By on February 7, 2012

Nah, not those dogs. We are not referring to the cute canines that populated many commercials aired during the Super Bowl last Sunday. We are referring to the dogs that didn’t hunt, we are talking bad ads, bad, bad, bad, baaaaad ones. The worst. Ads imported from Yucksville. Those we make you watch again today.

Yesterday, we showed you the best commercials, as voted by the people. The data come from Edmunds. How did they measure it? Advertisers expect from their commercials what women expect from a bra: A lift. A lift in interest for the wares being hawked. That lifted interest resonates in the respected pages being hit at, because people rush to their computer to research the car they just saw on TV. Or so the theory goes.

Yesterday, we showed you the ads that lifted like a multistage rocket. This time, we show you the duds. These ads don’t lift. They suck.

Third worst: The Toyota Camry commercial (above.) I’m sure the creative were pretty proud of that one until the research came in. But I tend to agree: I don’t like it when guys get reinvented as girls. And I like them real, not 3D rendered.

Second worst: The Honda CR-V commercial. What a waste of money.

Worst of the worst: The Chevrolet Silverado 1500 commercial. Looks like people are not moved by frogs falling from the air. Or whatever.

Marketing Directors responsible for the aforementioned ads: Don’t fire your agency just yet. Hold off on putting the account on review. Look, it could have been worse. Says Edmunds in a letter to TTAC:

At least this year no one’s consideration was flat after their ads ran. Last year, BMW saw no lift from its “Defying Logic” ad for the X3 in the second quarter, and Lexus aired a number of pre-game ads and saw no lift in consideration for its models or the make.

In case you want to know how the unmentioned middling commercials fared, here the complete Edmunds tally as a bonus:

Make Model Segment Lift
Fiat 500 Subcompact Car 203%
Audi S7 Premium Luxury Car 195%
Chevrolet Sonic Subcompact Car 188%
Lexus GS 350 Midrange Luxury Car 144%
Hyundai Veloster Compact Car 137%
Hyundai Genesis coupe Entry Sport Car 88%
Volkswagen Beetle Subcompact Car 80%
Kia Optima Midsize Car 62%
Chevrolet Camaro Entry Sport Car 45%
Cadillac ATS Entry Luxury Car 37%
Lexus ES 350 Entry Luxury Car 31%
Toyota Camry Midsize Car 8%
Honda CR-V Compact Crossover SUV 5%
Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Large Truck 2%

You may notice that today’s percentages are slightly different than yesterday’s, and that the ranking is different as well. We saw that too. This is market research, not the table of primes, for crying out loud. People change their minds. Or something to that effect.

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27 Comments on “The Dogs Of The Super Bowl...”

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    Camry Ad – Rally stupid, forgot what they were selling.

    Honda Ad – Great memories from the movie, no connection to a CRV really and doesn’t inspire buying one.

    Chevy Ad – Instead of thinking about buying an expensive vehicle it brings concern for your family’s well being.

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    Interesting, ads that were widely panned by the critics (and online posters) like the Audi vampire ad and the Sonic stunt ads both seemed to have done very well on this measure of consideration. Surprising.

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      Was the Audi ad panned? I didn’t see any critics writing about it either way, but I actually liked the ad myself. Though if it had been up to me, I would have saved the tow-guy Quattro ad for the Superbowl.

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    Seriously… am I the only person who wants a blender that plays Lionel’s “All night long” while my healthy fruit smoothie is being made?

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    What about the Eastwood “Halftime in America” ad? The whole Imported from Detroit nonsense makes me want to puke, and that ad sure isn’t making me want to step foot in a Dodge showroom anytime soon, but people are talking about it.

    Politics aside I did notice that the bailed out automakers had a lot of superbowl commericals, yet Ford did not. Hmmmm….

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      I am waiting for Edmunds to wake up, they are in CA

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      Probably because Ford carpet bombed the weekly NFL games with their stupid ads and spent all of their budget.

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      I loved last year’s “Imported from Detroit” ad. Now, it did not want me to buy a Chrysler, but as a piece of filmmaking I thought it was beautifully done and inspiring.

      The Eastwood ad was also a beautifully made short film, with budget to match, but it seemed like a real downer. We pick up the pieces and move on. That’s all true but it still sounded much more glum in tone than last year’s.

      I was curious about my reaction, so I went back and watched the original again. Realistic, but somehow inspiring. It started with negative images and then brightened up. This year’s was glum, sad and just faded away.

      One more thing: I am a conservative, libertarian Republican, but I found absolutely nothing offensive about this year’s ad. No, I didn’t think it was a political ad for the Obama administration. It actually made me feel in my bones how depressed and downbeat our culture is right now, so it was probably a minus for Obama net-net.

      I think the best ad was VW’s aging dog version – funny with a great twist at the end. But I’m not sure what it had to do with the car.


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        @David Dennis: FWIW, I thought last year’s Chrysler 200 ad was much better, too. I was in a roomful of 30-somethings when last year’s ad ran (most of these “kids” are fairly wealthy) and the ad absolutely clicked with them.

        We were home this year for the game, and so I saw the ads without other people’s reactions. But for me, it seemed like a trailer for Gran Torino II. It seemed like the feeling I used to get when in the third quarter of a football game and you’re down by a TD, but your offense is going nowhere…

        Not desperate, but not confident, either. Just trying to power through…

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    Educator(of teachers)Dan

    Honda CRV ad was the worst. After it was done my lady said, “Really? I can see the appeal of buming around in a Ferrari but a freaking CRV?”

