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Are you involved in the car industry and want to help make TTAC  a better publication? Then we’re calling on you for your assistance.

Although TTAC has its network of sources in the auto industry, we’re also looking for a group of people in various fields (whether its in retail, on the OEM side, manufacturing, suppliers, finance, labor relations or the “downstream” end, like maintenance and repair shops, rental car agencies and the like) that we can call upon for their expertise. Call it the TTAC Advisory Board.

Your identity will *always* be kept strictly confidential, and we won’t necessarily be asking you to confirm stories via back channel. Instead, the aim is to improve the quality and accuracy of our writing by having expert opinions that can be called upon to provide their expertise to help boost the level of the site’s written work.

What’s in it for you? Well, not a whole lot. Perhaps some auto show or press trip swag. Dinner and a bar tab on us when we’re in your city. Mostly, you’ll be helping raise the bar at your favorite publication. A few of you already serve in this capacity  in a de facto role- and we cannot extend enough thanks to readers like Mikey, who was one of the first. But the time has come to formally expand this initiative.

If you are willing to donate a bit of your time in the name of assisting the site, please email me, derek at ttac dot com.

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25 Comments on “Housekeeping: TTAC Wants YOU!...”

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    Thanks for the recognition Derek.

    I did my final walk across the employee bridge in Dec 2008. At the time GM was a crumbling empire. Its a whole new world out there, at GM and everywhere else. My knowledge, and my input, remains frozen in 2008. So I’m not that much help to you these days.

    Over the years I’ve seen several pro union, or pro domestic commenters, come on the scene here. Some with vast knowledge of the industry. What happens ? They get assassinated by those that have a different view.

    Can you imagine a Cadillac marketing dude supplying some input? How about an inside UAW member, trying to explain the reasoning behind the “two tier” system. I can see the comment section now. I’ve been called every name imaginable. I spent too many years on the shop floor to let that stuff fizz on me. Others may not be as resilient.

    That being said, I’m a lurker now, and still very interested in every aspect of the auto industry. If somebody out has something, bring it.

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      We love you, Mikey. I say that without a trace of irony.

      As for the Sisyphean tasks you mention, well, remember you wouldn’t roll over like a poodle for Farago, and he respected you for it, heck, embraced you.

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      ===> Can you imagine a Cadillac marketing dude supplying some input?

      Only if he/she has a deathwish!

      We love you, Mikey, indeed! You bring a down-to-earth perspective on many things, and I find that very enjoying, interesting. I love cars, but I’m not in the car business, and I find all of this fascinating. Your posts are great, even when you’re ranting about something! Cheers!

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        “Only if he/she has a deathwish!”

        Not necessarily, if he/she were sincere they would get a debate for sure, but the only people I ever see get assassinated here are the ones that come on here and try to blow smoke up everyone’s butt. People like Mikey, Danio and tresmonos may get challenged, but because they know what they’re talking about have no trouble handling the slings and arrows. The B&B have a very good BS meter. Probably has something to do with the name of this joint

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          The slings and arrows come with the territory because very few know the credentials of the commenters, and likely never will. Sometimes the leap of faith is too great to believe what’s being said. I’m fine with that, since this is just a car blog on the internet and there’s nothing really at stake. I just like shooting the sh1t about cars.

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            danio3834, I agree! But I have to admit to being saddened to notice that so many of the screen names I have seen on ttac over the years since Robert Farago, are no longer with us.

            And these were people directly afiliated with, employed by, or employed in, the automotive sector. Many I knew personally, or by reputation and meeting them at regional meets.

            People who are actually doing battle in the automotive arena often have to call the shots, or make decisions, that will work out best for them.

            With a few exceptions, many people who express their opinions here have never been in a position where they had to do the right thing, but base their comments solely on theoretical knowledge, their own flawed interpretations of “the facts”, union claptrap, and self-agrandizement of their own importance as outs!ders to this industry.

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      You’re a big reason I went from lurking to actively commenting, mikey. I would buy you a cold one in a heart beat if we ever crossed paths. Keep commenting.

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      formula m

      I left Chevrolet Cadillac in August ’08 after graduating from automotive business marketing in ’06. My boss told me not to let the last year or so ruin my auto industry career. He said to go do something fun for a year or two while I was young or try to get a job at Subaru. He was right in seeing the rise of Subaru lol. I moved across the country and went to work at a high end, mountain golf resort where my best friend was the golf pro. I had an amazing experience and have had two auto industry jobs since. I don’t know if I would have come back to it if I didn’t follow the advise I was given.

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      I guess I’m glad to see that these industry related people will be anonymous, as there have been other folks years ago who clearly identified themselves as GM or Chrysler employees and were basically harangued off of this blog.

