Opel Ampera Gets 7,000 Pre-Orders In Europe

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
opel ampera gets 7 000 pre orders in europe

Opel has taken 7,000 pre-orders for the Ampera (aka the Chevrolet Volt), and looks to be on their way to meeting their 10,000 unit goal for 2012.

Hot on the heels of being named European Car of the Year, Opel is experiencing strong demand for the car. Poor demand for the Chevrolet Volt, the Ampera’s twin, meant that GM shut down production of the car for 5 weeks. In a continent where $10/gallon gas is just arriving and driving distances are generally shorter than in North America, the Ampera is a more attractive proposition, despite its premium sticker price.

Opel is reporting that many Ampera sales are conquests from premium brands like BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz, not surprising given the Ampera’s premium price tag. In England (where it will be sold as a Vauxhall), the Ampera is also exempt from vehicle taxes and the infamous London Congestion Charge that prohibits drivers from entering the downtown core of London during peak times.

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  • PenguinBoy PenguinBoy on Mar 23, 2012

    In addition to the factors already mentioned, I could see demand for the Ampera being higher than the Volt as Europeans are already used to the idea of paying a premium price for small cars.

  • Richarbl Richarbl on Mar 24, 2012

    According to Wikipedia, the Edsel sold 116000 vehicles in its first two years and is considered to be one of the great automotive failures In a year and a half, the Volt, including the 7000 Ampera "presales" has sold approximately 18000 vehicles. Am I the only person to see a problem here?

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    • Mike978 Mike978 on Mar 26, 2012

      @mike978 "Obviously there are hundreds, if not thousands of vehicles that do not exceed 118k sales and are not commercial failures." Thanks for agreeing that your original point about 116K units was irrelevant to the discussion. As for the estimate lets see what two years of Ampera sales do plus the two years of Volt sales (2011-2012). Judging something about half way through and extrapolating to the end is not always the most accurate way to do things!

  • Shaker Shaker on Mar 24, 2012

    Apparently, the Ampera has the same power as the Volt to draw the wingnuts to TTAC. Good show.

  • Richarbl Richarbl on Mar 24, 2012

    Well if I see any wingnuts here I will tell them to move along

    • Mike978 Mike978 on Mar 26, 2012

      You might have a little trouble identifying them - time will tell.