Chart Of The Day: Midsize Sedan Sales In August

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
chart of the day midsize sedan sales in august

GOTD’s brief mental health break is over, with our breakdown of sales in the biggest car segment in America: Midsize family sedans. The big news is that no model (save the Chevy Malibu and Hyundai Sonata) outdid its August ’09 number, thanks to the Cash For Clunkers effect a year ago. The other big lesson: things are getting tight at the top of the D Segment food chain. Based on these numbers, the capacity-constrained Sonata seems to be separating from the pack, leaving a big clump of nameplates stuck near the 18k mark. Based on the last several months, Hyundai could be one Sonata volume bump away from having the best-selling midsize sedan in America… just when it was beginning to seem like the Camccords would never be challenged. More chart action after the jump.

Please note: the graph below represents August 2010 sales only, and should be compared with the black bars on the graph above. Apologies for any confusion.

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  • Mjz Mjz on Sep 09, 2010

    2012 Malibu shrinks slightly to use the smaller platform of the Buick Regal. 2013 Impala will ride on the slightly larger Buick LaCrosse platform.

  • Obbop Obbop on Sep 09, 2010

    Huddled within the shanty as the rain outside cascades down, the remnants of a tropical storm that earlier impacted the Texas coast before heading inland to lash the Ozark Plateau and its plethora of noise-crazed cretins therein, reading the excellent collection of comments to the article resulting in the thread of said comments I sat and pondered. Peeked at the graph yet again and resumed pondering. Then peered at the "cottage cheese-type" textured ceiling and sighed a sigh of gratitude that it appears the shanty's asphalt-type shingles and tar-paper below those appear to be properly shedding the water cascading from the firmament. Sighing yet again...... seems as if a cloudy rainy day is conducive to sigh-creation within this Old Coot-- the only comment concocted via that graph OR from the other comments is that, so far, the quality of watermelons this summer has definitely been inferior to what was available last year, no matter what watermelon-type was purchased and consumed; seedless or seeded. The watermelon size and mass also appeared to be smaller than previous seasons. The local weather guessers regularly declared that this summer season was above average in regards to average daily temperature highs so that, perhaps, resulted in an apparent subjective decline in watermelon taste quality. Is it conceivable that a decline in watermelon savoriness could impact auto make/brand sales in any manner, even in a convoluted way that only a governmental bureaucratic buffoon could conjure up, attempting to provide an explanation for his/her/its existence and being paid an amount that typically exceeds that of comparable workers employed in the private sector where actual true wealth in an economic sense is created. Pondering completed.

  • Oberkanone Too slow! Need a Trackhawk.
  • SCE to AUX I'll guess 160 miles or less while towing at full capacity, especially in cold weather.Deduct 20% for minimum battery charge, and you're down to 128 miles in January if you have to tow something big that day. Subtract another 20% if you do this every day (don't want to fill to 100% every day).Then subtract more for any speeding, and a little for battery aging over time, and on the worst days you're under 100 miles of range.Good for local work on a good day, but not all 'truck stuff' on bad days. Buyers need to do their homework before getting an electric truck.
  • Wjtinfwb Memory lane... In '76, I got my full Florida D/L and started hogging my parents cars. That only lasted a year when it was decided I needed to take an additional class in school that started at 7am, before the bus ran and my friends went to school. Mom was not excited about driving me every day so I proposed a solution; I was a big dirt biker and floated out buying a street bike to ride to school, namely a new Honda XL350. Mom & Dad objected vehemently, they didn't want me dead on the road to school. And they know I'd be on that bike 24/7 and they'd never know where I was. Dad offered a car, stating if I'd put in the money I'd saved for the Honda, he'd match it and if needed throw in a bit more. Perfect! I started looking for a car, first candidate was a used Pontiac Formula 455. It was a '74, Automatic, an awful pea green but clean and on the front line at JM Pontiac. No way was Dad's instant answer. Too thirsty, too powerful, too expensive to insure. A Celica GT Liftback? Better but too expensive. Corolla SR-5? Warmer, but dad was uncertain of the safety of a Japanese car. Fiat 128? Why not just throw the money out the window. Dad's friend ran a leasing company and had a hook at the VW dealer, Rabbit? A Scirocco would be better, but lets look. Dealer offered a new, '77 Rabbit 2dr in Custom trim, 4-speed, factory A/C, AM/FM in Panama Brown (burnt Orange) with Brown "leatherette" for $3200 plus tax. One drive and I was in. Not fast, but peppy, '77 combined the '76 1.6L engine with Bosch Fuel Injection. Faster than the Corolla for sure and undoubtedly more reliable than the Fiat, right? Not so fast, my friend. The Rabbit was a nightmare, and VW dealers were stymied by the Fuel Injection, the A/C that while factory was clearly an afterthought and the leak from somewhere that filled the left rear footwell after ever rainstorm. A daily occurrence in S. Florida. It left me on the side of the road one evening due to a broken timing belt and ultimately succumbed to the bad valve guides that led to burning a quart of GTX every 200 miles. Sold at a fire sale price and replaced with a used Cutlass. A super fun car that was sold approximately 2/3 of the way through development. Two years later production moved to Westmoreland PA and those Rabbits were even more horrendous than my German built example. Great memory of a not very great car.
  • Fie on Fiasler "...he’s worried that the situation will interfere with his ability to pursue his goal of working in government."Well, thank Christ for Musk, then. Last thing we need is a punk kid that aspires to a government job. Sometimes action is needed to spare these idiots from themselves (and, more importantly, us.)
  • SCE to AUX This story could have been a lot shorter.I'll side with Cruise this time. If indeed the pedestrian was thrown into the AV's path while ricocheting from another impact, that's an unavoidable accident. No human could do any better in that case.Seems more like the Cruise AV was in the wrong place at the wrong time.