Luxury Wars: The Next Generation

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer

By late 2012, BMW will be showing the world a facelifted version of its current 7-Series flagship, in hopes of extending its new dominance in the luxury thermonuclear wars. But, with Mercedes determined to retake the throne, it’s developing an all-new S-Class, to debut in early 2013. Known as the 222, this new S-Class will reportedly be styled with an eye towards the 2007 F700 concept, and will debut in Detroit rather than Beijing, where the updated 7er will launch. For now though, it’s rolling around in heavily-camouflaged mule form, practicing the fine art of luxury before going into battle with the Bavarians. With all the hopes of the Mercedes brand on its back, this next-generation luxury warrior has a lot to live up to.

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  • -Cole- -Cole- on Aug 09, 2011

    I'm really looking forward to whatever Mercedes comes up with for the next S. I hope (and suspect, of course) that the upgrades will be a little more substantial than banana wood and cashmere. I heard V12s are out... but only for the SL!

  • Philadlj Philadlj on Aug 09, 2011

    Kudos to Mercedes for swingin' for the fences with its next S, but a new top-of-the-line, low-volume sedan isn't going to propel them beyond BMW or even Audi. Not without help. They need better performance from their cheaper, higher-volume offerings (C, GLK, SLK, etc.) and something to answer the growing model lines of their competitors from Munich and Ingolstadt. I see Audi Q5s and X3s all over the place, but GLK sightings are few and far between, and the R-Class may as well be a Bengal Tiger. I'm also curious to see if/when/how Merc and Audi will answer BMW's incoming "i" subbrand. If i takes off like MINI, BMW will probably be on the throne for a long time to come.

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    • JJ JJ on Aug 12, 2011

      I think it's essential for Mercedes to regain the top position in this segment with the new S-Class. As you said much of their smaller offerings are subpar to BMW's and sometimes Audi's offerings. Even the once mighty E-Class is IMO thoroughly outclassed (again) by the F10/11 5-series. In order for Merc to keep raking in the hefty profits on their smaller cars that are, let's face it, partly (heavily) based on brand image, they need to start building some cars again that justifies that image. The S-Class provides them with the easiest oppertunity to do so (cost not as much as an object), so if they can't make this one work they're in trouble.

  • I freaking LOVE MY CAR. I'm so getting this upgrade.

  • Advo Advo on Aug 09, 2011

    Looks as boring, in disguise, as the new Camry sedan. (ducks)