What's Wrong With This Picture: Total Recall Edition

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
what s wrong with this picture total recall edition
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  • LastResort LastResort on Jul 12, 2010

    That doesn't really do much good without knowing what % of vehicles sold were effected.

    • Marcus Marcus on Jul 12, 2010

      Logged in to say pretty much this. This is useless you know the population of cars that it applies to.

  • Carquestions Carquestions on Jul 12, 2010

    Definitely social networking/internet and harmonization of platforms and parts. The former - an educated consumer is a car companies best friend and worst nightmare. Real/believable/verified product complaints can be shared by millions in minutes and this ability isn't going to go away anytime soon. The latter - is self explainatory but you have to wonder why the testing of parts isn't to a higher standard then it used to be given the cost/risk of failure has gone up by a factor of 3 or 4.

    • Steven02 Steven02 on Jul 12, 2010

      You are assuming parts testing isn't been made into a higher standard. It very likely is. No one's testing facilities are perfect.

  • Power6 Power6 on Jul 12, 2010

    This seems like a simple, yet least useful way to spin the data... I assume this is a graph of the years in which the cars were recalled, since there were probably not 30 million cars sold and all recalled in 1981. Wouldn't it be more useful to show the cars for the model year that they were built? Or how about average recalls per car by model year? Seems like the graph just shows how much better govt/customers/lawyers are getting at finding problems, corellating them and making it a big deal until the mfr recalls them. There are so many different possible hypotheses that it seems like this graph data doesn't tell us anything useful at all. I guess that is what is wrong with the picture.

  • Invisible Invisible on Jul 13, 2010

    Was 2004 the year Honda had their MASSIVE recall. You know, the recall for a typo in their owner's manual that gave a wrong phone number.