Volkswagen Group Reports Healthy Half Year Sales, But Not Enough To Dethrone Leaders

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt
volkswagen group reports healthy half year sales but not enough to dethrone leaders

Volkswagen has published group sales for June and the first six months, and they are better than those of most other European makers. Global deliveries for the half year are up 8.9 percent to 4.45 million. June looks surprisingly good with sales up 11 percent to 798,500. Nevertheless, Volkswagen looks like no threat to the leading positions of Toyota and GM.

Toyota will publish June and half year data before the end of the month, followed a few weeks later by GM’s quarterly report. GM reports global deliveries only on a quarterly basis. Currently, we expect Toyota to remain in the top spot, followed by GM and then Volkswagen.

Volkswagen global group deliveries June 2012

6M’126M’11YoYJun ’12Jun ’11YoYTotal4,450,0004,090,0008.8%800,000719,40011.2%Europe1,930,0001,900,0001.6%350,000340,0002.9%Ger606,100580,6004.4%112,200105,5006.4%WEUR ex D1,010,0001,070,000-5.6%184,200188,100-2.1%EEUR322,900253,70027.3%60,30051,40017.3%China1,300,0001,110,00017.1%220,000190,00015.8%USA275,200211,00030.4%51,10038,70032.0%South Am469,500455,2003.1%92,80078,40018.4%

Speaking of reporting, except for the total, Volkswagen reports only year-to-date numbers on a global basis. For our table, we had to extrapolate June data from data published in the preceding month. The calculated data are marked blue.

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  • Chocolatedeath Chocolatedeath on Jul 13, 2012

    Toyota and GM may sell more cars, however like I always say...If you are more profitable you are already number 1! Dont sell you soul VW.