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What does it take for a tuned Porsche Cayenne to be featured at TTAC? It must be nothing less than the most interesting tuned Cayenne in the world. And your eyes don’t deceive you… that’s exactly what you’re looking at. The Eterniti Hemera may or may not have advantages relative to the competition from Mansory, Ruf, Gemballa et al, but its story beats all of them (with the possible exception of Gemballa, er, hollow. Eterniti burst onto the scene when a Twitter squatter managed to spread all kinds of speculation about the company, including that it would use licensed RedBull F1 technology, adding to rampant speculation that the company was somehow associated with Nissan’s Infiniti brand. Of course Bertel Schmitt tracked down the truth, and even though Porsche no longer associates itself with its former dealer and Eterniti founder Kenny Chen, Bertel could have told you nearly a month ago that the Hemera would be a tuned Cayenne. So, though this glorified bodykit of a car may seem like something of a letdown, its strange social-media-parable storyline makes it… the most interesting tuned Cayenne in the world.


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22 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: The Most Interesting Tuned Cayenne In World Edition...”

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    Not half bad looking, though the cooling slots, not so sure although I can see their practicality of cooling the brakes but still…

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    Forget that “Hemera” nonsense and call it a “Hemingway”. I’ll take one please.

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    didn’t know Porsche made an Aztek…

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    Looks more like an elongated nose Previa, and less interesting than a Previa.

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    In the early 2000’s when Las Vegas was seeing explosive growth, it seemed every other week, there was a big press conference announcing some huge multi-billion dollar resort. The press announcement would be preceded by lots of hype and often involved some celebrity. There was the Titanic resort, the Moon resort, the San Francisco resort and too many others to count.

    As it turned out the vast majority of these “companies” had nothing except hype to back them up. Maybe the hype and press conference were in hopes of gaining the financing, who knows. Bottom line is that it cost almost nothing to get the hype machine rolling and have a press conference.

    With the social media explosion, you do not have to have a press conference it seems. This lowers the barrier to entry to the hype machine.

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    I wonder why the manufacturer so afraid of showing the front end, did it feature Edsel grille or something?

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    I don’t usually drive a modified Porsche minivan, but when I do, I drive Eterniti.

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    Extremely low-pros for a vehicle of such…uh, girth. makes me wonder about its driveability.

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    Although I respect them, I’ve never been a fan of Porsche – now even less so! For a storied brand like Porsche, building a hot rod SUV appears sacrilege, market realities or not. I compare this somehow to Chevy offering a four-door Corvette. No sale. Un-cha-ching!

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    Not a lot of sidewall protecting those expensive looking rims when going off-road. Off-road being the gravel parking lot at the local kids’ soccer field…..

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    Build it in Charcoal Black with deep tinted windows, and every Gangsta Rappa in the continent will buy one.

    Pow… Pow…

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    As an INFINITI owner, I feel comfortable saying that if you’re ‘bursting onto the scene,’ why don’t you ape a luxury brand people give a damn about? How about OUDI? DMW?

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    As others have noted, I think this is more of a ‘look what I’m driving’ SUV than a vehicle that will ever see a dirt road. I do wonder though, are the people that drive this rich jerks or rich soccer moms? Hmmm…

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    wow i never seen the design
    the car concept is extraordinary

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    To add to the comment by “newcarscostalot”: a 620 hp, SUV with negligible ground clearance really is the perfect boulevard machine for either a rich brat spending their “daddy’s money” or a nouveau riche, bad boy celebrity.

    Park it in front of the hippest night club and bask in the attention. It’s a true fashion statement.

    The bottom line to this story is “Eterniti” won’t be selling very many of these Frankencayenne-mobiles.

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    Looks like an obese, super-sized hot hatch.

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    From one VAG to another… Seat Leon with an OEM kit the name of which I cannot remember.

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    There is a real lack of imagination from this tuner, as they steal their name from Infiniti, and the name of their “creation” from a small French manufacturer, that produces the PGO Hemera, a small sportscar.
    By the way, that last car is a lot more interesting than this Cayenne… it comes from a 356 replica builder that got into an argument with Porsche, and decided to strongly modernize its replica as a consequence, creating something quite outside the box.

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