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Channel stuffing is taking its toll on China. Customers fight back against “increased sales pressure and an insufficient supply of experienced staff, driven by a disconnect between the dealership network expansion and the market slowdown, “ and punish car manufacturers where it hurts second most: On the J.D.Power Sales Satisfaction Survey. The survey, published today, notices “a notable deterioration in overall sales satisfaction among new-vehicle owners in China.”

Audi ranks highest in that study that measures customer satisfaction with the new-vehicle purchase process. Dongfeng Nissan ranks second, followed by Beijing Hyundai, Dongfeng Citroën and Dongfeng Honda. The preeminence of joint ventures of the state owned enterprise Dongfeng cannot be overlooked.


J.D.Power wants the car companies that rate below industry average to keep face, and does not list them. Easy: If you don’t see major makers listed above average, they are below average.

According to J.D.Power’s Liza Wang,

“manufacturers have not aligned production with current demand, but have instead continued to add production capacity and open new dealerships in anticipation of stronger growth in the future. In the current market, this has led to increased inventories at dealerships and acute pressure to sell vehicles.

Nearly 80 percent of dealers indicate that high inventories are their greatest challenge, which means dealers are under immense pressure to sell more vehicles at a faster pace, This clearly has had a negative impact on the quality of the purchase experience for new-vehicle buyers.”

An increasing number of customers complained about excessive pressure from salespersons. In addition, i customers are more demanding and have higher expectations during the sales process than before. Says J.D.Power:

“The increasing availability of vehicle information on the Internet—particularly regarding vehicle features and pricing and incentive information—has given new-vehicle buyers more leverage when negotiating their purchase. “

China – looks more and more like home. Except for the girls over the hood, sadly.

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37 Comments on “Chinese Consumers Rebell Against Channel Stuffing, Punish Carmakers...”

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    The girl on the far right looks P.R.


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    Here’s a shout to Bertel to please tone down the images of scantily-clad women. The truth is – this being Truth about cars – that they are deeply sexist.

    Yes, i will of course take them lightly every now and then.

    Yes, we do know by now that China has gotten on the strategy, though is in the cruder stages of a more sophisticated approach here in the States.

    And yes, just because this is mostly a men’s site, it does not mean it HAS to be.

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      Here’s a shout to Bertel to please increase the images of scantily-clad women. The truth is – this being Truth about cars – that they are deeply interesting.

      Yes, I will of course take them seriously all the time.

      Because this is mostly a men’s site, it does not mean it HAS to be free of scantily clad women.

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        “…down the images of scantily-clad women. The truth is – this being Truth about cars – that they are deeply sexist.”

        More shirtless guys please!

        Kidding, kidding, I don’t mind, as long as it’s not outright pornographic. As long as my coworkers can walk by and not wonder what I’m doing, it’s fine. This is Besides, i feel that every TTAC contributor brings their own flavor and style… this is just Bertel’s style. I like that non-conformity.

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        Spanish Inquisition

        Here’s a shout to scantily-clad women to please increase the images of Bertel. The truth is – this being Truth about Bertel – that they are scantily-clad.

        Yes, I will of course take them scantily-clad every now and then.

        Yes, we do know by now that Bertel has gotten on the strategy, though is in the finer stages of a more sophisticated approach here on The Truth About Bertel.

        And yes, just because this is mostly a scantily-clad women’s site, it does not mean it HAS to be.

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        Howsabout a shirtless image of Bertel with all his man-fuzz on show. I’m sure that would even things out…

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      Please continue to favor us with beautiful Asian women. I am totally enamored with them.

      I see more skin at my local town pool than in the above picture and there are plenty of women and kids around. I also see more skin on nightly network TV shows … Eddie, lighten up, it’s a car sight and “most” car guys also like women showing a little skin.

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    Cole Trickle

    Seriously. I used to work for a place that has advertised here in the past. If anyone had ever seen an image like this on my screen it would have been a serious offense. I get how not a big deal this kind of image is in Europe but this is beginning to get old. Not only do I have to deal with this image but the gross comments about them. This is not why we come to this site. T and A are not novel and I don’t care if you think we should lighten up about it in the states. I would like to see an ask the b and b about these images here at least. Let the readers tell you if this is ok or if they want it to stop.

