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Look at our overall June sales numbers, and it’s clear that Daimler beat BMW Group last month (with help from an estimated 11 Maybach sales). By brand though, BMW won the volume game by nearly 1,000 units, with Lexus about another 1,000 units behind Mercedes. In general though, things were good in the luxury sector last month. In terms of percentage, the three “backmarkers” of the luxury field made some of the most dramatic gains, with Porsche booming 137 percent, and Jag/Landie combining for a 53 percent increase. Full numbers post-jump.

Jaguar XJ: 803 units, XF: 639 units, XK: 176 units

Land Rover Range Rover Sport: 1018 units, Range Rover 691 units, LR4: 676 units, LR2: 405 units

NB: Smart sold 577 units, leaving an estimated 11 Maybach sales

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10 Comments on “BMW Beats Benz In June Luxury Sales By Brand...”

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    Alex Dykes

    I think we need to either include the other near luxury brands or ditch Acura and/or Lincoln. If we include them then we should also include Volvo and perhaps the new Saab numbers since Spyker claims to be taking another stab at near luxury.

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    I would not take out Acura and Lincoln. I would add Saab and Volvo, but they won’t change the total size of the pie much. Saab sales are miniscule and Volvo sold all of, what, about 5000 units in June.

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    Just wait until BMW launches the 0-series, the 2-series and the 4-series to finally fill the remaining market niches.

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    but man!!!!
    seriously, you forgot the X0,3,4 & 7 series!
    gotta have the soccermom-mobiles too!!!


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    Interesting that both the 7 series and S-Class are outselling the Lexus LS this year. What surprises me is that the LS makes up 10% of Lexus’s volume, while both the 7 and S make up 7% of BMW and Mercedes sales volumes.

    I can see the Panamera stealing market share from those flagships this year. That’s 3500 units that would have otherwise have purchased another Captain-of-Industry sedan, and almost 32% of Porsche’s volume for the year.

    Audi’s A8 should likely show lame duck numbers, but if Hyundai can meet their target of 1000 Equus unit sales for the US market, I think it would be a success at these volumes.

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    John Horner

    Colors man, we need colors! What is this, a circa 1969 newsprint operation? :)

    On a more serious note, I continue to think that Mercedes-Benz (er, Daimler) is in deep trouble. They are a company stumbling around in the wilderness, yet still full of pride and hubris. Their German, Japanese and Korean competitors are all making strong strides forward whilst MBZ flails around directionless.

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    Lexus has lot of old models in their line up. LS is 4 years old, IS is also 4 years old, GS is 5 years old, ES is 4 years old etc. Considering the hostile environment sales numbers are rather good. I think in 2011 CT200h will help to increase market share. This is the vehicle premium car market needs right now – frugal, spacious, fresh looking and reasonably priced.

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    I agree that Saab and Volvo should be added to the chart, considering that Acura, and lincoln are included. Even though Saab has a clouded future at this point, now is a very exciting time for Saab. I am looking forward to Saabs new models beyond the 9-4X, and 9-5. As a previous Saab owner I would like to someday come back to the brand when they start building Saabs again. Volvo is also at a interesting turning point, with new owners and the new S60. I hope Saab and Volvo are able to consistantly define their true place in the market with fresh competative products. Both brands have their share of consumer interest but not at the current price points that they are targeting ( a $50K Saab really?

    I agree with John that Daimler is in trouble long term. Maybach was a huge flop, not just because of the money lost. But in terms of brand perception as a whole. BMW has done a better job with Rolls, even though they were in trouble back when BMW took control of them. Smart is also a failure for many reasons. Up until recently Mercedes was in trouble as all their last generation models had cheapish interiors and spotty quality.

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    I am surprised to see Acura ahead of Audi and Infiniti, despite their recent missteps.

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