Sales Chart: The "Big Six" Midsize Sedans In 2010

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
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sales chart the big six midsize sedans in 2010

These six sedans are the fleshy part of the American car market. Big-name D-segment sedans sell like crazy, and pretty much made Honda and Toyota what they are today. Their dominance of this segment, often called “Camccord” after their two best-sellers, remains unchecked as each has spent three months on top of the chart. But there’s danger down below. Hyundai’s Sonata has been making steady progress all year (June excepted), and the Malibu has enjoyed more modest, but equally steady growth. Altima all but matched Camry in February, and gave Accord a scare in March. There’s still a tight pack of four nipping at the heels of the big dogs. Time to start coming up with a new nickname for the D-Segment?

Edward Niedermeyer
Edward Niedermeyer

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  • Bridge2farr Bridge2farr on Jul 03, 2010

    Sonata and Malibu trending upwards. Not so for the others...

  • BDB BDB on Jul 03, 2010

    I don't know about other areas of the country, but here in Virginia I'm seeing the new Sonatas everywhere.

  • George B George B on Jul 03, 2010

    Amazing how big these "midsize" cars have become. Test drove the Hyundai Sonata recently and generally liked it. Good acceleration for a 4 and reasonable suspension compromise. Thought it was strange that the new Sonata had enough leg room for 4 professional basketball players, but unfortunately not enough height to match. The Toyota Camry had the most efficient packaging and the SE trim fixes the floaty ride, but the 4 felt a little underpowered. Used rental Camry SEs are fairly inexpensive right now. The Fusion was better sized for 4 average humans, but the electric power steering is horrible. Fusion Sport with hydraulic power steering might be an interesting choice. Had a Pontiac G6 rental which drove ok, but had a cheap interior that looked like a supersized Cobalt.

  • Mtymsi Mtymsi on Jul 03, 2010

    I think a lot of the Sonata's success is due to the styling as its the only completely new entry in the segment. The restyled Fusion and Altima to me have nowhere near the impact the Sonata does. But, as Honda has conclusively proven styling isn't integral to success.