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      Cole Trickle

      Upset enough to log in to a real computer to put together more complete thoughts on this issue, and apologies to Bertel for the comment about thining we should lighten up about this kind of thing in the states. Here’s what I mean, slightly more elegantly:

      1. People read this at work. This image is not one I would want my former boss to see. She would find it disrespecful. If she walked up to my desk with her boss, she would find it extremely disrespectful to have me looking at this image with him standing there. That makes this NSFW at my former job.

      2. I would like to understand why this image is necessary. I truly can’t figure out why this image is here instead of something else.

      3. Worse than this image are the comments that images like this attract. There is nothing wrong with this image or more explicit ones. There is nothing wrong with discussing them. This just isn’t the place. I want to know what you guys think about cars. The internet is crawling with porn and we all know how to find it. If you guys want to discuss the merits of various fetishes don’t make me read about it if I don’t want to. Take it to one of the countless online communities dedicated to this kind of activity. Those comments are not relevant to any truth about cars.

      4. Bertel, I appreciate the way you have moderated the comments here. I appreciate the things that get people banned. You seem like a good and reasonable man. I don’t think it is out of line to allow your readers to vote on if these kinds of images belong her or don’t. If everybody loves the cheesecake (I’ve been reading that long) then those of us who don’t will move on. But if your readers say that images like this make them less likely to check out the site at certain times, perhaps it is better to keep it clean.

      5. We all do things that we’d like to keep private don’t we? TTAC should be something I don’t have to keep private. If I must I must. I’m not leaving. I like this place. A lot. I feel like I know most of you even though I rarely comment. This feels like something we could discuss like adults. I hope as the day goes on some mature dialog will develop around this. I know it won’t all be mature, and those guys will go right back to reddit after they fire off a quick one-liner and that’s fine. For the rest of us, those who care about this site…lets talk about this.

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        My company uses Websense to BLOCK undesirable sites. If I want to read ED at work, I have to use my own private internet. therefore, if TTAC isn’t blocked, which it shouldn’t be, then it’s no big deal.

        Furthermore, you’re supposed to be WORKING at work instead of reading car porn. I resist firing people for stuff like this because I used to f around at work too, but productivity loss is productivity loss. I tell my employees – “just make sure you get the job done… have fun later”.

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        Seriously, that was my first thought. How about you do your work at work and read web-blogs on your own time? Better yet, that’s why most people have internet on their cell phones these days. Do what you want on your own connection. Disclaimer: I work in IT dealing with this all the time. I equate this to using a company vehicle for things it wasn’t authorized for. You are given internet at work to work, not to waste company time.

        As far as channel stuffing goes. China sure is looking a lot more like home. I wonder when the Chinese govn’t will start forcing lesser well known ones to try to save face and make it look better. Then again, somehow I doubt we ever truely get accurate numbers. Just numbers that don’t appear *completely* suspicious.

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        I’m using Google Chrome and there seems to be several extensions available in the Chrome Store that block images. That should solve your problem.

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        mik101, you HAD to spoil the comment section by commenting on the actual article.. sheez!

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      “Serious offense”? Really? Over that image above? Do they follow Sharia law where you work? Do you work in a convent, perhaps? In the papal office? o__O

      Much ado about nothing, methinks. And I live in the largest Moslem country in the world!

      I did notice that you said “used to work” there. Good for you! I’d change job in a second too!

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    Polar Bear

    How refreshing with a country where the feminists have not indoctrinated the masses that a girl in a bikini is Sexist Expoitation. Worst of all are the men who bought this ideology in a misguided attempt at scoring with tree-hugging chicks with hairy armpits.

    This is truth in advertising. An expensive new car will get you laid.

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      A girl in bikini is just a girl in bikini, polar bear. It can be quite sexy, and sex is awesome. When you put girls in bikini in an article about cars stats, it cheapens the girl, the bikini, and sex.

      Not everybody is desperate for “scoring” and “getting laid” – nor does that objective single-handedly guide everybody’s beliefs and behavior.

      • 0 avatar
        Polar Bear

        The bikini photo is a joke, included for amusement, but some people don’t get it.

        A photo like this makes TTAC unsafe for work? What is wrong with employers, that photo is hardly porn. Start a rebellion. Put the Pirelli calendar in your office and show them some tasteful nudes.

        But seriously, in many countries cars are sold with the help of lightly dressed girls. Cars are a global industry, so why should this site not reflect this fact?

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      “Sexist” would be having the girl in a bikini in the kitchen.

      LOL @ the word: “stuffing”.

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    I think this shows that the Chinese market is maturing and that the automotive consumer in China is learning that they can influence the way that cars are sold.

