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The BMW X1’s launch in the United States was “postponed indefinitely” due to high demand in Europe, but now, BMW has inadvertently confirmed a launch date for the United States.

BMW’s New York Auto Show press release states that the car “…will be available in U.S. showrooms in summer 2012.” No specs have been announced, but in Canada, the X1 is available with the 240 horsepower turbo 4-cylinder and 8-speed automatic like the F30 BMW 328i. And yes, a review is in the works, for all you Americans wondering about BMW’s baby crossover.

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19 Comments on “BMW X1 Finally Coming To United States In “Summer 2012”...”

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    I’ve seen a few of these running around in my town, and they are hideously awkward little things. They look like the knock-off the Chinese would end up with when ripping off a BMW.

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    slow kills

    Can anyone explain the appeal of luxury-branded baby trucklets? Is it only vapid women (and know-nothing neuters) buying these things?

    Crossing a 1 series with an X3 seems like failure squared.

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    If you live in or have been through any major Canadian city, you’ve probably seen these. I know I have, and my first thought was “well, the 3-Series Touring was nice while we had it…”

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      Rental Man

      I have seen these for the last few months in the BMW parking lot in Woodcliff Lakes NJ. The vehicle is short yet somehow looks better then what happened to the stubby Infiniti EX35.
      There’s little chance the 3 wagon survives in the US with this around.

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    Dear BMW USA, When gas hits $5/gal, your own idiot customers will come for you with torches and pitchforks.

    Another answer to a question nobody asked. Somehow, BMWUSA will sell 25k of these a year justifying someone’s corner cubicle in Woodcliff Lake.

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    The first thing that I think of when I hear the words “ultimate driving machine” is an ungainly grocery getter CUV for upper middle class women who wouldn’t be seen dead in a wagon or minivan.

    Maybe they should dump the alphanumeric name and call it “the Bridgitte” or the “Kay-leigh.”

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    Like a phoenix from the ashes, the Pontiac Aztek shall rise and conquer once more!

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    AHHHH!!!! Kill it!!! Kill it with fire!!!

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    sounds like the honda civic slash cayenne/panamera syndrome

    all the alleged ‘enthusiasts’ hate it but it sells so well for BMW they run double shifts…

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    I’ve seen a few of these. They really aren’t that ugly: they look for all the world like a 3-Series wagon with exaggerated details, a little more wheel-well gap and some cladding. People who claim they’re hideous are overreacting.

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      I also don’t think it is really that ugly but not as attractive as a 3-series wagon which is just okay looking. It’s just sort of anonymous looking. Without the grill and badges you would be hard pressed to tell this apart from all the other compact utes on the roads. I just object to the idea foisted on us that these vehicles are somehow superior to traditional wagons and hatches in any way other than image.

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      Rental Man

      The ones In BMW NJ had a sport PKG and looked better then the X3 and some other BMW’s. Looks in person especially seeing loaded versions are fine.

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    psarhjinian, I agree. I haven seen it in person, and it looks way better than an X3. (X3 looks too tall for the small footprint.)

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    I saw these all over Europe, with small diesels. Looked like a good solution to the “we’d like a truck for space but without that lovely 17 mpg”. I don’t like the X3, based upon two or three loaners, and in Europe, no one drives them-or any “large” SUV. We saw maybe two X5 in two weeks in Germany, and one, yes one, Q7.

    I’m sure we won’t get that sweet 2.0 diesel, which would make this a 40 mpg truck. It is really nice in person, a good size, and nice design.

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    Rental Man

    How many of these moved in Canada this year? How many 3 wagons?

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    The resident trucklet racer needs to take one to a track an compare it to his reigning champ, the CX-5.

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