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Once a month, TrueCar publishes what they think are the best deals of the month. They also give you the best day to get those deals: TrueCar “is forecasting that Saturday, January 28 will be the best day of the month to purchase a vehicle with an average discount of 8.19 percent.”

Wouldn’t it be just awful if the best day would be, say, Friday the 20th, and now they tell us? Anyway, here is the list of the best cash, finance and lease deals.

If you like that service, please tell us. If you don’t please tell us as well – saves me the reformatting of the tables.

Cash Deals
Model MSRP Est. Net Discount
2012 Ram 1500 $22,815 $18,959 16.90%
2012 Jeep Liberty $24,155 $20,678 14.40%
2012 Nissan Frontier $22,870 $20,009 14.10%
2012 Ford Escape $22,265 $19,145 14.00%
2012 Kia Sedona $25,700 $22,727 11.60%
Finance Deals
2012 Chevrolet Malibu 0% financing for up to 60 months (Expires: 2/29/2012)
2012 Ford Fusion 0% financing for up to 60 months $500 cash back (Exp: 1/31/2012)
2012 Honda Accord 1.9% financing for up to 60 months (Expires: 2/29/2012)
2012 Nissan Maxima 0% financing for 60 months (Expires: 1/31/2012)
2012 Subaru Forrester 1.9% financing (Expires: 1/31/2012)
Lease Deals
2012 Acura RDX $369 /month 36 months  $2499 down 10000 miles p.a. (Exp: 2/29/12)
2011 BMW 328i $349 /month 33 months  $2500 down 10000 miles p.a. (Exp: 01/31/12)
2012 Ford Fiesta $159 /month 24 months  $2533 down 10500 miles p.a. (Exp 1/31/12)
2012 Kia Optima $189 /month 39 months  $2499 down 12000 miles p.a. (Exp: 2/29/12)
2012 Volkswagen CC $289 /month 36 months  $2999 down 10000 miles p.a. (Exp: 1/31/12)
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9 Comments on “Come On Down: Deals Of The Month...”

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    I’m very surprised at the deep discounts on the Optima and Escape, which are both great sellers, with the Optima being production-rate-limited.

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      New Escape is coming out this spring so they are probably trying to push the old model.

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      Part of the reason the Escape has sold so well even though it’s an old, old, car at this point is that Ford has been pretty heavily discounting them.

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        I agree with gslippy about the Optima. For just $30 a month more you drive away in a Optima rather than a Fiesta. Most people would choose that just because of the amount of car you get for the money as well as more miles per year. I am not making a judgement on which is the better car – they are quite different.

        Bertel – I found this interesting but if others don’t and it takes up too much time then stop. It isn’t a key part of TTAC.

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    I’ve gotten my best deals on Saint Patrick’s day or the day after. Everybody’s home drunk or hung over and the salesmen are desperate.

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    Japanese Buick

    I don’t know what their standard is with lease deals, but no lease deal that includes fewer than 12k miles per year can be honestly classified as “good”

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    I have never understood why anyone would put money down on a lease.

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    gator marco

    My daughter showed me up just this weekend. I was expecting to have to haggle, haggle, haggle to get a good price.
    She just showed the salesman the True Car sheet, and he just went onto his computer and changed the price to what True Car said. Saved us a whole lot of time, and made the buying experience much simpler.
    Do I think I could have negotiated the price to where she bought the car? Maybe, maybe not. But I thought she got a pretty good deal on the car, and we sure were a lot less stressed.

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