    Also, every single one of the women in the above photo has the same “Can I have my money now?” look in her eyes.

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      “Also, every single one of the women in the above photo has the same “Can I have my money now?” look in her eyes.”

      I know that look well. It’s endemic well you visit the strip in Vegas.

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    I’ll say it. GM isn’t on the list of above average sales service providers.

    Keep the girls.

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    If you give me a juicy M&A story involving Japanese partners, I promise I will use different pictures ….

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    My boss likes pictures of girls too, so I’m okay with it. Back to the subject (sort of anyway) As an Audi customer if I don’t rate them the highest possible score they call me to find out what went wrong. It’s a pain in the butt so I don’t even bother or if they catch me, it’s a simple no comment and I’ll explain it if I have to. After about 4 years they don’t bother me much anymore. With that I’ll say that these JD power scores are not very helpful, except maybe for the worse offenders as they must really be krap.

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      Cole Trickle

      ” such conduct has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment.”

      From the definition of sexual harassment. So how about if your overweight employee whom you are chewing out for performance issues has to look at skinny @$$ on your screen while you do it. Intimidating, hostile, to some offensive. Not commenting on right or wrong here… just what the law says. Good for you for your cool boss. What about the people who don’t? They skip bertel’s articles as you see in the comments.

      • 0 avatar

        The guys complaining here about what shows up on your computer moniter while you’re surfing at work………don’t you have a job to do?

        If I was your boss I would moniter you to see just much much non-productive time you waste each day. Maybe I’d have grounds to fire your ass.

        And I find it hostile that you guys have to come on here and whine. Don’t like it here……..leave. Bubye.

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    Bertel: I’m disappointed the girls weren’t tied up!

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    I am generally safe from prying eyes at work, but still feel compelled to quickly scroll past these images on TTAC. I can just imagine a prude walking up unnoticed (as I’m deeply engrossed in TTAC) and being offended at this picture… That being said I enjoy the fact that TTAC doesn’t take itself so seriously.

    As for Chinese Channel Cramming, I’d imagine there’s added pressure from government to keep production and sales numbers looking good. I frankly wouldn’t be surprised if the government simply started buying the cars themselves once dealerships had enough. Maybe they could trade them for some of the energy resources they’re securing all over the world.

  • avatar

    Silly puritanical-hypocrite Americans.

    I have no problem with the images and Love the Sense of Humor even more.

    ++In-fact these girls are not being punished nearly enough. I see no paddles or crops, etc. :)

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    Bertel, we need new faces. You are recycling the same photo from another TTAC article a year ago –

    p/s Thank you ! I do have photographic memory.

  • avatar

    It’s the evolution of consumer expectations. After WW II Americans wanted cars, any car. Style, finish, options, and markup be damned. Eventually, as choices expanded, customers became more picky. Most adult Chinese can remember when a bicycle was all you got. Many aspired to someday own a scooter or motorcycle. Then cars became available to the masses. Expensive, but available. Now that lots of them are around they can compare, they’ve learned the dealer is not a king, and they don’t have to put up with crap in either service or product.

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    As to the pic. Maybe I just work in a different kind of place. You could run live action Japanese Tentacle Porn and most of my coworkers wouldn’t notice.

  • avatar

    Wow oversensitive much?

    I remember when snapon used to have calendars that every garage wanted. Some woman I think who worked for Snapon (can’t remember exactly)

    Decided to sue Snapon for producing the calendar because she found it offensive. Thing is, the Calendar was located in the men’s bathroom not in public view in an automotive garage. (at least that’s how I remember the story)

    Now the snapon calendar is pretty boring and people(men) are not nearly so interested in them as they used to be.

    See what gets me about all this is choice, you have to choice to either come here or not. If there are images here that you don’t like then don’t come here. If it’s enough for you to complain about the images, don’t come here because obviously you are not the target market.

    You have the choice to vote with your feet(or mouse in this case) and take your business elsewhere. If TTAC loses enough readers they will change. But to try and force change because of your disapproval of something I find to be against the ideas of allowing choice.

    Exercise your right to choice, DONT try to dictate to others how to behave. That to me is what being part of the USA is, respect for all to choose what they want and respect for others to choose to avoid things they don’t like.

    That’s my 2 cents on the issue, I know that many people feel they should protect the morals of all, but again I think that is not being true to the spirit of a country based on the ideal of freedom.

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    I’d like to stuff her channel…

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