      I’ve often thought the term “Best and Brightest” was best used as a tongue in cheek description. Props to Mikey, I’ve been on this blog almost as long as he has and he’s one of the few who’s managed to survive the idiot onslaught that can be this blog at times.

      I still lurk here, but find less to comment on. Maybe some real insight (as opposed to the “Best and Brightest” unemployed and college students killing time) would do this blog some good.

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    Does Derek look like Doctor Piech? Because I can write the Phaeton of automotive blog articles. (ta-da-dum!)

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    I am not really a pro union guy and I am not really a Big 3 fan boy they really do not have a lot to make me purchase a car right now from them , but I respect them both, I have question Mikey on things to ask his understanding, he gave me a reply that is what I wanted, if the Caddy marketing person came here I would hope the same thing would happen, ask for their point of view , let them explain it and than agree or not bout your better informed than before, I doubt that Caddy or Lincoln says hey lets screw up on purpose,

    I know this would not happen but a guy can dream right???

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    el scotto

    Mikey, you rock! Please keep the comments coming, you’re possibly the only person on here who has worked the line and can tell people what really went on. I was in and out of plants on a limited basis; setting up parts sorting/QC jobs. Tresmonos please keep giving us insights on how the manufacturing process and engineering goes down. Danio, please keep the comments coming from the mechanic’s point of view. Luke 42 and SCE to AUX please giving giving us engineering perspectives. Ronnie please keep telling us great stories and giving us a chance to learn a bit. Please oh please make Stephen Lange El supremo editor in chief and exalted grand-poobah to get him back. As a whole this place is fairly self cleaning. Those who constantly post the same thing/same agenda and are on a jihad to win the internetz do a grand job of exposing their ignorance. No, not you BTSR; although you believe a Hemi fixes ANYTHING :). Some on here haven’t figured out the more they type, the more their ignorance becomes self-evident and often feel the next to respond two and three times only expanding the hole of their whole lack of comprehension. I bid you good day gentlemen.

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    If you ever need verification on how many lines of coke it takes for a finance manager to remember where he left his demo the night before or want to see up close and personal photos and stories of sleds running through auction lanes, I’ll be more than happy to oblige.

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    Regarding the lead picture:

    “Welcome, young Skywalker, I have been expecting you.”

    Anyone in his circle who cracks will end up being choked to death via the Force.

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    I VOLUNTEER myself as TRIBUTE.

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    Before the bailouts, I was one of the longtime (since my 20s) GM customers who had no end of problems with the product AND dealer service departments who were better at extracting money out of the customer than they were at actually FIXING cars. My pain continued and I finally ended it with one of the flagship models, a Corvette!

    And then the bailouts came; forced down my throat and about 150 million taxpaying Americans. This boiled me over, like the overheating Vette that I sold (because it was the last damned straw).

    I am one of those readers vehemently opposed to the GM and Chrysler bailouts. Here we are 8+ years later and I still am. It’s even visceral in some sense, and I will not buy a car from either manufacturer based on my own sense of suspicion and morality. It is what it is, the bailouts have costed these manufacturers my “customership”, maybe forever.

    The sad thing is, I’m not usually one to hold a grudge! But on this I will, and I know there are many others like me who won’t play either, so GM and Chrysler have effectively “given up” possible future revenue from us. And bailouts always beget more bailouts. It will happen, I’m certain of it.

    Whatever I may say in these threads, however, everybody needs to understand where I’m coming from; it’s a strong sense of right and wrong.

    Never let my firm stance be confused with “assassination” in any way. And please don’t even imply it, because that in itself is also “assassination” if you really think about it. Beside that, as one of those who will be paying this debt for decades, I and my 149,999,999 fellow “actual” taxpayers really deserve better than that.

    Derek, I hope the “expert” panel will be balanced with at least one or two who understand this, because for some of us, it’s a very real concern. A moral one even, and it DOES come from a love of our country and culture.

    Anyway, thanks for listening.

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      ZoomZoom, there are many in America who share your sentiment. I reconciled my opposition to the bailouts, handouts and nationalization with the fact that this is exactly what most Americans voted for, not just once, but twice.

      Majority still rules in America and the rest of us will just have to find ways to work around them.

      I have. I urge others to do the same. Plenty of choice out there.

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        >>>ZoomZoom, there are many in America who share your sentiment. I reconciled my opposition to the bailouts, handouts and nationalization with the fact that this is exactly what most Americans voted for, not just once, but twice.

        Majority still rules in America and the rest of us will just have to find ways to work around them.

        I have. I urge others to do the same. Plenty of choice out there.<<<

        Bravo, HDC–Elections have consequences. When we don’t like the results all we can do is find work-arounds.

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          “Majority rules?”

          I don’t know where you guys live (I do, but I’m just sayin’) but in the US we have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights to protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority

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