By on June 19, 2010

Via come pictures of what may be the most predictable conversion ever… and it looks like this particular Kia owner went the full Amanti with it.

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31 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: We All Knew This Would Happen Someday Edition...”

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    WTF is right. I wonder if the driver knows everyone is laughing at him. Anytime I see something like this and have the driver handy, it gives me GREAT pleasure to let him (and it’s always a “him”, isn’t it?) know that he’s a moron for trying to make his POS look like something it isn’t.

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    Maybe the owner just has a great sense of humour. I mean, what better way to poke at the egos of people who spend $90,000 to wear a Mercedes badge, than to slap one on your Kia?

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      Maybe, but I’m also painting other boneheads with my brush, the kind that buy a base 300 and put hemi badges on it, or a base cobalt and put an SS wing on it, or a 2wd truck with gaudy 4×4 stickers and stick-on hood scoops on it… –need I go on? To me, they’re “cheating”… They didn’t (or couldn’t) pay for the vehicle they think they should have, but want other people to THINK they’ve got all that and a bag of potato chips. Morons. Love to put them in their place.

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      Makes me want to get a faux “spirit of ecstacy” plus at least three other ostentatious emblems (maybe BMW, Lexus, MB), and affix them to my old F150. Maybe one of those pimp grilles too, that’d be hilarious.

      I won’t though — I’ve done funny things to my cars before, and one disadvantage to it is how much more I get pulled over when driving something at all unique looking.

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      I too enjoy putting morons in their place. But I would rather beat up on the poseur who leases a C-Class for $499 a month and then sneers at Hondas. He is the one who actually believes his own crap; not the Kia guy.

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      You’re being a child – ‘cheating’? Because of badges? You need to reevaluate what is important in the world if this is the sort of thing that would make you confront a stranger. I think some people take their cars seriously in the wrong way, and you seem to be that people.

      Personally, I think the Amanti is quite a bit more handsome with the star than without it; this is either an indictment of the e-class or a cheer for Kia’s almost-ran.

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    I think it’s hilarious either way. It’s pretty obvious that Kia was cribbing from MB, so why not take it the rest of the way?

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    -You’ve got me on that one…

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    This is sad. Is that E class wannabe ?

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    Well, this is better done than the kid who stripped the grille and other pieces from a BMW 2002 and put them on his Plymouth Horizon. In that and this case, the drivers have to ask themselves, are they laughing WITH me or AT me?

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    I’ve always wanted to go the other way. Take a Hemi Challenger or 5.0 Mustang and debadge / dewing it to look like a base model rental beater. Make it a true sleeper.

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    I want a Unimog grille for my Ram.. LOL..

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    Guys, why the hate ? Seriously, i m the first one to go ballistic when riceboys turn their cars in deathtraps. But here, he just go 1 little step further than Kia themselves.

    I find it 1000th times more pathetic when audi rebadge the old A4 as a SEAT exeo.

    BTW. Yeah… I drive a Nissan Note with full Renault Gordini stripes and badging… It s ridiculous… But not as much as what Renault is doing with their pseudo revival of the Gordini lineup…

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    Maybe if you reeeaallly squint… nope, still a Kia. My suggestion to the guy would be to just buy a new Kia. They are starting to learn how to make attractive cars now.

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    This kind of reminds me of a man in my town that has a rusty mid-90’s Ford Econoline cargo van, only it’s no longer an Econoline. According to the badges on it, it is a Ford “Ram 2500 Cummins Turbo Diesel Sunfire LT with Autoride”.

    Try saying that three times in a row…

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    What I would like to know is where he got the grille from. Did he buy it, and if so, who would sell such a thing? I wonder if there are any other KIA Amanti MB clones driving around?

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    The biggest problem I see is how close he could have been to a great fake if he had gone a different route. While the Amanti has some similarity to the E-class of the day, the biggest cribbing was done from Jaguar. Had the driver chosen to imitate a Jaguar S-type he could fool a lot more people.

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    Ugh. My personal favorite bit of badge fakery is the bogus “M” slapped on any garden variety BMW. Some are clever and remove other badges but most simply affix a “M” next to whatever factory numbers are on the decklid. This nonsense started way back with Reagan-era three series. Kind of fits the yuppie mentality…

    Unrelated but seems there are a lot of night owls posting here…if I went to bed a 1:40, I’d only be getting 3.5 hours sleep…I would love to be able to stay up that late…

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    Come on, that’s the best looking Amanti I’ve seen in a long time. I like it better than the one I glimsed on eBay with a padded cloth fau-convertible top, complete with snap buttons for the unneeded cover. I believe it had gold badges.

    Since the Amanti shared it’s mechanicals and platform with the Hyundai Azera, why was the Kia so craptastic according to the reviews (other than it’s styling?)

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      The Amanti overall isn’t a bad car. It has some faults – the first generation (the one in the pictures) only makes 210 hp out of the 3.5 liter V6, and has less than stellar fuel economy, but both are adequate for the type of car it is. There is plenty of body lean in hard cornering, but then again, it is not intended to be in any way sporty. Technology wise it was a bit behind the times, no bluetooth or sat radio options. The front seats in this gen are also a bit firmer than most people expect in a luxury cruiser.

      Overall though, the leather is nice, there is plenty of room, the Infinity sound system is better than most factory systems, and easily on par with most factory premium radio options, and reliability is overall very good.

      Michael Karesh has a pretty good writeup of it on Epinions, and it’s rare enough that you won’t likely see too many other people with them on the roads. Plus, the biggest benefit over the Hyundai is that since nobody really knows about it, and since Kia has less brand equity than its sister brand, depreciation on these is incredible, and you can pick one up used with lots of toys and low miles for obscenely low amounts of money.

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      Yes, but you’d still be driving an Amanti.

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    I think it’s funny. I would love to take my ’01 Sierra SL (one level up from the base W/T, only difference being the “tow package” option) and completely trick it out. Preferably with stuff from other companies, making it a total mis-mash. If I could figure out how to do it without facking up the tailgate, I’d even put a whale tail on it.

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    I’m surprised you don’t see more of these (these meaning putting a luxury badge on a non-luxury car)

    About a year ago I saw an Acura SLX. At the time I never knew this model existed so I simply thought the guy put a few Acura badges on an Isuzu Trooper and made up some alphanumeric model name. Then I googled “Acura SLX” and much to my surprise, there was such a car. I guess they didn’t sell many b/c I had no idea that it existed.

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    I stuck a “Hybrid Synergy Drive” emblem on my ’87 Accord, but I don’t think it’s fooling anyone…

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    It’s a pity my Blackberry doesn’t have a camera function.

    Yesterday I saw a very attractive, clean, and shiny black Hyundai Genesis sedan at a red light.

    It was very elegant looking. So elegant, in fact, that it had winged ‘B’ Bentley badges. One on the hood just above the grille and another replacing the ‘H’ badge on the decklid.

    Any Hyundai badges to signify model or engine size had been removed so it was well-thought-out rice.

    You stay classy, New Jersey.

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    “Badges? We ain’t got no badges. We don’t need no badges! I don’t have to show you any stinkin’ badges!”

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