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Given Toyota’s dominance of the hybrid market, and its early skepticism about pure-electric vehicles, it’s safe to say that we didn’t expect this badge to show up anytime soon. But sure enough, Toyota’s new corporate EV badge will grace the firm’s RAV-4 EV concept, which debuts at this fall’s LA Auto Show. And it won’t be the most jarring image on that vehicle either…

Yes, the little Silicon Valley sportscar firm is now powering the first Li-ion (and potentially the first mass-market-ish) EV ever made by the most dominant automaker of the last several decades. Wrap you mind around that one.

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17 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Toyesla Synergy Drive Edition...”

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    That reminds me of the Isuzu Impulse’s “Handling by Lotus” tag.

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    Good for Tesla. 

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    Nice vaporware.

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      As far as I was aware, Toyota will be bringing this car to the LA Auto Show, and is on track for actual production. Do you have any news otherwise? Because I’d be curious to see it. I’m fairly confident this thing will reach market, just in much lower production numbers than, say, the Nissan Leaf.

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    I find it amusing after Toyota’s dismissive and near arrogant view on pure EVs just a few years ago that they are now partnered up with a shyster who is burning through investors equity in a game of we need to catch up with – well – everyone – and fast.

    The RAV4 EV is a one-off show car – for now.  The Tesla S is an even bigger piece of vaporware.  Will this ever get produced in large quantities at a price point that customers can afford?  Who knows.  But GM, Nissan, Ford, Fiat, and Porsche are all already there, or on the brink, with a very big head start.

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      martin schwoerer

      shyster? you know that expression indicates you’re talking about him being jewish, don’t you?

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      Easy boys, easy.  I have been called a “putz” many times during my NYC times, for coming up with unusable tchotchkes for certain clients, along with other infractions. Which didn’t change the fact that I was christened Catholic, and schooled by nuns of the same faith (see where that got them.)
      “Shyster” is an equal opportunity invective.
      The not always reliable Urban Dictionary says “Shyster is derived from the German term scheisser, meaning literally “one who defecates,” from the verb scheissen, “to defecate,” with the English suffix -ster, “one who does,” substituted for the German suffix -er, meaning the same thing. Generally used to describe someone who is untrustworthy, money grabbing and full of crap, particularly in the field of legal work for some reason.”
      It also says that a shyster is “a Jewish professional who cons people. Taken from the Shakespearian character Shylock, in “The Merchant of Venice.”
      It’s a free country, take any definition you want. Please do not incite religious riots.

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      martin schwoerer

      Yes Bertel, and Wikipedia says “this word is very commonly used as an anti-semitic slur and despite its origins is rarely used in any other way.”

      I suppose it’s just a poor choice of words on Holden’s part, and not willingly offensive. Still, no good.

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    I thought this was the reason Toyota invested in Tesla in the first place.  They get a nice jump on EV development after spending their wad developing hybrids.

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    Toyota has been making an EV Prius for many years if you go by GM’s euphemistic description of an EV as a car with a battery and a gas engine ‘range extender’.

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    Can the EV RAV4 could really go to 140 MPH???

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    Honestly I think Tesla is the last company i’d want to partner with to help build an EV if I was Toyota…

    Toyota would be better off borrowing Nissans technology or making their own…

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    Here we go, TTAC is going to unleash a tedious Toyota EV Birth watch which spans dozens of posts which will in retrospect be completely meaningless.
    Or do they only do features like that for GM?

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