By on March 5, 2012

Global sales of Daimler’s Mercedes-Benz car brand rose a whopping 20.3 percent in February compared to February 2011, Reuters says. A lot of this growth comes from a country already pronounced a basket case by some: China.  

Mercedes sales in China rose 57.5 percent, they rose 31.4 percent in Japan, 21.6 percent in Germany’s and 16.9 percent in the United States. “We on track to meet our goal to achieve a new sales record in the first quarter,” Daimler said in a statement.

The surprising growth in China has two reasons:

  1. There is a disconnect between cheaper, smaller cars and more expensive, bigger cars. The bigger cars have growth, sales of smaller cars contract. This helps joint venture makers and hurts independent Chinese makers.
  2. The Chinese calendars confuses everything: The effect of the Chinese New Year had decimated January sales. February sales will be glorious for all manufacturers, because they compare with a February 2011 that had been decimated by the Chinese New Year. January and February sales should be ignored in China. Only the total of the first quarter has some significance.


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8 Comments on “Mercedes Sales Up 20 Percent In February...”

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    “and 16.9 percent in the United States.” It’s good to see the “too big to fail, millionaire job creators” are doing so well. I’m sure those fat, bail-out funded bonuses will trickle down any day now……any day now.

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      For all the talk of recession in the media, one statistic should be considered: the unemployment rate for US college graduates is 3%. You don’t need to be a milionaire job creator or receive a bail-out funded bonus to spend $500/month on a C or $600/month on an M.

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        Got a call from a friend this morning. 25 years in the same job. Was told, “We’re moving the entire manufacturing division to China. Bye.”

        Yup, American millionaire job creators, creating jobs…….in China.

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        SherbornSean, your positive attitude is nice to see. It will no doubt take you far. Skor, on the other hand may very well live a shortened life from so much bitterness. It was intriguing to read these two posts next to each other. Lemonade from lemons, glass half full or half empty, etc.. Normally these comment boards are filled with enough cynicism to kill a cow.

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        “Got a call from a friend this morning. 25 years in the same job. Was told, “We’re moving the entire manufacturing division to China. Bye.””

        Anecdotes /= data.

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    doctor olds

    Not long ago, the largest volume Rolls Royce dealer in the world was in Beijing. Probably still true.

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    What on earth is that hideous photo doing here? That’s not a true Mercedes but one of those “möchtegern” (don’t know the term in English) Mercedes popular it seems only in California in the 1970s. Excalibur I believe the name was. They tried copying the famous SSK and SSKLs of the ’30s and created terrible-looking monstrosities instead.

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