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Of all the new debuts at the Geneva Auto Show, this would probably be what I’d like to own the most; the Volvo V40 T5. With a 256 horsepower turbocharged 5-cylinder engine making 295 lb-ft , I’d have plenty of performance on tap, and the knowledge that Volvo’s safety features would keep me unharmed when I inevitably did something stupid.

The V40 won’t just be available in performance trim. A pair of 1.6L 4-cylinder engines will also be offered – with 1.6L diesel, which makes 115 horsepower and over 200 lb-ft of torque, emits less than 100 grams of CO2 per kilometer, an important number in countries where vehicles face an emissions tax. A more powerful diesel will also be available. A start-stop system, regenerative braking andVolvo’s CitySafe collision avoidance system will be standard throughout the range. Other features, like a self-parking system, will be available on certain models. Volvo apparently won’t be selling the V40 in the U.S., despite Mercedes and Audi offering competitive vehicles in the near future – maybe they’ll have a change of heart?

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14 Comments on “Geneva 2012: Volvo V40 Debuts Gets Multiple Gas, Diesel Engines...”

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    30-mile fetch

    That’s a beautiful car and I think I want it. With the recent increased popularity of hatchbacks in the US, I would have thought Volvo would try it out here. But I’m no market analyst.

    Maybe there is no market for expensive hatchbacks. I’ve seen very few A3s.

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      There is. They are called CUVs. Proceed to Isle 6 for your XC60.

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        30-mile fetch

        Yep, muddying the line between hatchback/wagon and SUV. I guess if you want a station wagon in America, you buy a CUV and just view the smidgen of extra ground clearance and AWD as bonuses, albeit expensive ones.

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        Extra ground clearance and AWD bonuses? I guess I don’t see added cost, weight, worse handling, braking, and fuel economy as “bonuses.”

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        The V50 is approximately 28% cheaper than the XC60 (in the UK – could not make a similar comparison on the US site). The V40 will probably be even less. Add the cost to operate, and you’re looking at two entirely different market positions and buyer profiles.

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    Mirko Reinhardt

    I’m confused… is there any press release saying the T5 is a 5-cylinder? Because in the European market S60/V60/V70/XC70/S80 (…ALL recently upgraded Volvos), the T5 is a 2.0 4-cylinder… why would it be different here?

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      You may be right. Us North Americans assumed that the T5 moniker indicated a 5-cylinder engine, as it does here. But in Volvo’s press releases, it only states a “T5” engine, no mention of cylinder count. I’ve asked Volvo’s UK arm for clarification.

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        Mirko Reinhardt

        There’s no way this is a 5 – this would be a reversal of their strategy to replace the 5-cylinder with Ford 2.0 Ecoboost engines in all recently upgraded cars. (Except the American-market S60 T5)
        The real question is: Is this another Ecoboost… or is it a homegrown Volvo engine? Because the “T5” Ecoboost is rated at 240PS in all other applications.

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    Mirko, Volvo UK just confirmed that the V40 T5 WILL have a 2.5L 5-cylinder engine.

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      Mirko Reinhardt

      That’s surprising. Interesting, thanks!
      It’s even on their website:

      Automatic only…?!

      I lose this game of “I am right” – the questions remains, why? If they were trying to be less dependent on Ford, why are there still Ford 1.6L engines?

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        Hildy Johnson

        If I’m not mistaken, the V40 was initiated by the new Volvo boss, Jacoby. It seems they didn’t want to take the time to develop everything from the ground up, but simply get a Golf competitor out of the door as fast as possible.

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    Dear Volvo, please send this car to the U.S. Signed, another forlorn wagon lover.

    I know, in my dreams….

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    That 1.6 diesel… 115 HP and hilarious torque?

    …So, we meet again, B230.

    Bet it’ll use half as much fuel, though.

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    Isn’t it just restyling based on older Ford Focus platform? Isn’t already outdated and not competitive if Ford offer newer car?

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