Porsche's Nod To Heritage

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer

No, not the silly humpbacked 911. That’s just Porsche’s latest wallet-lightening technology. Porsche’s nod to heritage is in the fact that it’s building only 356 of these 911 “Speedsters.” Because, you see, the first Porsche Speedsters were based on the Porsche 356. Oh yes, and by limiting an “exclusive” to a few hundred units means Porsche can charge $204,000 for a 408 HP 911. Which, after all, is actually the more significant nod to Porsche heritage: the 911-based Speedsters, which arose in the cocaine and yuppie-fueled 80s, have long been a high point in Porsche’s proud tradition of charging silly money for ever-so garish “special editions.” Doesn’t heritage just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

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  • Ivo Kuusik Ivo Kuusik on Sep 22, 2010

    LOL "wallet-lightening technology"

  • Ccd1 Ccd1 on Sep 22, 2010

    The cynical nature of Porsche's pricing makes your wonder how far they can push things before the market pushes back. Sales of Cayman/Boxsters suggests they may be at that point in the US with these cars which makes their plans to push these cars upmarket VERY interesting

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    • Morea Morea on Sep 22, 2010

      It's not the high priced poseur special editions that bother me, its the technical problems like IMS failures, oil cooler hoses blowing off, thin brake rotors, and the like that signals Porsche's fall from grace. That, and the lack of prototype sports car racing. Audi hold that position in the VAG, so no more 917s or 962s. Selling pimp mobiles to fund racing was cool, selling pimp mobiles to build a financial empire to buy VW is sad. (And failing to do it sadder still.)

  • Werewolf34 Werewolf34 on Sep 22, 2010

    Maybe I can undercut the market by offering the porsche exclusive value pack - For $200k, you get a Porsche 911S and a t-shirt that says "My 911 cost more than your 911'

  • Niky Niky on Sep 22, 2010

    Why do I want the hunchback of Notre Dame instead of a GT3RS?