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Technology blogger Christopher Price has found out that two all-new 2014 models from GM are coming, thanks to doing some digging around OnStar’s website.

Price found out that 2014 will bring about a Cadillac ELR, the long rumored Cadillac version of the Chevrolet Volt. Chevrolet will also apparently get a car dubbed the “SS Performance”, supposedly the new sports sedan based on the Holden Commodore. The new RWD Zeta sedan should be a wonderful car, but surely GM could have come up with a better name than “SS Performance”. Wouldn’t “Caprice” suffice?


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37 Comments on “2014 Chevrolet SS Performance – Great Car, Awful Name. Cadillac ELR Also Coming...”

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    Interesting, but…don’t we already know this is wrong? Pretty sure that 2014 Avalanche won’t be calling any helpful operators for directions.

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    I’ll bet “SS Performance” is just an interim, placeholder name. Either GM hasn’t decided on a final name yet or it chooses not to reveal it.

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      Or there will be a divisional package applied to numerous nameplates, and those vehicles with this package will also have the On-Star features included.

      But if they do put such a jack-as* ridiculous redundant moniker on a car, then somebody and his bosses should be fired for devaluing the brand, because it’s like having to remind folks that SS stands for performance and not some contemporay knucklehead presidential protection detail within the treasury department, or the totenkopf clowns of the mid-30’s to 40’s….

      One other thought, perhaps SS Performance is one of those goofy names made for the Nuevo-blingy Chinese market, and would sell well to the guy that thinks buying Helen Keller* sunglasses is cool.


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    Maybe it’s a working code name. Or maybe there will be “SS Performance” variations of some models and the radio/information center structure will be SO different that OnStar felt the need to clarify that the app will work with those also. God, anything would be better than that name.

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    do these marketing geniuses realize that three-letter acronyms with no meaning are not sticking? mkf, mkz, atc, cts, atl — are they kidding? which is the smaller vehicle, which is the SUV, which is the van? this is stupid beyond belief. they gonna keep on changing the acronyms while wasting millions to figure out why their sales are failing. lexus is half-way there with its IS GS ES LS designations.

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      Oh man, you are bang on! Something is wrong if I have to keep consulting Wikipedia to figure out which acronym is for which car. Lincoln, Acura, Cadillac, Lexus, Infiniti and Mercedes are nightmares to keep straight. Not that I’m in a position to *purchase* any of those…

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      Although it is a stupid name for a model, SS does have history to it and actually had a meaning behind it when they introduced it, “Super Sport”.
      As a trim level it is an excellent designation as everyone know’s what it is. I agree with the rest though, Cadillac’s ATS, CTS, STS, DTS, XTS, ELR mess is ridiculous.

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        They should have called the ATS the BTS (it would at least of had some continuity with the BLS it replaces in Europe). It would also have given Cadillac room to downsize if it ever wanted to.

        I don’t know why they just didn’t keep the DTS name for the XTS. I mean, though it serves the same purpose of the STS (retail buyers), I think it will mainly continue the old DTS’s constituency (fleet buyers, retirees, etc). Then, this would make sense. And if/once cadillac creates a true S clas fighter, it can be call an STS.

        BTS, CTS, DTS, STS. That’s not too confusing is it?

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    Will the Caddy be called the Cimmaron Toast Crunch ?

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    Well, if the Chevy version of the Volt is 40k, what will the Caddy cost? $60K?

    I suspect it will be leased mainly by dillusional Hollywood celebrites self-tortured by wealth and consumption guilt complexes.

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    I hope they call it a Chevelle. Some great renderings from a guy at gminsidenews.

    Hopefully there is a coupe and sportback version too. Whats awesome is Chevy getting back to doing powerful RWD sedans.

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    Impala SS, Buick Gran Sport, Pontiac GTO…oops…Oldsmobile Cutlass 442…oops…

    Taken from the last line of Johnny Cash’s song “A Boy Named Sue”:

    “…and if I ever have a son, I’m gonna name him…Bill or George, ANYTHING but (Caprice)!”

    I abhor the name “Caprice”.

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    I couldn’t find a trademark registration for “SS Performance” by GM, but Cadillac ELR was registered last August. Personally, I’d rather see them use ZR rather than SS. They’ve already trademarked it and it doesn’t have the issues SS does.

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    I’ve always thought the Volt should have been a Cadillac to begin with. Normally, you’d expect a flagship brand to be the technological leader. Plus, those tree hugging celebs and limousine liberals are exactly the ones you’d who can make this whole concept profitable. Because they buy a car based on image first (look at early Prius buyers), and image is something that can be hard to put a price on, the fact that it doesn’t save them $$ versus a “comparable model” won’t matter because they aren’t buying the car to save $ and so you can price it however high its image/status will support and hopefully actually make an (unsubsidized) profit. I know that Fisker is struggling money wise, but the Karmas do appear to be selling. I’ve seen a decent number just driving around locally here in Orando, and saw one in the Tampa area a few months ago when I drove out there. That’s a car that if I had unlimited funds, I’d buy just cause its so stinking pretty.

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      Didn’t I just read that GHW Bush bought a Prius For one of his sons as a birthday gift?

      No one in the Bush family ever struck me as a “tree-hugging celeb” or a “limousine liberal,” quite the opposite – destroy the world before it destroys you is more in line with their ilk.

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        He bought him a Volt. I’d still say it was an image conscious purchase. It’s not like any of the Bush family is worried about their fuel bill or whether the Volt makes economic sense. Plus GHWB was not as hard core as GWB. Bush 41 was the one that raised taxes, not lowered them, and went into the ME with full UN support (not saying which Bush was in the right or wrong, just that they handled the situation differently).

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        Interestingly, George W. Bush’s Texas ranch was built with a fairly impressive set of environmental features.

        Don’t quite get it, but there it is.

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    I read that first as Performante, and agreed.

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    Chevelle please.

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    I saw a LHD Holden Caprice badged as a Chevrolet Caprice Impala SS at Holden’s Adelaide plant the other day- could it be this car? It looked like a standard spec Caprice, maybe with hi-po underpinnings?

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    I’m sure it won’t be called SS performance as that is as lame as they come for names. ELR is bad enough. Whats next the LSD?

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