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Showing how really big and important the new Fiat Uno is in the burgeoning Brazilian market, car makers responded with a massive wave of re-releases. Ford jumped into the fire and unveiled their new old Fiesta. Ford joins VW, which unveiled the new old Gol G4 Ecomotion. GM launched the new old Chevy Classic, and Renault released the new old Logan. All trying to take the spotlight and press away from the new Uno, the only real new car. Talk about stage envy!

Anyway the new Ford Fiesta is a simple facelift of the old one, according to the Brazil’s Bestcars. The new old Fiesta received new headlights, new front and back bumper and – tata! – a new hood. These changes are common to both hatch and sedan. The sedan also gets new taillights, reminiscent of the old Fusion’s. Inside changes are also timid and are limited to new lettering and now feature permanent illumination. Oh, new fabric is also available on the seats. Engines are still the old Zetec Rocam 1.0L and 1.6L  mills. No new Sigmas for this brand new old puppy.

What is strange though is the timing. The new euro-Fiesta is supposed to be launched in Brazil this year or early next year (I’m betting on the latter). The Brazilian new old Fiesta is purported to find its inspiration in the euro one and supposedly fits in Ford’s new kinetic design language. Something must give.

To see where the real inspiration comes from one must look not to Europe, but rather eastwards. India, in fact. Take a look at the Ford Figgo. Reminds you of something? So even though Ford swears this is the real new Fiesta in Brazil, where does the euro Fiesta (that Ford swears will also come to Brazil) fit in? En passant, where does Mr. Mullaly’s One Ford fit in? Seems Brazil didn’t get the memo.

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17 Comments on “Ford Unveils Brand Old Fiesta In Brazil...”

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    In Canada VW sells side by side Golf and Jetta (both 6th generation) with City Golf and City Jetta (4th generation, made in Brazil IIRC). And they have no problem with marketing them. So, I don’t see a problem for Ford selling Classic Fiesta along new generation.

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      Well traditionally in Brazil when car makers keep different generations of cars in production, the new one forces the old one down and occupies the old one’s previous space. And they drive down the price of the old model. But Ford will likely try toput the price of the new Fiesta nad keep the price of the old Fiesta. The market’s not used to that. And I think Ford will have a lot of problems if they go this route.

      They should have at least changed the name. It’d make it easier to swallow.

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    Another crap car for a country full of crap cars.

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      Actually, the 1.6L are quite nice. Decent power, roomy,good acceleration, very nice handling and pretty good economy. The 1.0 on the other hand have a relatively heavy car to haul around. So the only thing they have going for them vis-à-vis the competition is the roominess. Being the way they are they suffer to get the car moving and thus affect fuel economy. Which is one, if not the main reason, people buy a car in this class.

      And their sales number proves it.

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      The Fiesta is uncomfortable, specially if you’re in the back seat. The Palio wins over it hands down.

      The 1.6 (the one we get here) is surely “fast”.

      I’d take the Fiat over this one any day.

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    I find that Bestcars is the best car related site in Brazil (

    If you can read Portuguese, it is highly recommended. If you have a good command of Spanish, you could probably understand a good deal.

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    Aren’t there some new regulatory changes in Brazil about to hit? New Brazilian OBD requirements? Also requirements to support a Lojack-style track/disable system on all new vehicles. It’s possible that all these manufacturers are simply updating existing products to meet new regulations.

    New Fiesta is coming soon. Quite soon.

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      You’re absolutely right, though the obligation for the lo-jack system you talk about is almost dead. Too controversial. Car manufacturers oppose it bitterly. Let’s see what happens ’cause in Brazil you never know what’ll happen ’cause it all depends on what goes on backstage (don’t want to be too cynical but many times it’s just about who’s getting money, who’s paying, who then pays more money).

      The main changes are being implemented now, as of 2011 all cars will have to be compliant to a new stricter phase of the air pollution program (to wit, the engines on these cars are a little strangled to satisfy such levels. When they 1st came out they were more powerful). And the big change for car makers at least will be 2013 when the obligation for airbags (and maybe ABS) becomes effective. It’ll affect the market as it will kill some models, and the maker that absorves the extra cost better will come out on top. Brazilians are extremely sensitive to pricing.

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    Carlos Villalobos

    Here in Chile is almost the same thing, with a little twist. We do not have import taxes for the cars, so despite being a little market (180.000 cars aper year) it is very competitive.
    But the brands sell the previous generation along with the newest generation of the same car.

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      But I think the cars sold are very different. Aren’t the Japanese market leaders. And as Chileans have more disposable income on a per capita basis (simply said, are richer) aren’t there bigger cars inthe top ten and not only compacts?

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      Carlos Villalobos

      GM took the lead back with the Aveo. The top ten is: Aveo, Hyundai Accent, Toyota Yaris, Chevy Spark, Kia Rio, Chevy Optra (Suzuki Forenza), Chevy Corsa, Kia Morning, Nissan V16 (Nissan Sunny) and Renault Samsung SM3.
      At the moment, just compacts, bit the CUVs are a big trend, especially with the richest.

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    Uncle Mellow

    Don’t knock it , the old Fiesta is a decent car , and better-looking than the new one. Never seen a four-door one before though.

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      True but the problem with the Fiesta for me has always been pricing. If you want air conditioning and other minimum things on top of the “naked” version, it is better, and possibly cheaper, to buy the lower version of the Focus, which is a MUCH better car.

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      Very true, and that’s why it’a always been the slowest selling of the Big 4’s compacts.

      Alternatively inisde the Ford line you can have a Ka with some options for the price of the basic Fiesta. Or a Palio much more richly accessorized. Or a complete Mille. But Ford apparently is happy moving the volumes the do.

      And the above point is proven by the fact that whenever they make a real promotion (like they’re doing right now in order to get rid of the old model and make place for the “new” sales increase.

      I’ve said it often but it bears repeating, in Brazil price is king.

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    Those taillights are more old-Taurus than old-Fusion.

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    Oi Marcelo saudades de Mexico!

    Here the old generation of many cars co exist with their newer versions,
    Renault has the Clio (made in Nissan’s Aguascalientes plant) as well as the “Euro Clio” made in France, keeping with the french, Peugeot has the 2 207’s the REAL 207 turbo 1.6 BMW/PSA engine and the 207 Compact, which is a facelifted 206 made in… guess? Brazil!
    I think you know the 207 as 206.5, Nissan has the VERY old Nissan Tsuru (Sentra gen 1 in the states) along with the Sentra, and the Platina which turns out to be a facelifted Clio Sedan.
    GM has the Opel Corsa (the real one) as well as the Opel Corsa gen II, branded as Chevy. the last incarnation of these is the Chevy C3, a facelift designed for the mexican market.
    And Ford has the same Fiesta as in Brazil.1.6 Gasoline and 95Hp.
    And last but not least… VW has the Bora as well as the Jetta.

    Best regards

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