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    After decades of seeing advertisements for trucks being beaten, sawed, drowned, overloaded, forced to pull tons of crap, driven by burly male models wearing burly male model clothes, speaking with country chic accents in deep burly voices, carrying horses, big dogs, bricks, concrete, landscaping dirt, houses and other damn trucks – we now get the apocolypse, thanks to special effects computers.

    Even as a joke, the Chevy ad sucks.

    It doesn’t look funny. It sits in that Valley of the Unreal where we are supposed to get a chuckle out of seeing a flaming Big Boy, a UFO, total desecration of civilization, yet also a paper poster about the Apocolypse as if there was a need for a group of guys with posters and glue to warn the world of it’s ending.

    It was a gray comic book world meeting stereotypical truck commercials. It was so damn stupid.

    The Toyota commercial was better because it used a 50 year old man to sell a vehicle designed for seniors who still think Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles are the apex of today’s music. Matthew Broderick still has it, it is still adorable, but only if you are old. Like Toyota buyers themselves. Matthew should have told Toyota no when they told him what car Buhler was supposed to drive. There is no way Ferris would have been caught dead in that dull thing back then, or even today.

    Ferris is not driving a Toyota or a Honda. Ferris was carefree, so wouldn’t want a carefree car. He lives on the edge of responsibility. That brand is the symbol of responsibility.

    There was a Camry commercial too? Oh yeah – the Camry is now as good as a pizza curtain, a fembot couch, acid rain, and a mini golf in a DMV office. Wow. Gotta get me some of that, right? Nothing like claiming your new car is as good as those delightful products. Toyota must think Camry buyers are completely insane.

    PS – Caught myself. Ferris was in a Honda, not a Toyota. Great commercial.

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    What about that Acura NSX ad? For the car that doesn’t exist yet?

    • 0 avatar

      Soup for you! I thought the NSX was good even if the car doesn’t exist yet.

      -The Beetle ad was okay, but nothing exciting.
      -Haven’t watched the Chevy Silverado ad because the Sonic ad was so stupid.
      -The Camry ads were stupid as well.
      -The Abarth ad was pretty good even though I’d never buy one.
      -I have no interest in the Clint Eastwood ad so I haven’t watched it
      -Liked the Audi ad since it was making fun of Twilight in a way. Plus they were advertising headlights. Which other car company does that? (And I wonder if Daniel Stern was consulted on it).
      -I liked the Suzuki ad. After seeing it, it made me wonder how Suzuki can afford to air a SB ad since they only sold so few vehicles in 2011.
      -The Kia Optima ad was pretty stupid. Didn’t make me want an Optima.

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    Alex the guy with the Accord Coupe

    Why didn’t Ferris advertise the new NSX? Pretty choice, IMHO.

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    For me, the CR-V, Camry, and Silverado ads were ok. But these products are already well known. I don’t think you are going to see much of a spike in advertising these commercials.

    Of those commercials, I thought the Silverado ad was funny. I thought the Camry ad was funny, but they didn’t show enough of the Camry. I really liked the new DMV, but, how did they improve the car? That would have been good to see.

    The CR-V commercial… well that one sucked bad. Maybe I didn’t watch the movie enough back in the day, but I just didn’t find it funny. They tried to bring back points from the movie in it, but they just didn’t seem to be funny this time around. Much like the Camry ad, they didn’t show what was good about the vehicle. But, unlike the Camry ad, you saw the vehicle several times. The commercial was a failure.

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    Secret Hi5

    It’s odd that GM chose to spend so much ad money on the venerable Silverado. What’s new for buyers to have an interest in researching it? Same for the Volt–I think it’s got more than enough exposure!

    GM should have advertised the new Malibu or Verano.

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    It is telling that GM spent the money on a large truck ad rather than a Cruze or Volt pitch,

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    I liked the ATS ad because they actually named the 3 series as a competitor. They never would have done that before because they knew that it wouldn’t be taken seriously. I’m surprised that it didn’t rank as well as the GS ad, which I thought was meaningless and unoriginal.

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    The only ad that caught any attention here was the Fiat Abarth ad.
    My wife wants one now….
    As for GM and the Silverado ad…. I thought it was embarrassing for
    Chevy. As was pointed out above, why advertise the Silverado. They sell themselves. Chevy has lots of new product that could have used the air time. Slightly remade, that end of the world ad could have been a great sell for the Volt… by pointing out that it doesn’t need the unavailable in the ad gasoline.
    As for Clint Eastwood’s ad, I found it odd, and a bit sad,but certainly apolitical. However there was one thing I still can’t shake – Shouldn’t it have been a Ford commercial, with Clint in a Gran Torino?

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    Athos Nobile

    Toyota has a WAY better ad for the Camry down here.

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    John Horner

    That Camry ad gets my vote for the most lame. It wasn’t thought provoking, exciting, interesting or anything. It was just dumb.

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    Didn’t see the Silverado ad until the mention/link here.

    Out of boredom slept through much of the superbrawl.

    Basically never watch ANY sport at any level.

    But, if a non-stop showing of cheerleaders was offered……..

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