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Not to cut speculation short or anything, but the answer is “probably not.” GM has already said that its “Baby Enclave” will be built at its Orion Township plant, alongside the new Aveo-replacing Chevy Sonic, which indicates a subcompact (Gamma II)-based MPV will be Buick’s next vehicle. Add to that the fact that GM has said the “Baby Enclave” would bear the styling cues of the Buick Business concept, which the Opel Meriva more closely resembles, and it’s clear that Buick’s first MPV will be the suicide-doored subcompact. But, since Buick won’t bring the Chinese-market GL8 minivan stateside, this compact, Astra-based mini-minivan could be coming to a Trishield dealer at some point… in fact, some might even argue that a compact MPV would do better as a Buick than a subcompact one (even with suicide doors). Either way, the new Zafira will be crucial to Opel’s attempts to right its sinking ship over the next several years.

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    looks very similar (from the rear at least) to Ford’s Galaxy & S-Max

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      True, but we’re talking MPVs. It’s kinda hard to differentiate what amount to boxes with rounded-off edges. The alternative is not rounding off the edges, like the Flex.

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        There are several Opel Safiras running around in my area which were brought over by German Air Force members training on the nearby airbase for three years. The Safira is closer in size and shape to the Mazda5. Having rented a Mazda5 and having driven hundreds of miles in it over a seven day period ferrying people to and from the airport, I would say that it is an excellent niche-market vehicle. To put it in the Buick line-up in the US is another matter. Can Buick place the price point on par with that of the Mazda5? I don’t think so. If Buick is thinking of going head-to-head with the Mazda5 in the US, they will not sell many of them to make it worthwhile or pay for itself.

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        The 5 has proper side sliders. I rented Toyota Praxis that was more like this.

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    If Chevrolet isn’t getting the Orlando, why would Buick gets this? Also, that’s a lot of glass ahead of the door–dangerously close to being a mini-Dustbuster.

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      In the UK the Orlando starts at £16,410, or nearly $27,000K. Kinda steep for not much car (the $4,000K cheaper Equinox is bigger in all dimensions). GM probably realized the Equinox and Orlando were too similar, or perhaps want to wait and see how Ford’s C-Max will do.

      Regardless, the Meriva fits within Buick’s current design language better than the Orlando or Zafira, and with a cushier interior and Buick badge can command a dearer sticker. Though I’m sure we won’t get any diesels.

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      It’s only a Dustbuster if it has 16 cupholders.

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      SVX pearlie

      This makes zero sense. The baby Enclave would be a 2-row CUV, not a 3-row micro-van.

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