Dacia Lodgy Emerges, UK Sales Questionable

dacia lodgy emerges uk sales questionable

Dacia showed off their Lodgy MPV today, giving more fodder for Dacia fans who became aware of the brand via their slavish devotion to Top Gear. The Lodgy is a small minivan available in 5 or 7 seat configuration and sold under a Romanian auto brand certain to go on sale in the rest of Europe, but maybe not in the UK.

Buried within the Dacia press release is a vague statement about UK sales. According to Dacia a”…decision on commercialisation of Lodgy in right-hand drive for the UK market is still to be finalised.” Dacia, as you’ll remember, is owned by Renault, which just heavily consolidated (or purged, in the parlance of Ceaucescu-era Romania) their UK lineup amid drastically falling sales.

While the famed Renaultsport hot hatches were untouched, practically everything else was given the ax in the UK, along with a 33 percent of their dealers. Renault is hoping to move upmarket, leaving Dacia to sell the cheap stuff (while their big Laguna range will be replaced with crossovers) the Scenic MPV, which also offers 5 and 7 passenger seating. Renault is likely evaluating whether there’s a business case to be made for the Lodgy, or if the car will cannibalize sales of the Scenic. One thing is certain; we won’t be the first to make “Dodgy Lodgy” jokes or puns.

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  • The Doctor The Doctor on Jan 05, 2012

    For some reason I keep reading the name as "Dodgy Lancia"...

  • Niky Niky on Jan 06, 2012

    Dodgy certainly sounds like a very British nameplate. Goes with Burberry and caps put on sideways...

  • Lutecia Lutecia on Jan 06, 2012

    Hopefully they'll change the name. Can't stop thinking of Citroen Jumpy and Jumper vans now :)

  • Obruni Obruni on Jan 06, 2012

    if Renault wants to move upmarket, why did they kill their most expensive models?