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Chevrolet threw a lot of money at the marketing plan for the [s]Daewoo Kalos[/s] all-new Sonic. Any time there’s money in the air, it’s like blood in the water; it brings the sharks. Flirtatious sharks, who know that it’s best to play hard to get. They start by winking across the bar at the mark. Then there’s a brief bit of dangerously witty banter, followed by the frantic, drunken consummation. What’s after that? The payoff, of course: a sponsored conversation, a cross-promotion, the messy, wet details of a cash exchange.

And then there’s the hip way.

I need to start out by providing the strongest possible disclaimer. I’m about to send you to a website chock-full of hideously offensive content. There aren’t any pictures on the site, but the top headline at the time of this writing is deliberately designed to shock and offend. (Ironically, it’s a community site, and the top headline is an assault on the site founder.) So don’t click it at work, don’t click it in front of your kids, okay?

With that said, the piece, entitled The Rock Star As Charismatic CEO, is absolutely worth reading from beginning to end. It’s social criticism in general and a discussion of the “reality” of the OK Go! Chevrolet Sonic advertorial in particular. You are almost certain to come away from the article with at least one train of thought in your mind which isn’t currently running as we speak.

Do I agree with the author? At least in part — but the best part is that when the article was written, we had yet to see the fall of the “charismatic rock star” at Chevrolet. There’s extra resonance to be had now. Go check it out.

Disclaimer: the author has been a member of the k5 community for more than a decade but received no compensation from this desolate husk of a dead website.

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  • OldWingGuy OldWingGuy on Sep 13, 2012

    I had never seen this video before. I think its pretty neat. I have absolutely no musical talent, so am quite impressed by the ability to play a song with a car, some bottles and barrels. It must have taken quite a bit of effort to make this. And unless its a camera trick, where in the world do you find this many pianos. Maybe I'm simple minded. But I liked the old Honda commercial with the Rube Goldberg device made out of Accord(?) parts, too.

  • Les Les on Sep 17, 2012

    Ah the lament of the unemployed intellectual. He does have some points, but there's also a whiff of the smug, "Oh why oh why can't everyone appreciate just how Deep and Meaningful I am?" aura bout him to. Meh, my favorite 'music-video-as-product-commercial' is still Absolut Greyhound with the Swedish House Mafia. ;)

  • 01 Deville
  • Lou_BC This would be a good colour for anyone that would actually use their truck offroad, on gravel roads, in the winter or poor visibility situations.
  • EBFlex “getting a full charge in just about three hours or so. Not that it would’ve mattered if I couldn’t charge – I’d just run on gas.”And this folks is why PHEVs are the future and pure EVs will remain vanity products for the rich.
  • Pmirp1 Simple. Electrics are not yet prime time. In time, they may become the norm. For now, they are still the new kid on the block. A curosity. A status symbol. They are not the work horse of American life. Everyone knows that. You buy it because it is fast. It makes you feel like, you know, Prius like 10-15 years ago.Electrics have improved. Tesla is without a doubt the standard bearer. Still, long way to go before they can be your ONE vehicle. So companies charge more because these things are coooool. Not real.
  • Rich Benkwitt I’ll take that red and white 2 door and I guess the 4 banger so I can have the manual tranny just like my 1969 Bronco. I have my Wildtrak on order now waiting impatiently!