By on May 1, 2012

Is this another “senseless provocation” by “imperialist American dogs“, or do Koreans really want to buy the Chevrolet Corvette?

As the world’s most odious regime threatents the lives of those south of the 38th parallel, Chevrolet had decided to sell the Corvette in South Korea at a hefty premium. A Corvette Coupe (the only model available) will cost $76,300, or $26,700 more than the United States. Chevrolet already sells the Camaro in South Korea.

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10 Comments on “Chevrolet To Sell Corvette In Korea...”

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    I think you meant “revanchist, revisionist, imperialist, hegemonist, running dog paper tigers”.

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    doctor olds

    People everywhere want a corvette!

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      Check how many Corvettes sold in Germany, Italy, or England last year, assuming those places are part of “everywhere”. Hint: you have two hands with 10 fingers: that should be enough for this measurement.

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    John R

    Yikes…$76k for the base? How much do its competitors go for? More to the point how much does the Oullim Spirra go for?

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    The post reminded my about a question I never knew an answer for: why did Corvette fail in Europe?

    A car like this was always missing in domestic makers offerings. A car that looks like an Italian or German exotic but is, well… not THAT much unaffordable.

    From technical point of view, the Corvette shines: composite body, aluminium frame, composite (leaf) spring with very low center of gravity… Vettes are lighter than Ferraris, even though they have much larger engines and beefier drivetrains to cope with far more torque.

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      the LSX isn’t an exotic motor… Corvette interior doesn’t the grade

      also a car thats $50k in the US can easily be $75-$100k in other places that have restrictive taxes and whatever on large motors and performance cars

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    I think the only reason Chevy is importing it is b/c of the new “free-trade” deal with South Korea. Most the difference in price can probably be explained to import tariffs and taxes like TonyJZX mentioned.

    Chevy will start selling the Corvette at 86.4 million won (76K)

    A base Porsche 911 (I’ll let you decide if that is a comparable vehicle) costs 126 million (or $111,000

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    Will that be “…will sell a Corvette in Korea.” ? Time will tell.

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    that price is very competitive when taking into consideration that the taxes on imports are very high here in Korea…so much so that people here consider Honda Civics and Toyota Camrys to be a symbol ov luxury (which I find very amusing coming from Los Angeles). Anyway, comparing the Corvette’s price to the GTR (over $100,000), any German car (same price or higher for 5 series equivalent and up), Aston Martins (definitely more expensive), or Italian supercars (also definitely more expensive)…well, the sticker price of the Corvette is actually quite appealing.

    There are a few issues in my opinion. Car registration taxes are based on engine size, and anything over 3.0 Liters is EXPENSIVE. Gasoline here is pushing $2.00 per Liter in rural areas…It is more likely to be about $8.00 per gallon if one lives in the city. In addition, the support structure for aftermarket service for American cars is practically nonexistent.

    But the biggest snag in my humble opinion is going to be the snobbery of those who can afford such a car. People in Korea are impressed by how much one spends, as opposed to getting performance value. I have lived in Korea for 3 years and have yet to see a Camaro on the streets, even in the city. I don’t see the Corvette being a success anytime soon. (I’m sorry to say.)

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    I can’t remember the last time I saw a new Corvette. I guess someone buys them.

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