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“You know,” Mark Templin of Lexus told the press, “the first time I saw this car, I was speechless.” I know I have that quote correct, because it was in the copy of the speech handed out after the press event.

Speeches about speechlessness aside, however, this is the new styling direction of Lexus. That much is obvious from the pinched grille. What else can we learn about it?

Not much, really. It’s a hybrid, or at least it is supposed to be. The central external concept — that of a “glass to glass” roof pillar — is almost certainly impossible given current construction methods. The central internal concept — is the “tech-board”, which was described as “like having a tilt-up iPad build into the console.” Not the most compelling idea, honestly.

The rest of the LF-LC story is all about the styling, so we will leave that up to you, the reader, to decide.

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24 Comments on “NAIAS: Lexus LF-LC...”

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    Speechless sounds better than WTF?

    I must say it has the perfect look for a Chinese auto show.

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    Lord knows I’ll never know how to embed images, but if you google “Lexus Minority Report”, we’re getting there, folks.

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    “You know,” Mark Templin of Lexus told the press, “the first time I saw this car, I was speechless.”

    Well – let me help…

    Speechless? That is a compliment?
    He couldn’t tell the press what he thought? “That car is so darn delicious, I just want to lick it up with butter!” “Sexy!” “WTF is that?”

    “I was speechless, so I sure hope you know what that means! This car is a double dog dare ya dream car of tomorrow!”

    Not – “Wow, that sure looks unlikely to find a market.” Or, “How the hell am I supposed to sell that?” Or, “Is it supposed to look good, or am I seeing something a tad ugly?” Or, “Holy moley! How much did this thing cost us?”

    What can we learn from this car?

    It shows us that some car companies still think they are supposed to create an art piece in order to show their future viability to the Market.

    Back in the Old Days of Detroit, this kind of car would be shown floating on clouds, driven by Ann Sothern with a scarf tied over her wig, the tail end blowing and streaming over her shoulder and wrapping itself dangerously around a gun sighted tail fin.

    Eye candy for an auto show.

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    All the new cars have that stupid cross bar in the grill that is not painted body color and should be painted or removed entirely because it looks terrible as is.

    This car actually needs one.

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    “the first time I saw this car, I was speechless.”
    Really? I’m visualizing something more along the lines of “I’M RUINED!!!!!!11!!!1”

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    Oops, I just saw the back view of this creation.

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    Have to say, even though it looks a little weird, I think I like it!

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    So they’re letting high schoolers in (whatever the modern version is of ) drafting class design their new cars. Wonderful.

    This new look is horrendous. Japanese ricers on coke.

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    I like the lines – I don’t like the look – and no way will a production version have those oversized rims and tires. First small pothole you hit with the rubber on that car and your tires would be cut from rubbing on the fender wells.

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    Robert Schwartz


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    Rod Panhard

    That reminds me. I’ve got to return that Norelco shaver I got for Christmas.

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    So many people on this site have been crying for a car company to make something that doesn’t look like all the others. Well, you’ve got it.

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    In light of the recently introduced GS, this is actually a big improvement. The “spindle” grille is even interesting this time out. Great profile, and proportions, and finally the squinty eye thing is done right (with a nod to Renee Zelwigger). If it’s the new SC then it needs some stand out factor – maybe to prove lightweight construction, true performance hybrid tech, a return to the ultimate in off-the-rack quality.
    Full disclosure – Old-school GS driver and little bit fanboy.

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    Were headlights designed by KISS?

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    Maybe it’s better in person …

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    Slap a 400K price on it and people will buy it without even knowing what the hell it is or does.

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    Felis Concolor

    Those dual sweeps from the tail light housing remind me of the top line Cadillac Seville’s stainless steel trim of 53 years ago.


    “Suddenly, it’s 1959!”

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    It’s starting to grow on me. At least it is unique…not a copy cat cookie cutter design.

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