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Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
ttac wants you

How would you like to see your writing published at TTAC? Over the years we’ve always taken contributions from new writers, indeed many of TTAC’s current staffers (Editor-in-Chief included) started out here by pitching a story to our editors email. In hopes of highlighting new talent, giving our commentators a new stage, and generally providing a little more variety around here, we’ve decided to feature a piece by a TTAC reader or commenter every Saturday. We’re calling it Ur-Turn and the rules are very simple: When the spirit moves you to write something insightful, passionate or entertaining about cars, car ownership, the car industry, car sales, buying cars, or any other topic that you might about read on TTAC, send it to editors [at] ttac [dot] com. We will select the choicest pieces as they come in, provide the lightest of edits, and let you know which Saturday your piece will run. Keep in mind that because we cannot guarantee that your piece will run on a given week, time-sensitive pieces might not be the best idea. Contributions should be at least 600 words, but no more than 1500 words… although we’re willing to make exceptions for the right piece.

TTAC’s greatest strength has always been its dedicated, well-informed and tough-minded commentariat. This is your opportunity to share that story that was too long for a comments section, or start the debate that we’ve never gotten around to. And if you appreciate the kind of high-quality writing that TTAC provides, this is your chance to give back. After all, we ask for so very little…

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  • Dave-the-rave Dave-the-rave on Sep 04, 2010

    Yes, I second "You-Turn;" it's like "You Tube," only without the video of dramatic groundhogs.

  • KevPod1 KevPod1 on Sep 04, 2010

    I don't have enough of a knack for finding the dark cloud behind every silver lining.

  • Speedlaw Speedlaw on Sep 07, 2010

    RF still owes me $200

  • Porschespeed Porschespeed on Sep 25, 2010

    RF agreed with me that the "911 must die". I have the article ready, but the audience has migrated so far to the left side of the bell-curve that it doesn't matter. Besides, TTAC has become so pathetic that Panthers are a topic... Panthers? A stinking taxi/pigcar platform garnering more than a passing chuckle? On a site supposedly about cars? Really?

    • Robert.Walter Robert.Walter on Sep 25, 2010

      Would like to see your article. Perhaps Ur-turn would be a good forum. Would also like to see someone comparing the aggregate sales and profit generated by Panther vs. 911, or all of Porsche for similar time-periods.