Geneva 2012: Ford Fiesta ST

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
geneva 2012 ford fiesta st

Can we just get this in a five-door? Even though Fiesta sales aren’t as great as Ford would hope, I quite like this ST version.

With a 1.6L Ecoboost 4-cylinder making 180 horsepower and 177 lb-ft, the Fiesta ST also has chassis improvements, Torque Vectoring Control, programmable stability control and Recaro bucket seats. I’m not too optimistic about this car’s chances in North America, but wouldn’t it be nice nonetheless…

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  • Jollyjerry Jollyjerry on Mar 08, 2012

    The normal Fiesta doesn't excite me, but the tweaks on this hot hatch version are really working for me. If it does make it across the Atlantic, I think this could become a modern day CRX for me.

  • Les Les on Mar 08, 2012

    I like the cut of this car's jib, it's two-door styling reminds me of the Ford Focus RS that Clakrson ran around the TG test track back on '09. I was very much getting interested in dumping my 12-year-old 4-door S-10 Blazer by then, wanting something a bit shorter.. like the Focus RS.. with two doors.. like the Focus RS... with a bit better mileage... like the Focus RS... and a bit 'peppier'... like the Focus RS.. and I just flat liked the styling of the Focus RS, and the version on that episode was left-hand drive so how was I to know what awaited me when I went down to the nearest dealership and said, "Show me your Focuses." What they showed me was this sad.. sad.. SAD little sedan, so sad I could feel everything that was hopeful and happy and alive within me being drawn out and absorbed into this black pit of automotive despair.

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  • Lou_BC For some odd reason my new truck is more of a pain when it comes to incoming texts. I need data activated on phone and have it plugged into truck with Android Auto on. It doesn't work well with poor internet wireless access.The old Ford Sync system of 2010 vintage would play the text via a robotic voice and not allow a reply unless stopped. It was much more seamless and easier to work.
  • 28-Cars-Later Isn't that the Cayenne?
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