By on March 3, 2011

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7 Comments on ““Imported From Spartanburg”...”

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    Thanks for the big BMW hug! They are so great! Ed, next time have them buy an ad.

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    Good reminder that Detroit isn’t the sole city in the US involved in motor vehicle manufacture and thus not the only one deserving our allegiance, sympathy or business.
    It is a competition and many of the cold rust belt cities have two anchors around their torso, one shaped like a union hall and the other shaped like Tammany hall.

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      Union (and worker) bashing is so passe.

      The problems with US domestic cars are not about manufacturing, but buyer appeal.
      This is the marketer’s fault for asking any one at all their opinion. You end up with bland beige slab sided boxes because once you average the population’s opinion of what they see as a delicacy, you get puke. Truly iconic products have one thing in common – nil input from the public.
      This is the designer’s fault for producing cars that simply not competitive with their rivals. Instead of fighting the marketers for an iconic design, they pump out the Ford Fusion or Honda Accord (both domestics, both bland cars). They allow interior materials to be made from crappy hard plastics. Engines that sound like they are being thrashed within an inch of their lives. Tires that need replacing in no time flat.
      This is the bean counters fault for using common parts (see the cheesey green fluro clock in all Chrysler models, even the good ones) from the zero car to the hero car. If you’re paying BMW money, you want BMW look and feel, not rental fleet scraper.
      The union members fought long and hard for their wages and conditions. There’s nothing wrong with that. You probably fought long and hard to be where you are today. It’s the USA way. Even Henry Ford paid over the odds for his workers, and that gave him a long term success.

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    And a third shaped like a wee little brain

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    Maybe it’s just me, but I want my BMW to be built in the depths of the Black Forest by anal-retentive, humorless Germans. The whole lure of the BMW brand is to get a slice of the European, high-end driving lifestyle….and throwing in some wholesome Americans ruins that aspirational element a bit. This type of angle might work for Kia, but people buy BMWs because they are foreign, not in spite of it.
    Paying too much attention to what us American’s want is exactly what’s turned me off the brand in the first place, not bonded me closer like this ad wants me to do. 50 different types of Crossovers/SUV’s, a porky Gran Turismo instead of a wagon, and a general turning away from the driving experience, is to me not a good thing.

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