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Maserati will be lending a hand to baby bro Alfa Romeo when the brand launches its 4C sports car in 2013. Having previously been tasked with production of the ultra-low volume 8C, Maserati will handle the annual assembly of the 2,500 4C coupes, that will supposedly serve as a halo for Alfa’s U.S. re-launch (stop me if you’ve heard this one before).

Automotive News reports that the 4C will retail for 50,000 euro, or roughly $66,000 on the continent. A U.S. price point hasn’t been decided on. The 4C is expected to weigh a mere 1873 lbs, and use a 4 cylinder turbocharged motor displacing 1.8L with direct injection. The 8C used a 4.7L Maserati V8. 1000 units, split evenly between a coupe and a roadster version, were built from 2007 to 2007. A small number were sent to the United States, but they were sold through Ferrari and Maserati outlets, price between $250,000-$300,000.


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13 Comments on “Maserati Builds Another Alfa Romeo Sports Car...”

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    300k for ford 5.0 pony power. not for the vehicle everyone.

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    word is bond

    Pricing seems exorbitant, but 1900 lbs is very light. Hmm…

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    Inaccessible halo cars are borderline meaningless in this day and age. It’s all about accessibility. At 2,500 units and $60,000, the 4c will get a tepid reception.

    If they ditch the carbon fiber shell, raise production to 10,000 units (at least half for the US), and drop the price to $45,000, Alfa will be on to something. Unobtainium is as dead as a door nail. Overpriced sports cars are for video games, and museum pieces are for youtube and TV. People really want high-value stuff they can almost afford.

    If kids beg their parents hard enough, and they get a job to pay for unlimited bandwidth, maybe they can get an iPhone. If grades are good enough, maybe they can score a MacBook. If college students get a sweet summer job, they can just about get a 50″ flat screen and Blue Ray player. If expenses are kept in check, a yuppie can just squeeze a new 3-series into the budget.

    Those consumers bust ass to put your product into mainstream culture. If the product isn’t accessible, Alfa will be busting their asses to put the car in mainstream culture.

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    The thing is with the demise of the Lotus Elise, there are no other sports cars available in this size/weight category. Yes this is $20k more, but what were the sales of the Lotus and how many of those buyers would be willing to pay the extra, especially since there are no alternatives…a lack of competition allows you to get away with a lot. The variable is how many people will pay for the Alfa badge, or any Italian badge on a sports car, especially considering that the next most “affordable” Italian sports car is, what twice as much (not sure the MSRP on a Maserati and am too lazy to look it up right now)? Does this constitute a large market group? not at all. This is not and will never be an SLK or Boxster. But it does exist and as long as Alfa is realistic about its sales goals and markets the car right (I’d expect to see it at many car shows and concours, and perhaps having a display at ALMS and Grand-am races wouldn’t be a bad idea).

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      I would argue that the Maserati is not a “sports car” but rather a fast GT (even the name is “GranTurismo”). The next cheapest Italian sports car has a prancing horse on the hood.

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    I think the $60k price point should work for them. That would put it about $10-15k over a standard Porsche Cayman and with only 2,500 built… buyers will pay extra for the exclusivity. Its also sexy and Italian.

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    the 8C was all kinds of awesome. This is even more crazy. If I had that kind of money lying around, I could be tempted. I mean a Porsche is cool and everything but its nowhere near as beautiful or crzay as this.

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    This looks great- I really like the convertible mockups on the web. but I hope they don’t cheap out the interior like the 8c. But if fiat has more say in this, I didn’t mind the 500c interior.

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    What a gorgeous car. Looks like a Batmobile. I’ll take two.

    I almost didn’t post this…it’s after 2:30 AM eastern time and this site is super slow loading. No faster even in the middle of the night.

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