April Sales: Compact Crossovers

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
april sales compact crossovers

I’ve expanded most of our segments slightly this month to include some vehicles that either sell poorly enough to usually drop off our charts, or don’t quite fit into any one segment. For example, the Juke’s widened-Versa platform means it should probably be in a class lower than this one, but it’s selling well enough to earn a spot here, and doesn’t have enough direct competition for a “Crossunder” chart anyway. In any case, the Compact CUV segment is turning into something of a two-car battle between the CR-V and Escape after the close battles of the 2009-2010 period. And with a redesigned CR-V set to debut this year, Honda should pull away here… but that new Cute Ute has been delayed and supply interruptions are coming down the line, all thanks to the Japanese tsunami situation. Which means Ford’s old soldier, the Escape, will continue its unlikely prominence in a segment packed with newer, fancier options. But with a very different next-gen Escape coming down the line, Ford is taking a step into the unknown rather than building on the Escape’s SUV-lite positioning. So even though this chart doesn’t necessarily reflect it, this segment is actually fairly wide open. Game on!

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  • Nick S Nick S on May 06, 2011

    Seriously, who would rather have a Compass over a Juke? The Juke is way better!

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    • Roundel Roundel on May 06, 2011

      I would rather suffer through a pre facelifted Compass then go anywhere near a Juke. Besides the fact that its ugly as sin, its also smaller and for the most part more expensive.

  • Heybikr Heybikr on May 06, 2011

    We have a 2011 Equinox LS FWD - Claimed mpg is 32 highway - Try maybe 25mpg - We have a 07 HHR with essentially the same drivetrain that stays North of 35mpg combined - This was at a computer displayed average speed of 27 mile/hr - Not exactly freeway miles - In fact every GM vehicle (14) we have owned beat the EPA highway stated mpg window sticker in combined driving cycle - Lots of Equinox owners crabbing also - Think maybe GM got a special break now that they are Obama based ?

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    • Benzaholic Benzaholic on May 06, 2011

      A computer displayed average speed of 27 miles per hour suggests that you should not be comparing your achieved fuel economy with the EPA Highway rating. Maybe the combined. Top gear these days is very much chosen for fuel economy, but that means you can't really use it below maybe 45MPH. Equinox, like many current vehicles from several manufacturers, have a very large difference between the city and highway ratings. Other than that, you have proven that you drive differently than the EPA rating cycles. Maybe those ratings should include some kind of disclaimer. Perhaps something like, "Your mileage may vary."

  • Celebrity208 Celebrity208 on May 06, 2011

    Ed, should I make anything of the fact that the last 4 or 5 Sales Charts that TTAC has posted have a Chevrolet in 2nd or 3rd spot? Toyota is in a strong sales position and that's indicated by their #1 or #2 placement, consistently. With this observation about Chevy might someone come to a similar conclusion regarding their brand? I know sales are not equal to profit but consistent sales leadership (if it's not fleet based) might improve the brand image and lead to greater (not great, greater) profitability. Or is this just a flash in the pan or an anomaly?

    • Doctor olds Doctor olds on May 06, 2011

      @celebrity208- GM did report $2B in profit for Q1 2011 before special additions and deductions resulted in a net total profit of $3.2B for the quarter. GM forecasts higher profits in the remainng quarters of the year. I can't help but note that platform mates, Equinox/Terrain alone outsell CR-V and with HHR YTD sales total 114,797 making GM by far the largest seller in this segment.

  • Roundel Roundel on May 07, 2011

    Well, that chart belies the fact that GM is aheadm of YTD sales in this category by 8,000 units over the CR-V. And I can tell you this, Its very, very hard to find a rental Equinox of Terrain. (well at least in my area anyway.)