Renault Not Coming Back To America Says CEO Ghosn

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
renault not coming back to america says ceo ghosn

Doing it “ The French Way” apparently referred to oral sex in the 19th century – and this has nothing to do with today’s announcement from Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn that Renault would not be returning to America. Instead, Renault will focus on cracking another world market.

While Ghosn said that Renault won’t be back for “the forseeable future”, the brand would try its hand at cracking the Chinese market. Renault recently contracted their operations in the UK, slashing 5 models and a third of its dealer network. Ironically, the UK is a big market for the Renaultsport line of hot hatches, and as much as the Megane RS (above) excites us, we’d have to take the rest of the lineup, like the Wind or the Modus along with it.

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  • Rpol35 Rpol35 on Jan 13, 2012


  • Herb Herb on Jan 13, 2012

    @Edward: "The C6 really jumped out at me when I was last in Europe". Sure, an elegant car. Would I be a collector I'd buy one. It's Citroen's last effort in the luxury class. But even in playful Europe Citroen has difficulties to sell this car, although it certainly has style. But people who'd like to demonstrate their different lifestyle by driving a different car (and can afford it) are a rare species now, soon to be become extinct.

  • Msquare Msquare on Jan 13, 2012

    I've seen the odd late-model Peugeot in New Jersey as well. They keep an office in Little Falls, I believe to sell engines for industrial applications. Not easy to find info on them. It's also the contact address Peugeot gives to locate service facilities in the US. Of course, Mack Trucks was acquired by Renault's truck division, which was then bought up by Volvo with Renault maintaining a stake. Renault sold off their share in Volvo over a year ago, so Renault Trucks is owned by Volvo.

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    • Appleiici Appleiici on Apr 04, 2014

      Yeah seen Peugeot here in NJ, I contacted them and yeah its there North American headquarters. Wonder if besides selling industrial engines they also had planned for the future on returning back to the NA market. But I guess we will never know ;)

  • on Jan 14, 2012

    I've seen a number of Renaults in San Diego with Baja California plates. They're quite head turning compared to the usual drone of cars there. Ditto the Alfa-Romeos I've seen there.