Best Selling Cars Around The Globe: Malta: Sun, Beach and Yaris

Matt Gasnier
by Matt Gasnier

Over the last few weeks we have traveled to Haiti, Israel and that you can explore in my blog, so click away!

No official sales figures for Malta but you know me, that’s not enough to discourage me…

Thanks to recent YouTube videos of the streets of this island-country, I have managed to establish a rough picture of the car market in Malta…

First a bit of geography just in case, I have to admit before I launched into a thorough exploration of the best-selling cars around the globe I wasn’t quite sure where Malta was. Thank God for Wikipedia! So this country is composed of two islands and located half-way between Tunisia and Italy in the Mediterranean sea.

Right. This actually helps understand the composition of the Maltese car market, influenced by both Italy and Greece, not that far off either. Looking at as many videos as I could on YouTube I came to the conclusion that the Toyota Yaris should top car sales in the country. The two previous generations of the model are very common in the streets so the new generation will in all likeliness be a hit too. Plus I can imagine it’s a rental car favorite which can only help its sales.

The other popular cars in Malta all belong to the small car category: pretenders to a spot on the Maltese podium are the Hyundai Getz…

Fiat Grande Punto…

and Peugeot 207.

The previous generations of VW Polo…

…and Ford Fiesta also seem to have been pretty successful in the island so we can assume that the new generations should receive the same treatment.

Let’s also note the dynamism of Nissan with the Qashqai and the Juke, apparently very well received in Malta…

and of Suzuki with the Alto likely to be well placed too.

This very rough speculation is based on the observation of recent YouTube videos of the streets of the country. If you have any more info about Malta’s best-selling cars, please make sure to get in touch!

Matt Gasnier, based in Sydney, Australia, runs a blog named Best Selling Cars, dedicated to counting cars all over the world.

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  • HerrKaLeun HerrKaLeun on Aug 27, 2011

    I'm surprised they don't have official statistics. They are a EU member and even have the Euro. So you'd expect more statistical trade data. Their longest bus route crossing the entire island is 30 minutes. I spent 4 weeks there going literally everywhere without a car. And judging by the way they drive (on the left in addition) I would not want to drive there. You can live there without a car if you are willing to walk a tiny bit. their youth had a habit to park the car by the sea (mostly cliffs, very few beaches) and spend hours sitting in the car. Do you like the car so much that even by the sea you have to be in it?

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    • Matt Gasnier Matt Gasnier on Sep 03, 2011

      Hi KaLeun, They must have official statistics, it's just that I haven't found them free for all online ;-) Matt

  • Jmarmara Jmarmara on Aug 27, 2011

    As a 1st generation Maltese-American, I was so excited to see this post! My parents came to America from Malta in the early 80's. I have been back there a few times, and it really is a beautiful place. Not somewhere where I would want to drive, but walking is fine since it's not very large. It's actually three main islands. Comino (the island in the middle) has a hotel on it, and a farm. I don't think there are any major public roads on it. Fun place to visit for sure. Thanks for your insight, it sounds accurate. They do love their Maruti vans though...

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  • ToolGuy Is it a genuine Top Hand? Oh, I forgot, I don't care. 🙂