec 04, 2012

    Christ, MY EYES!!!!!!!! Its ungodly. I hate the 5 series "GT" as well. I cant stand the new BMW styling language. They really lost me with the 3 series after the E30...Its hard to top something as good as the E30 I suppose but i feel like the 3'er has lost ground with each generation.

  • Corntrollio Corntrollio on Dec 06, 2012

    I finally saw one of the 5GTs on the road today. It was a livery vehicle! Within a minute, I also saw a 7-Series black car. I guess the 5GT gives you slightly better gas mileage, while still having a bit more room for suitcases?