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One of the many victims of Sandy: Jalopnik. Along with the other servers of the Gawker network, Jalopnik joined the fate of some ten thousand websites served by 150 data centers on the East Coast that were drowned out by the ferocious storm. Even after going down, the site’s problems did not end.

We wish our colleagues at Jalopnik all the best and a speedy comeback. Also, we recommend to hunt down whoever changed Jalopnik’s redirect from to, a site that offers “wife swapping”, and “colon cleansing” along with more traditional fare such as “body kits” and “Cadillac Escalade.”

According to the New York Times, the Gawker sites share a common Internet service provider, Datagram, housed in the financial district in Lower Manhattan, which lost power on Monday evening.  TTAC’s servers are in a secure location in Canada, and its editors are dispersed over multiple continents.

Update: The hijack of Jalopnik’s emergency site appears to be fixed.  Jalopnik now redirects to the proper ersatz-Jalopnik page that sports familiar robust language like “The asshole spreading false info on Twitter revealed.”


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29 Comments on “Sandy Drowns Jalopnik, Site Advocates Wife Swapping While Down...”

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    Jalopnick = Lots of sizzle, low nutritional value. Great if you want to waste time.

    TTAC = Army ration packs, high nutritional value. Great if you want to learn something.

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    “thank you for reading TTAJ, and goodnight.”

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    Jalo**** is down?

    Finally! Some GOOD news out of all this!

    Easy, easy, “J”, just joking.

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    I keep my primary server in the Svalbard Global Seed Vault with a back up server in the Mormon Granite Mountain Records Vault. Suck it, Jalopnik!! Learn how to mirror!

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    “TTAC’s servers are in a secure location in Canada.”

    Damn Canadians, always serving up webpages.

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    Being in Lower Manhattan, the Gawker/Jalopnik servers enjoy a more sprightly nightlife, but the bar bills are murder…and there’s the whole flooding thing. The TTAC servers, meanwhile, have access to Tim Horton’s, and need only worry about being buried in snow, which is fine because servers THRIVE in the cold.

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    “the Gawker sites share a common Internet service provider, Datagram, housed in the financial district in Lower Manhattan, which lost power on Monday evening. TTAC’s servers are in a secure location in Canada, and its editors are dispersed over multiple continents.”

    ARPANET in action! So TTAC should survive a less than total nuclear strike while Jalopnik/Gawker and a host of other websites will be taken permanently offline?

    Well its good to know I’ll have something to read during the Apocalypse.

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    I don’t think it’s very professional to poke fun at rival car blogs.

    TTAC can come off as pompous and arrogant at times and that’s a huge turnoff.

    I mainly only come here for Murilee’s junkyard find posts.

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      TTAC and Jalopnik have chucked spears back and forth for years. It’s usually in good fun IMO.

      I used to frequent Jalopnik and found TTAC to be devoid of content. Now I find the opposite is true and frequent TTAC more.

      You might say I followed Murilee as well.

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      TTAC is alright only until Cloud Flare flips a nut and then it has its own version of serverpocolypse…

      In the meantime, TTAC is crap to edit on an iPhone, something I have not encountered on any of the non car sites I also like to visit.

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      Yep. I frequent both sites. It’s not uncommon for TTAC to cover the exact same stories on the same day as Jalopnik. Sometimes after Jalopnik breaks the story.

      Seems neither site has much in the way of frequent car reviews, though. TTAC has more dry industry talk, more interesting editorials and stories, but no more real content. Jalopnik just fills the gaps between meaningful stuff with dumb content like top 10s, silly rumours, SEO headline chasing (“Whitney Houston is dead! What car would a bodyguard drive?” “Neil Armstrong is dead! What car would you drive on the moon?”).

      Both are good for what they are. Jalopnik is bite sized fun with a dose of the ridiculous. TTAC is serious business with the odd weird bit from Murilee or Baruth.

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        I keep coming here because it offers a different perspective on cars and I’m forcing myself to get used to the idea that there are people out there that I may not agree with on cars.

        If it’s any consolation, I’m taking a course called “Cars, Culture and Media”. TTAC and Jalopnik (along with several other blogs) were blogs that I recommended to the instructor for keeping up on car news, etc. The course does focus on the effects of the automobile on the environment but it is not totally anti-car. The key is to seek out balance and that the car has had so much of an influence on American culture that it’s difficult, if not downright impossible to imagine an existence without it.

        Again, balance is the key here. This is why I’m not opposed to hybrid or electric vehicles. I balance that with my love of quirky automobiles that get little, if any love from the automotive mainstream.

        Both TTAC and Jalopnik balance out my interests.

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        Some of us come here mostly FOR the “dry industry talk”, which is some of the sharpest on the Intertubes. Just sayin’.

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      Kick ’em while they’re down. Keep it classy, TTAC.

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    That bites! I am glad that my website’s server is in Scottsdale, Arizona. The worst that can happen there is aliens making off with it…

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    Perhaps they should locate their servers offshore, in the Cayman Islands since that’s where they are headquartered.

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    Pretty noble.
    Hope for the best over at the J and the East Coast.

    I am a little worried about the kids that think Stick shift is the end-all of driving pleasure though. Where will they air their gripes?
    Won’t someone think of the Children??

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    I am shocked that Gawker does not use a colocation center, or require its host to use a colocation center. This is a top tier digital media company. And it is down.

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    Is this where I sign the petition to bring back Jack?

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    See, and we thought hurricanes were all bad.

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    Ah shadenfreud, the civilized part of us recoils at the sight of it. Yet we are all guilty of it, so let TTAC enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling.

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    I actually like Jalopnik’s new “lite” site. It’s much easier to navigate than their “new and improved” version they came up with awhile back. I hope they keep it.

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