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Today’s a big day for beleaguered automaker Fisker. The company announced that former Chrysler CEO Tom Lasorda would be joining the company as its new CEO, after joining Fisker’s board in December.

Company founder Henrik Fisker’s role remains unclear following the announcement, but Lasorda helped run Chrysler during the tumultuous time when it was owned by Cerberus Capital Management, a private equity firm. Chrysler eventually declared bankruptcy under the firm’s ownership in 2009.

Fisker is now facing the prospect of having $336 million in loans from the Department of Energy frozen, and is now courting private equity firms to help raise capital. Fisker is set to debut their next model, the Surf station wagon, at the 2012 Paris Auto Show in September.

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13 Comments on “Fisker Names Ex-Chrysler Boss Tom Lasorda As New CEO...”

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    They hired someone with experience shepherding a car company through a bankruptcy, that says a lot. Will Tom’s job be to replace the missing loan or restart the flow again?
    Is there a limited pool of CEO types for car companies out there? Alan worked out so well for Ford, maybe they should start looking outside the car industry for executives.

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      LaSorda has a pretty good background in auto manufacturing and coordinating with suppliers, something a start up car company needs. You really can’t hang the Chrysler bankruptcy on him, since he was pushed aside as CEO by Minimum Bob Nardelli when Cerberus took over, and was relegated to seeking out potential investors for Cerberus’ planned flip.

      He has a lot of contacts in the car industry, auto finance and among venture capitalists, as well as manufacturing expertise, so he looks like just the kind of guy Fisker needs right now. The only question is whether he’s too late coming on board as CEO.

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        That’s a fair assessment. But having the Cerebus period of Chrysler on the resume is not necessarily a plus.
        Fisker gets credit for looking for capital in the marketplace, if they are successful we are going to wonder aloud why tax dollars had to be committed in the first place.

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    Kwame Kilpatrick is still looking for a job. He’s an expert in draining funds from a dwindling enterprise.

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    I’m not sure how a member of the old guard (who helped fly the GM and CY planes into the side of the mountain) is going to provide the fresh ideas and progressive thinking to save this one… I anticiapte this is a move to turn the Fisker free fall into a jet powered dive into oblivion.

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    Congratulations on hiring Tommy “The Brick” Lasorda. I think that sums up his tenure at Chrysler… just another anchor in the ship.

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    I thought I was a bit hard on Tom, Jeez

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    I was a still a kid around 1980?. Tom was an older kid,and my superviser/foreman at the time.

    His dad was the Windsor UAW president. Not the Detroit Tigers coach.

    Tom was respected by both hourly, and salary, people. Tom left for bigger and better things at Chrysler.

    IMHO…. GM’s loss.

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    They’re bringing in “a name” to show that someone who knows the industry still has confidence in them. “A Player” wouldn’t sign on to a losing team, would he? Therefore things must be OK, right?

    Same theory as paying executives huge bonuses to stay onboard when a major company is about to fall into bankruptcy. It’s all about the appearance, and if there’s any actual business benefit, that’s just gravy.

    I suspect Tommy is a little bored in retirement and is in this just for the fun of the game – imagine! A small company where you could make decisions in days instead of months, AND the things you decide would actually happen. I could be tempted out of a secure retirement to sign onto a losing cause just for the pleasure of the game. Good luck to him!

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    Joe Biden will likely be unemployed early in 2013. I think he’d be the perfect guy to run the new Fisker plant in Delaware. Probably within battery range of Joe’s home too.

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    Now what they really need is to hire good ole TOMMY Lasorda. He’d run right over to the DoE chief Steven Chu and give him a piece of his mind “What do ya mean you’re suspending the loan? You loaned money to *&#$% Chrysler, you loaned money to *&#$% Tesla, you loaned money to *& GM, and you wanna cut us off? are you *$%& blind? No product? What do you call this 5000 *&$% pound car staring you in the face? How the hell did somebody so *&$% stupid get a Nobel Prize anyways?….

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    That other LaSorda would probably order them to paint all the cars “Dodger Blue” (or “Old Blue Eyes Sinatra”)…which come to think of it, isn’t that bad of an idea.

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