What's Wrong With This Picture: Toyesla Synergy Drive Edition

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
what s wrong with this picture toyesla synergy drive edition

Given Toyota’s dominance of the hybrid market, and its early skepticism about pure-electric vehicles, it’s safe to say that we didn’t expect this badge to show up anytime soon. But sure enough, Toyota’s new corporate EV badge will grace the firm’s RAV-4 EV concept, which debuts at this fall’s LA Auto Show. And it won’t be the most jarring image on that vehicle either…

Yes, the little Silicon Valley sportscar firm is now powering the first Li-ion (and potentially the first mass-market-ish) EV ever made by the most dominant automaker of the last several decades. Wrap you mind around that one.

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  • Mercennarius Mercennarius on Nov 10, 2010

    Honestly I think Tesla is the last company i'd want to partner with to help build an EV if I was Toyota... Toyota would be better off borrowing Nissans technology or making their own...

  • ThriftyTechie ThriftyTechie on Nov 10, 2010

    Here we go, TTAC is going to unleash a tedious Toyota EV Birth watch which spans dozens of posts which will in retrospect be completely meaningless. Or do they only do features like that for GM?

  • Scott "It may not be the ideal hauler to take the clan cross-country to Wally World considering range anxiety "Range Anxiety is a chosen term that conceals as much as it discloses. You don't care about range that much if you can recharge quickly and current BV's (battery vehicles) can't, no matter how good the chargers are. From what I've been reading it is likely that within 5 years there will be batteries in cars, most likely Tesla's, that can charge fast enough with no harm to the batteries to satisfy all of us with no need to increase range beyond a real world 300-ish miles.And that's when I buy one.
  • Charles I had one and loved it . Seated 7 people . Easy to park , great van
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  • Alan I would think Ford would beef up the drive line considering the torque increase, horse power isn't a factor here. I looked at a Harrop supercharger for my vehicle. Harrop offered two stages of performance. The first was a paltry 100hp to the wheels (12 000AUD)and the second was 250hp to the wheels ($20 000 (engine didn't rev harder so torque was significantly increased)). The Stage One had no drive line changes, but the Stage Two had drive line modifications. My vehicle weighs roughly the same as a full size pickup and the 400'ish hp I have is sufficient, I had little use for another 100 let alone 250hp. I couldn't see much difference in the actual supercharger setup other than a ratio change for the drive of the supercharger, so that extra $8 000 went into the drive line.