May Auto Sales: Growth Hits The Brakes

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer

Analyst forecasts for May were perhaps a little bearish on Ford and a little too bullish on GM, as the two remaining American automakers saw their volumes drop by 3% and 1% respectively (year-over-year) last month. Pickups seem to have been the highest hurt by high gas prices, as GM’s full-sizers dropped 14%, while Ford’s F-Series dropped 15% despite a 55% mix of Ecoboost V6-powered F-150s. But the real losers in May’s downturn were probably the Japanese automakers, whose numbers are just starting to come in, while the biggest winners appear to be the luxury brands, with Porsche up 50% and Maserati up 36%. Check back often as we update our developing table of US auto sales in May.

AutomakerMay 2011May 2010Pct. chng.5 month

20115 month

2010Pct. chng.BMW Group*26,49622,13520%116,87698,46519%BMW division20,65117,85916%92,06881,45013%Mini5,8014,23337%24,58816,80446%Rolls-Royce44432%2202114%BMW Group26,49622,13520%116,87698,46519%Chrysler Group LLC115,363104,81910%519,538434,73720%Chrysler Division16,36420,699–21%79,53990,233–12%Dodge40,20042,242–5%186,497163,47114%Dodge/Ram61,66761,1721%284,048238,46419%Fiat1,759––%3,141––%Jeep35,57322,94855%152,810106,04044%Ram21,46718,96013%97,55174,99330%Chrysler Group LLC115,363104,81910%519,538434,73720%Daimler AG**20,80219,8775%97,70890,7758%Maybach45–20%2428–14%Mercedes-Benz20,30619,1776%95,45887,9759%Smart USA492695–29%2,2262,772–20%Daimler AG20,80219,8775%97,70890,7758%Ford Motor Co.***191,529196,671–3%876,321805,6629%Ford division184,130175,1295%841,431703,32720%Ford/Lincoln/Mercury191,529192,0120%876,321782,45112%Lincoln7,3997,755–5%34,64237,444–8%Mercury–9,128–100%24841,680–99%Volvo–4,659–100%–23,211–100%Ford Motor Co.191,529196,671–3%876,321805,6629%General Motors****221,192223,410–1%1,046,275882,88519%Buick15,57912,58224%78,73156,89938%Cadillac11,62312,328–6%65,26252,99723%Chevrolet161,401167,023–3%747,700639,98117%GMC32,58929,9609%154,582122,61626%Hummer–1,290–100%–2,626–100%Pontiac–181–100%–815–100%Saab–––%–608–100%Saturn–46–100%–6,343–100%General Motors221,192223,410–1%1,046,275882,88519%Honda (American)†90,773117,173–23%523,550487,2827%Acura9,00011,766–24%51,97250,2783%Honda Division81,773105,407–22%471,578437,0048%Honda (American)90,773117,173–23%523,550487,2827%Hyundai Group††107,42680,47634%463,648342,74035%Hyundai division59,21449,04521%263,588204,57729%Kia48,21231,43153%200,060138,16345%Hyundai Group107,42680,47634%463,648342,74035%Jaguar Land Rover4,1623,67113%19,16116,40717%Jaguar1,27196232%5,0214,23319%Land Rover2,8912,7097%14,14012,17416%Jaguar Land Rover4,1623,67113%19,16116,40717%Maserati20615236%90873224%Maserati20615236%90873224%Mazda17,87522,605–21%103,07297,4816%Mazda17,87522,605–21%103,07297,4816%Mitsubishi7,5684,73760%35,81622,29261%Mitsubishi7,5684,73760%35,81622,29261%Nissan†††76,14883,764–9%433,032375,76215%Infiniti6,3898,091–21%40,98638,9965%Nissan Division69,75975,673–8%392,046336,76616%Nissan76,14883,764–9%433,032375,76215%Porsche2,8171,87350%12,9968,84247%Porsche2,8171,87350%12,9968,84247%Saab Cars North America‡385174121%3,150520506%Saab Cars North America385174121%3,150520506%Subaru20,03623,667–15%112,255104,3598%Subaru20,03623,667–15%112,255104,3598%Suzuki2,2901,90320%11,1249,51417%Suzuki2,2901,90320%11,1249,51417%Toyota‡‡108,387162,813–33%701,851705,938–1%Lexus12,30522,216–45%77,23790,098–14%Scion4,6964,11214%23,16517,26234%Toyota division91,386136,485–33%601,449598,5781%Toyota/Scion96,082140,597–32%624,614615,8401%Toyota108,387162,813–33%701,851705,938–1%Volkswagen‡‡‡40,78332,88224%172,204145,37219%Audi10,4579,20514%45,85839,83915%Bentley22613469%66557216%VW division30,10023,54328%125,681104,96120%Volkswagen40,78332,88224%172,204145,37219%Volvo Cars North America‡‡‡‡7,359––%29,203––%Volvo Cars North America7,359––%29,203––%Other (estimate)2442411%1,2201,2041%TOTAL1,061,8411,103,043–4%5,279,9084,630,96914%

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  • Obbop Obbop on Jun 01, 2011

    I wonder if that data would still make sense if Star Trek star dates replaced the numbers.

