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Although the nameplate says “Sylphy”, this is more than likely the 2013 Nissan Sentra, set to replace the dreadful current generation car.

The Chinese market Sylphy will launch with a 1.8L 4-cylinder engine and a CVT – another less-than-exciting combination, but one that would be in character for Nissan and also allow for excellent fuel economy.

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27 Comments on “Is This The 2013 Nissan Sentra?...”

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    i actually don’t mind the way that car looks… and the interior looks fine to me.

    However it looks like too much car for the motor. Let’s just say it weighs 3,000lb which isn’t uncommon… is 1.8 enough?

    maybe if its turbo…

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    Maybe it’s the character line, maybe it’s the wheels, but does it remind anyone else of the Rover 75?

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    While the outside is Meh. Just a 7/8 new Altima from what I can see. I like that interior, it looks both simple & luxurious. And not like an overstyled cell phone.

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    That shifter looks truly happy to see me.

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    The dies for the Maxima are probably already paid for. Why not use them, and confuse people, for the new Sentra? At least that’s what the front reminds me of.

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    Nissan Stenza is actually the one’s acester! In Asia, it would be the BlueBird acester/G20(infiniti) remember all these “mid sized” nissan! Nissan should make a hotrod version of this car by putting in their 1.6 turbo motor. But it does not have independent rear.

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    Wow I’m shocked its not nearly as cheap or ugly as the current Sentra model. They still haven’t learned their lessons with CVTs but otherwise a pleasant sight.

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    There is no such thing as taste, only fashion. I can’t believe fake wood is back in econoboxes, along with the same sort of function compromising styling that made cars like the Datsun F10 so absurd.

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    “Sylphy” is the worst name for a car (or concept) I believe I have ever heard. It looks like the Web 2.0 name for a certain unpleasant condition.

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      Almost sounds Polish.


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      For some reason, Japanese think that the root “sylph” means “lightweight” or “ethereal”. For example, a magical flying animal called “Sylph” is commonly portrayed as accompaining elves. It looks like it flies on the power of its ears. There’s also an e-mail client, called “Sylpheed”. It was supposed to be contrasted to “fat” clients such as Thunderbird and Evolution. They could be picking it from a language other than English.

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        @Pete Z: “For some reason, … could be picking it from a language other than English”

        Heh… Yeah, they’ve got reason, all right. And although Paracelsus wrote in — what, Latin or German? — Pope of course was English. So I’d say calling it “Western tradition” is quite succinct:


        OTOH, Pete’s “For some reason…” could of course have been gentle sarcasm, too subtle for me to grok on first sight. Bull elephant, china shop, and all that… Story of my life.

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    Looks like the Maxima and TL had an illegitimate child…

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    If that’s the new Sentra Nissan should do very well with it. Nice exterior and interior.

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      For the record: I didn’t say it looked BAD. :) I wish the Civic was more like this, I probably wouldn’t have defected to Hyundai. (it’s all good though, the company I work for has a Hyundai dealer, and let’s just say they don’t charge $1500 for door edge guards…)

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    If this really is the new Sentra, then I think with a 2.0l engine option it would compare favorably with the new Acura ILX. It looks way more upscale than the current Sentra, and the ILX is just so underwhelming.

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    Altima front mated to a Versa rear. Yep, probably a Sentra.

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    I’m not liking Nissan’s new design direction. Are they trying to make all of their cars look like Versas?

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    The Sydney Morning Herald calls it a Pulsar.

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    “When I grow up, I will be an Infinity G25”

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    doesn’t it have the 1.8L engine because anything larger gets extra tax placed on it by the Chinese government?

    I know they keep trying to shrink the engines, I guess the feeling is smaller engines get better MPG, but I can’t help but remember Top Gear and the econobox vs. the M3 around the track experiment.

    I do think they should be pushing hybrid technology more than they are, but so far there isn’t much here in the Chinese market for them. I suspect that the Chinese government isn’t pushing hybrids because VW doesn’t really have any. And the Officials don’t want to do without their Audi’s.

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    Boring exterior, pretty nice interior. If Nissan can get the customer inside the car, they might sell a few.

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    Squinting my eyes I can almost see the big-car look Nissan was after in the Versa, but so horribly failed to achieve. Gonna have to see this one in the flesh. Interior is too little-Buick for my taste, but worlds better than the old model.

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    On the one hand the car looks refreshingly restrained and “mature” looking (both in and out) for the class, on the other it already looks somewhat dated. I wouldn’t call it ugly but seems like it’s doomed to repeat the same pattern as the current one ; barely competitive car when it comes out, completely outgunned in a few years.

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    1. It doesn’t have gunslits for windows, which gains it a lot of points.

    2. It is a nice interior.

    3. I could get comfortable behind the wheel of the old Sentra, so it has stayed on my radar screen as a longhaul commuter, even if uncompetitive. Suspect the legroom and driver position won’t change from the old one.

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    Looks very nice, much better than the current Sentra and cars like the Cruze, Elantra, and Lancer. Nissan’s new sedans are quite nice looking.

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