What's Wrong With This Picture: Totally Unrelated Edition

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer

What’s that you say? Chrysler’s planning on spending $170 per projected vehicle sale on advertising next year? That could be as much as $1.4b! Well, we can’t give the Journey a prize for obvious reasons, but they do have a new Ram out this year… Truck Of The Year it is!

Edward Niedermeyer
Edward Niedermeyer

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  • Davekaybsc Davekaybsc on Dec 10, 2009

    Motor Trend - we sell awards. And sometimes magazines. But mostly awards.

  • Vexner Vexner on Dec 10, 2009

    For all of those in love with the Transit Connect...while it is a welcome addition to the small "truck/van" market, there has been a better option in that segment for years. The Grand Caravan C/V comes standard with a 3.3V6, has about a 300lb higher towing rating (max of 1,900), has about 10 cubic feet more cargo room (144) with little penalty in MPG. The C/V has a base price around $22K and for about $24K you can get the C/V with the HD group( electrical, transmission cooler, radiator and oil) , power windows/seat and cargo mat. The only real advantage I see in the Transit would be the square door openings and somewhat better MPG around town...something I'd give up for the stronger, smoother 3.3V6. ...and I feel for certain the C/V is much more comfortable to drive.

  • FreedMike FreedMike on Dec 11, 2009

    Well, the competition was a Ford Transit Connect and a SVT Raptor, a vehicle that makes about as much sense as pierced testicles, so I think the Ram's win was probably a foregone conclusion.

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    • Steven02 Steven02 on Dec 11, 2009

      @FreedMike rnc isn't saying we are living in a socialist society if we don't have vehicles like the Raptor. He is saying that companies have the freedom to make them and that there is a market for them. Just because you wouldn't buy them doesn't mean other people won't buy them. The Raptor starts at 39k, not 50. And for the record, COTY last year was the GTR. I can see how that car makes more sense than "pierced testicles."

  • Fincar1 Fincar1 on Dec 11, 2009

    One nice thing about the SUV craze is that the big 3 found out that to sell them in the price range they do, they had to upgrade the surroundings in the cab, the switchgear, instruments, seats etc. These upgrades also applied to the corresponding pickups, making them better buys for the money. There is a lot more difference between my 2003 Silverado and the 1976 Cheyenne I had than there was between the 76 and my 1968 or 1959 Chevy pickups. (Or between it and the 1952 and 1950 Fords I had either.)