  • Sector 5 Sector 5 on Jun 01, 2011

    2012 Hyundai Accent out this month might shuffle things a bit in June... TTAC review ASAP please.

    • Dwford Dwford on Jun 02, 2011

      We got our first 2012 Accent in on Tuesday night. What a nice car. It is now nice enough that I won't be embarrassed to try and switch a cost conscious customer down from the Elantra. The Accent GLS sedan max's out at $17,800 with every accessory Hyundai makes - cloth, no sunroof, but the regular GLS will be right at $16k with a 1.6L GDI motor, 6 speed automatic, power windows locks and mirrors, cd stereo, ABS, ESC, traction control and 6 airbags and 40mpg highway. The value is unbelievable.

  • ChristianWimmer Sunak has apparently done this because his political party has lost so much support. Once the brainless masses flock to his political party again the trap will spring shut and bam - the ICE ban will be attempted to get pushed through even quicker.Honestly, Europe right now is a complete CR** HOLE thanks to the EU.Did anyone hear of the EU’s plans to make driving even more unattractive? A French Green Party politician introduced some really perverted ideas under the guise of “Vision Zero” (Zero deaths from driving in the EU) and of course the climate hysteria…1) If you just received your driver’s license you can not drive faster than 90 km/h - basically you’re stuck behind trucks on highways or can’t even overtake them on normal roads.2) If you are 60 years old, your license is only valid for 7 more years. If you are 70 years old, 5 years. If you’re 80 years old, 2 years. You are required to “renew” your license (and pay for it yourself) which will also determine if you are still fit to drive.3) The standard B driver’s license here allows you to drive vehicles up to 3.5 tons in weight. Under this idiotic proposal from that French nutjob, those 3.5 tons will decrease to 1.8 tons meaning that you can’t legally even drive a Tesla Model 3…
  • ToolGuy I blame Canada.
  • Syke This is one of those days when you come up with an article that I just live to comment on. I'm retired from (but still working at three half days a week - retirement was boring) Richmond Honda House, a Honda/Yamaha/Can-Am/Sea Doo dealership. No, I'm not a mechanic. I'm the guy who handles all the recall/warranty claims. Which between the three major brands, and a couple of small Asian brands is enough to keep me busy for about fourteen business hours split across Tuesday thru Thursday. Yes, the Spyders are reliable, but when they do break down they can be a nightmare due to you have to have a laptop plugged into one to do most kinds of service. First hint: You absolutely do not want to do massive aftermarket sound system upgrades to a Spyder. We've had nightmares with them in the past. I swear half our original customers back in the 2008-2010 period bought theirs to turn into a three-wheeled boom box, which would invariably cause voltage fluctuations in the electrical system, thus driving the various black boxes wonky and causing all sorts of problems.Those of you who decry computerization in modern automobiles will find that the Spyder is even more so. I've noticed that the Spyder has gotten a lot better since Bombardier dropped the original V-twin engine (same one that Aprilia used on their 1000's when they first came into the country) in favor of the current triple. Mechanical repairs to the drivetrain have definitely gone down.Used? The more recent models seem to have good reliability. No, not as good as the current Gold Wing, or any generation Gold Wing for that matter, but definitely within acceptable parameters. The older ones, especially the original 2008-2010 models, I'd recommend staying away from. How bad? During the 2008 recession, when motorcycle dealers were desperately hanging on, my office at Honda House was the single best cash flow for the company, totally because of warranty claims and recalls from the original models. Yes, Bombardier has gotten an awful lot better.Oh yeah, the company itself it decent to deal with on a business and support level. From my office, they're my favorite of the three, slightly ahead of Yamaha, and a night and day improvement over Honda. All you have to remember is that you're not dealing with Canadians, you're dealing with Quebecois. Yes, there's a difference, I was married to one for thirteen years.
  • Sgeffe How does this compare to something like the Polaris Slingshot?
  • Lou_BC I just don't like the C - pillar lines. The rear window doesn't flow with the roofline.